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Digital Marketing: Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Course

Step-by-step roadmap to propel your business growth, and create an effective digital marketing strategy

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Understand how a modern marketing funnel works for your business

Find your audience's pain points and create the right offer for them

Generate high quality leads using your content

Increase brand awareness with social media

Quickly turn social media fans into customers

Properly nurture prospects with the right email marketing strategy

Create high converting lead magnets and landing pages

Drive more traffic to your offers with several strategies

Convert potential customers into buyers with tripwire offers, evergreen email marketing campaigns, flash sales, and more

Turn your website into a lead generation machine

Use your metrics to improve your sales and conversions

Make more sales and increase your revenue


This Digital Marketing course will help you get more business leads and convert them to more sales.

Do you have a business that needs more sales and clients?

If you've been desperately hopping from one tactical activity to the next, thinking there is a MAGICAL, secret formula that no one has told you about…

...then I'd like to help you put an end to all of that busy work, by inviting you to enroll in this course-- where I share all the details on a framework I've been using for years that's helped me grow two multiple six figure business and since then helped hundreds of business leaders, brands and entrepreneurs do the same.

Over the years working with so many clients, I’ve come to realize that working hard isn’t the problem for most aspiring business owners.

Neither is being committed to reaching their goals!

Their problem is "what do I need to focus on, that brings me measurable results".

It’s figuring out which activities in which order are going to get them where they’re supposed to be.

Does that sound familiar?

Obviously you’re smart. And, you’re passionate about what you do!

It isn’t a lack of wanting IT that’s keeping you stuck.

It’s a lack of clarity!

But the problem is, how are you supposed to move forward and gain the necessary clarity when you literally have no framework or way of predicting what will work for you specifically and what won’t?

Look, you don’t need more information — you need a clear structure. You need a simple to follow framework to create that thriving business you’ve been dreaming of.

This framework is the antidote to all the BS out there, sharing one simple to follow process, to position yourself as an authority while building your credibility and attracting your ideal buyers so that all of those tactical activities finally start working for you.

So if you're ready to stop struggling, stand out in your niche, and help your tribe get the help they desperately need, then the time to sign up is now!

Looking forward to seeing you inside!

Key topics you'll learn in this digital marketing course:

  • Setting up your business

  • Creating sales funnels

  • Surveying your customers

  • Understanding your audience pain points

  • Creating the right offer for your customers

  • Using content to grow your business

  • Optimizing your content for search engines

  • Using social media to get more leads

  • Create irresistible lead magnets

  • Set up opt-in forms on your website

  • Design landing pages that convert

  • Converting website traffic to sales

  • Building several types of email marketing campaigns

  • Writing persuasive sales pages

  • Using analytics to measure success

  • Lead generation

  • Sales Convesion

  • and so much more!

Get instant access to:

  • Over 6 hours of easy-to-watch video lessons

  • Practical activities and assignments

  • Downloadable resources

  • Lifetime updates to the course

  • Premium instructor support

Our happiness guarantee

We have a 30-day moneyback guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase you can get a full refund, no question asked. We aim to make this the best course for helping you to get more leads and sales. We'll use any student feedback to make the course even better!

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Digital Marketing: Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Course
Digital Marketing: Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Course
Digital Marketing: Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Course
Digital Marketing: Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Course



Welcome to Class

The Foundations of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Don't confuse goals, mission and objective with strategy

Using the right framework to grow faster

Use service to grow your business

The 6- step funnel to success

The What, Who, and How of Delivering Results

Why Surveying Your Customers Will Mislead You, and What to Do Instead

Start With Your Why

Case Study: The Importance of Starting With Why

Finding Your Audience's Pain Points

Validating Your Topic Idea Using Keyword Planner Tool and Google Trends

Creating Your Unique Process of Getting Result

Exercise Creating Your Unique Process

It's Your Turn: Create Your Unique Process

Creating the Right Offer (s)

Case Study: How Phil Delivers Results to His Audience

Generate High Quality Leads Using Your Content

Using Your Content to Build Authority

How to Create Your Buyer Personas and User Journeys

Defining Your Content Goals

Creating Your Content Marketing Plan

Optimizing Your Content for Search Engines

Using Your Unique Voice

Case Study: How Phil Generates Leads with Content Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness and Engage With Your Audience Through Social Media

Social Media Basics

Two Key areas to Focus on for Maximum Results

Social Media Content Strategy

Finding the Right Platform for Your Particular Niche

Fastest and Most Effective Way to Turn Social Media Fans into Customers

Case Study: How Phil Uses Social Media to Grow His Brand

Nurture your Prospects With the Right Email Marketing Strategy

What is a Lead Magnet

Top List Building Mistakes to Avoid

Using Content Upgrades to Grow Your List

Creating High Converting Lead Magnet Landing Pages

How and Where to Display Your Lead Magnet Offers

Using Convertkit to Build Your Email List

Setting Up Your Opt-in forms

Configuring your Forms and Delivering your Lead Magnets

Integrating Your opt-in forms onto Your Website

Setting up Your Landing Pages

Putting It All Together

Creating Pop-up opt-in Forms

Case Study: Phil's Email Marketing Strategy

Driving Traffic to Your Offers

Your Social Media Strategy to Drive Traffic

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Case Study: How Phil Drives Traffic to His Offers

Case Study: How Phil Uses Paid Promotion


Benefits of Creating a Thank You Page

Benefits of Creating a Tripwire Offer

On boarding Your New Subscribers for a Higher Conversion

Different Email Marketing Campaigns

Evergreen Email Marketing Campaign

Launch Sequence Campaign

Flash Sale Campaign

Re-engaging Your Cold Subscribers

Choosing the Right Campaign for Your Business

Turning Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

Creating Your Differentiator

Communicating What You Offer on Your Homepage

Effectively Positioning Your About Page

Writing a Persuasive Offer Page

Case Study: Phil's Lead Generation Machine

Important Metrics to Measure Your Success

The importance of Measuring, Analyzing and Tweaking Your Approach

Important Website Metrics to Track and Measure

Top Social Media Metrics to Track and Measure

Email Marketing Metrics to Track and Measure

Other Important Metrics

Final Thoughts

Busting Through Your Visibility Roadblock

Planning and Strategy Go Hand in Hand

NOURISH the Nuts & Bolts of Your Business


Michele29 August 2020

Waffles on a bit. I am here to add and learn skills not about Kelsey and her divorce and why she wanted to start a business. It's not relatable to me, and likely others, but will be to some. May as well leave that part out, we are all here for different reasons and thus it makes it sound a bit whine-ey and hard sales-ey.

Paul23 August 2020

I really enjoyed the customer relationship part of this course. Its one thing to place ads, do SEO and content marketing etc, but if you can't help your customers understand the digital marketing strategy and process to be successful then you won't be able to be successful yourself. This course helped me understand that it critically important to help the client and guide them through the process even if they don't like what you have to say, its best to be honest and have a happy client who knew what digital marketing steps they need to take, than to end up with an unhappy client that had many unexpected shocks along the way.

Michael26 July 2020

As an Introduction, I consider it as a good start and engaging & grasping my attention after I reached here i feel that you keep repeating the same information and pieces of advice again & again In the middle of section 6, the course gains its potentiality with new pieces of advice and a lot of information Section 7 is amazing but needs more supporting videos specially for youtube and facebook marketing strategies

Ljubica22 July 2020

This course is great. So many valuable information, takes me through lessons step by step, explaining everything in simple way, easy to understand with lots of examples. This is good for begginers and intermediates. Even experts can find valuable information. Thanks very much for sharing.

Chris10 June 2020

There was a lot of good information in this course. Most of the information is aimed at people who have their own e-commerce business and not necessarily for those who work within a company. However, still worthwhile doing the course.

Thofiq19 March 2020

I’ve gotten more insight from these first few lessons than from many digital marketing courses I’ve taken in the past. Very eye opening

abdur19 March 2020

Honestly, I learned a lot from this course, and I am not even a total beginner. Eli has created a great experience to learn Marketing with lots of real-world examples. Each lesson is engaging and she helps you understand the concepts by having you go through exercises and put together your plan of action

Manikandan19 March 2020

Eli is VERY knowledgeable about the whole area of digital marketing and the latest on marketing industry, totally above my expectations!

Raghunath18 March 2020

Eli explains how looking at the big picture is so important to succeeding in your marketing and she shares her unique way of doing that and putting the pieces together. Loving the course so far

Jeremy18 March 2020

Always a pleasure taking Phil's courses....and this one does not disappoint. I had taken some of his earlier courses and this is chalked full of augmentations that will help EVEN if you have an existing strategy......

Pradeep18 March 2020

Amazing course! I'm a start up and I needed to have a bigger picture of the marketing efforts in general. I would strongly recommend it to any start up or business

SaravanaRaja18 March 2020

After finishing the first section, I have a better understanding of marketing in general. I understand the WHY and looking forward to seeing how that plays into the rest.

Anand18 March 2020

I’m only several lessons in, and already doing the exercises and putting together a strategy to market my programs

Muthukumaran18 March 2020

So far I’m really enjoying this course. It’s given me a great deal of tips and how tos and many things to think and consider as I strategically need to consider how to best market my services.

Prabhakaran18 March 2020

Eli is an AWESOME instructor! This was the 3rd course I’ve purchased from her and love every single one of them


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