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Digital Marketing 101

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Jul 2019

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What you will learn

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Point of Sale


In this beginner's course, you'll learn how to generate more traffic to your businesses's website, increase your ranking on Google, generate compelling content that will drive interest and sales, create social media posts that people will want to share, and learn how to keep customers coming back. This course is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and working professionals.

After you complete this introductory course, you'll have the opportunity to dive deeper into each subject in specialized courses in the following areas: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and How to Build a Website.

This is the most popular Digital Marketing course taught in NYC. Since 2014, Steven Matt has taught the material in this course to over 80,000 small business owners in person in downtown Manhattan. Steven has lectured at Baruch University, the General Assembly, and for  New York City Business Solutions.

Steven has been helping business owners, entrepreneurs and Fortune 1,000 companies since 1995. As a former business owner and former Vice President of Digital Marketing at JPMorgan Chase, Steven has the experience and insight to help anyone succeed with digital marketing.

Learn from the most influential digital marketer in the industry and transform your business or career today.


Digital Marketing 101
Digital Marketing 101
Digital Marketing 101
Digital Marketing 101


Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

The Hub & Spoke Model

The Conversion Probability Matrix

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Ranking Factors

Why People Search

Identifying Keywords and Optimizing Your Website

Broken Links

Page Load Speed


Backlink Building

Content Marketing

Repurposing Content

How to Write Content that Your Customers want to Read


Increase Discoverability with Directories

Social Media


Improving the Customers' Shopping Experience

Improving the Customer's Shopping Experience


Milan10 September 2020

This course was full of explanations and very useful tips. It really gives good basic ideas of what should be done if you are running start-up

Miranda10 August 2020

Terrific course filled with tons of information. I'm going to have to watch it again to get all the information. Awesome!

Merlyn4 August 2020

Good info, especially section 2 (SEO). Easy explanations, no fluff. The only negative is that some of the recommended free resources require your email and phone number before use.

Michael20 July 2020

excellent course, great advice, but would like a bit more of advice on seo and how to use the facebook models as opposed to just saying what you can do. I looked on facebook and it's very confusing when it comes to choosing ad options, although you did say better for a pro , not everyone is in that position to do that. Thank you.. excellent

Tanjina1 July 2020

well, As I am a very new learner. so what I can say that from this course I've got to know some important parts of digital marketing which will help me to do better with my work. It was really good experience for me. Thank you.

Ambal30 May 2020

Steven, You have an amazing engaging communication style in a crisp way. I attempted to finish this course over multiple days with break but was able to pick the thread in the way you speak and link the topics back and forth. Keep rocking.

Rey14 January 2020

Really easy to follow and understand. Concepts explained easy to grasp and understand immediately, good to have also examples shared

Nick31 December 2019

So, a part of the first "assignment" is to literally check your website, or competing website in an "algorithm" that suddenly spams your inbox daily with ways to improve said website. Essentially this course is a "free" clickbait, multilevel marketing gimmick that I have zero time for. Please don't waste yours doing this.

Joe19 December 2019

I've learned a couple of small things thus far, but much of this I already know based on work experience. I have no formal training, but I've been able to pick most of these concepts up through trial and error.

Ali9 October 2019

Very informative. I did have ideas about digital marketing, but this is my first formal study on the subject and was quite helpful

Reese8 October 2019

Extremely informative and jammed packed with useful information. Presentation, tone, ,volume, delivery, alllllll was excellent.

Kyaye4 October 2019

The instructor is clear and concise with his explanations and examples. Having applied and learned some of these concepts in real life applications, these lectures resonated a lot and made clear sense of digital marketing and their related components. The overview of the subsequent sections correlate with what many should believe is best practice in those digital marketing focus areas and is very valuable to any company or business owner looking to maximize their efforts in digital marketing.

Janeth30 September 2019

The course has been really helpful in enhancing my business knowledge.I feel capable in my proffession now.

Bikash18 August 2019

The lecturer is very fluent. Topics covered are very comprehensive and useful. Very east to understand.

Swapnil23 July 2019

learned a lot of new things and got many new ideas that how I can bring my website into the list top organic websites


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