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MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 2

Digishock 2.0: Learn Machine Learning in 2021 (No Coding)

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn the basics of Machine Learning without using code in 2021

Learn to teach a machine with a camera

Use an AI platform to build AI Models and train the datasets

Know about IBM Watson & Wipro Holmes AI technologies

Convert a web application/software to an app in less than a minute


We all know that Machine learning is the actual application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience. The ever-trending field of machine learning is primarily focused on the development of computer coded programs that can access data and make machines learn themselves to perform mundane tasks autonomously. 'Autonomously' means that the task is not fully controlled by humans and machines play a bigger role in managing or scheduling them.

This mind-blowing 2021 course - the second course in the series of MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies titled "Digishock 2.0: Learn Machine Learning in 2021 (No Coding)" taught by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" and "Vindhya" takes the huge leap from Digishock 1.0 and is for anyone who wants to get introduced to Machine Learning and Deep Learning without learning code, whatsoever.

"Digishock 2.0" involves hands-on exercises with numerous tricks and techniques of analytics, advanced predictive concepts to work on to ensure that all are familiarised with the discipline of machine-learning, deep-learning, big data, analytics, etc. The USP of the course is that there is no kind of technical knowledge required whatsoever for students who will participate in this course. What's more? We also will cover the topics of how you can create an app in minutes based on any software or application and start the conversion process. You can explore the techniques to create a voice assistant in minutes like Amazon's Alexa and deploy the same for Raspberry Pi.

These techniques would help you gain new knowledge of this vast subject. Nevertheless, some of these product outputs you will receive from the tech tools taught here in the course can also be used for machine learning projects you would be submitting for your college university.

Enroll now in this mind-blowing machine learning course and be amazed by the technology and techniques taught.

Let's start booming. Good luck with learning new things.


MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 2
MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 2
MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 2
MBA in Programming and Trending Technologies: Part 2


Phase 1: Basics of Machine Learning in Digishock 2.0 in 2020.

Intro to Machine Learning without Code (Digi-Shock overview)

Create a voice assistant with the power of ML like Alexa

Convert any software or application to an app in minutes

Phase 2: Advanced Machine Learning in Digishock 2.0 in 2020

Teach A Machine with a Camera: Ultimate Trick

Baidu AI Platform: Walkthrough

IBM Watson, Sales Force Einstein & Wipro Holmes: Introduction

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


Mariyam24 December 2020

The course was good since we don't have to work lot on implementing an app ..easier way u thought us... It was good?

Anand3 December 2020

In this course they covered some popular websites for machine learning but they are not teach us any thing new. The way of teaching is not formal. There is not a single instructor in course , you will see different person voice with each video of course. They should focus on adding more value to this course.

Daniel4 June 2020

Should rather be labelled as an Automation Website recommendation lesson. No Original content or clear dialogue.

David16 February 2020

It was really hard to understand the speakers for a non native speaker. Subtitle would be nice. I was missing the theoretical side of Machine Learning. It jumped right to examples, and how to create this and that.

Augustine17 August 2019

I never knew i could do some much in machine learning without coding until now...thanks guys, I'm grateful.

Antariksh17 June 2019

Better than Digishock 1.0 but to be really honest, this can't really be called a course; more like a short tutorial. There should be more, proper content, instead of just using fully ready-made and premium products. Thank you!

Satriana8 May 2019

This present product review of various apps in relation with AI/Machine Learning , Instead of learning "machine learning"


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