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Diagnosing Internet Connection Issues

Be One Step Ahead In The Battle Against Internet Problems!

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

The basic flow of internet (broadband and fibre) internet connections

Steps to take when the internet goes down or is much slower than usual

How to narrow down where the internet outages/slowdown is occuring so they are more informed before speaking to their Internet Service Provider (ISP)

How to identify if the phone line might be the cause of internet problems

Wifi Issues

Ideas for a "Backup" Internet Connection to keep working when the main internet connection is down

Restarting Router Remotely

Bonus content - An introduction to IP addresses, including about having a Fixed IP

Bonus content - An introduction to Firewalls


We rely so much on the internet that when our connection goes down, or behaves very slowly, it is not only very frustrating but has an impact on our business and personal lives. It's even worse if internet connection problems are intermittent or ongoing!

Getting to the bottom of WHY the problems are happening can be "a needle in a haystack", so this course is intended to provide some basic understanding, along with things to test - in order to identify whether the problem is with something at your premises, the Internet Service Provider or (in the case of Broadband/Fibre) the underlying phone network. This should help to save time (and frustration!) when contacting your Internet Service Provider, as you'll be more informed and can try things ahead of speaking to them.

I produced this course with small business owners and home users in mind - the topic is technical by nature, but I've tried to stick to the fundamentals and break it down into methodical steps. It is focused on Broadband and Fibre (as these are what I had to deal with during my time working in IT infrastructure), but some of the principles could be applied to other forms of internet such as cable.

Later in the course, I touch upon issues relating to Wifi and also the idea of a "Backup" Internet Connection (so you can keep working when you main internet connection goes down). There are also lectures on restarting a router remotely, introduction to IP Addresses (including Fixed IP's) and introduction to firewalls.

Ultimately, no one wants to waste more time and energy than they have to dealing with internet problems, which is why I'm sharing my experience through this course - I hope you find it useful and helpful.


Diagnosing Internet Connection Issues
Diagnosing Internet Connection Issues
Diagnosing Internet Connection Issues
Diagnosing Internet Connection Issues


Diagnosing Internet Issues


Types Of Internet

Connectivity Flow/Diagram

What Devices Are Affected?

When All Devices Are Affected

Initial Actions

If Problems Persist

Testing & Using the Diagnostic Phone Socket

Internet Equipment

Ask Your ISP

If Slowness Persists


Wifi Issues

Having a "Backup" Internet Connection?

Restarting Router Remotely

Bonus - Introduction To IP Addresses (Including Fixed IP's)

Bonus - Introduction To Firewalls


Abdul4 November 2020

This is best for those who don't know what to do if their internet is not working, but you talk a lot about the dial-up connection which was not commonly used nowadays, otherwise, the course was best.

Meewerken16 October 2020

Clear voice, understandable English and easy to follow presentation. This course can be good for people new to diagnosing internet connection issues, but less helpful if you already have some basic knowledge about networking.


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