DevOps Fundamentals

The simplest course to learn the fundamentals of DevOps right from scratch

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Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Learn what is DevOps and why it is becoming popular in IT industry

Learn the fundamental principles of DevOps

Understand what is a DevOps pipeline

Learn how to use the CI/CD tool - Jenkins

Learn to use source code management tool - Git


DevOps is not only a set of processes and tools but is more rightly represented by the culture of enhanced communication and collaboration between IT operation guys and Developers. DevOps culture is guided by principles of DevOps such as Automation, infrastructure as code, practices such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, and implemented by a large set of DevOps tools. In this course, DevOps concepts are explained in easy to understand language along with hands-on examples on basic tools of DevOps. It will help you to begin your journey to DevOps.

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DevOps Fundamentals
DevOps Fundamentals
DevOps Fundamentals
DevOps Fundamentals


DevOps Fundamentals

Introduction to DevOps

DevOps Principles

Devops Terminology

DevOps Pipeline

Introduction to Git

Git installation and repository setup

Git- Tracking your changes

Git understanding index area and local repositories

Git branches

Merging branches in Git

Introduction to Jenkins

Jenkins Installation

DevOps pipeline using Jenkins

Introduction to Chef

Introduction to Containers


Łukasz11 October 2020

the speaker's way of talking makes it hard to understand. Some definitions are also not precise and simplified

Ole4 October 2020

Everything fine with this course exept in some vids the sound is bad. All videos with good sound quality would have been 5 stars

Juan1 October 2020

faltan los subtitulos, en ocaciones no se entiende, pero en general da un buen resumen de las herramientas devops

Reena1 October 2020

More examples would be great to understand the multiple DevOps tools CI/CD. It is quite good for a beginner but a beginner could more linked with the examples that what is going on within the organization. How companies using devops.

Shivangi27 September 2020

So far the course is going smoothly and the pace is neither fast nor slow. Helps all the kinds of learners equally.

Rajkumar25 September 2020

Feel, the section are not organized in the order. Some section had noisy at the background. But overall, materials and training are worth for begineers to start.

William23 September 2020

It was a good build up towards my profession, I hope to fully grasp the concept of DevOps in less than 6 months.

Chunduru22 September 2020

There was a little disturbance in some of the videos, try to keep subtitles so that we/I can write some of the important notes(can't understand some of the words)

Ingo5 September 2020

Der Kurs war gut geeignet, die Erklärung war gut, teilweise aber ein wenig zu schnell. Ich hätte mir weniger git und mehr Infos zu Jenkins, Chef, Docker gewünscht.

Roberto30 August 2020

Contents are not well-balanced, it spends almost an hour with git (arguably the tool that devops use the least), but less than half with Jenkins, Chef and containers. And considering all the "culture" behind DevOps it's quite nice that the course spent more time with tools and the technical information than on the importance between developers and operators communication (however, I can't say I'm not surprised that he didn't mention that at all). Technically the introduction is awful, a loud bgm in both speakers and the instructor's voice only in left channel so it's very hard to understand him. In other lessons the instructor's voice has a continuous echo as if he had been recording in the bathroom, with female voices in the background, plus mic/speaker feedback. And some have only left channel voice with sfx on right channel which makes it distracting. The final video ends saying "In the next lesson we will..." which probably means this course has been split in several parts to milk it more aggressively. Overall, it wasn't as bad as other courses, you can end up understanding at least which tools can be used for DevOps, but it's too basic and with just too few examples to be useful for anyone.

Mohammadreza29 August 2020

the voice quality is bad(so many noises in background) and there is no subtitle for the course(the accent is sometimes hard to understand.).

Marium26 August 2020

This course is very good for the beginners but the jenkins topic is not cleared very well all over its a good course.

Philip25 August 2020

Good content and animations. I understand its difficult to create the content and record the course, apart from the sound quality, the content is good enough. I definitely know the sound quality would get better as you record more courses. I am learning. P.S what software do you use for your animations?

Harsh26 April 2020

Some videos are missing I guess. you are not showing how to create AWS instance and you have mentioned in video 13 that. in previous video we have seen how to create AWS instance. Information is good but installation process is not shown completely, it not clear that how to get command and all.

Pankaj21 April 2020

This is the the first time I am taking course on Devops. It is really helpful as a beginner and also developing my interest towards Devops. Thank You


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