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Beginner VR Oculus Rift Development with Unity3D

Starting out with Virtual Reality Development for the Oculus Rift on Windows Using Unity3D with NO programming required.

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Sep 2015

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What you will learn

Understand the Challenges of Developing Virtual Reality Applications

Build Virtual Reality Applications Using Unity3D

Setup Unity3D for Virtual Reality Development

Build a Windows Oculus Rift App for Virtual Reality using Unity3D

Share the App with the World!


This class is for the beginner who wants to get into the world of virtual reality. We will make a Virtual Reality Application for MIcrosoft Windows using the Unity3D Software. We will start with a broad overview about the medium of Virtual Reality and how it pertains to modern game design. We will also go over some of the unique challenges we face as VR developers, including simulator sickness. We will download Unity3D and the Oculus Rift SDK and set it up for VR development. We will also build an application as a windows program and talk about how to get that out to the world. At this course's conclusion you will be a Virtual Reality Developer, ready to hone your craft and make great VR experiences for your users.


Beginner VR Oculus Rift Development with Unity3D
Beginner VR Oculus Rift Development with Unity3D
Beginner VR Oculus Rift Development with Unity3D
Beginner VR Oculus Rift Development with Unity3D


Introduction: What we'll be learning


Video Introduction: Your Instructor Daniel Buchanan

Virtual Reality Development Overview

Getting Started: Mindset


History and Modern VR

Oculus Rift Google Cardboard and Other Headsets on the Market

Why Now? VR Development Platforms

Unique VR Dev Challenges

Community and Distribution

Quiz: Virtual Reality

Installing Unity3D and Setting it up for Virtual Reality Development

Installing Unity3D for Windows

The Oculus Rift Runtime and SDK

Links for Downloads

Getting Assets for Your Scene

Assets in Unity3D

The Unity3D Asset Store

Quiz: Assets

Building Your Virtual Reality Application

Setting up your Workflow

Unity Workflow Detail

Getting the Oculus SDK into Unity

VR Rendering in Unity 5

Creating an Oculus Rift Windows Application from Unity3D

Sharing your Virtual Reality Experience

Unity3D for Oculus Rift


Conclusion: Now You Are a Virtual Reality Developer!


Charles26 May 2019

I was expecting more hands on development, it did however provide a path and info on sites to use in getting ready for VR development

Paul12 June 2018

so far its been cool I guess learned 2 new terms and a little history plus feel like I have a place to go to get shown things

Carlos9 June 2018

The course is for beginners, but believe that even those who have experience learn new things. I am very grateful to Daniel, as these classes helped me and encouraged me to continue learning about the Oculus Rift x Unity integration. Thank you very much and congratulations on the clear pronunciation and very easy to understand.

Jordan9 May 2018

First 2 classes were about the instructor and his company with little VR information. 3rd class on definitions was basic and a lot of talking about nothing. .

Jason6 February 2018

Our fearless leader explain things lay person terms but does not leave us in lost lay person land. - An achievement, in itself.

Jared21 August 2017

This was awful and a waste of money. He doesn't teach anything. He shows you how to install a few programs and a few settings. Going to ask for my money back. This should not even be allowed.

Joan12 July 2017

It's a great place to start and very interesting. One recommendation is to make sure the Unity available for download is the same version used by the David. Different versions make it a challenge to follow sometimes. But overall, excellent course.

Victor22 March 2017

Did not buy the course to hear what you are doing or did. Glad you are successful but lets talk about the subject more.

Richard30 January 2017

I feel the course description is misleading. The course is a VERY GENERAL overview, and nothing of actual substance is dealt with. The topics are discussed only in general terms. The good news is that this course offers a great overview. But that's about all it does. Telling the students that they will make an application is ... oversimplified. The students is shown how to put trees on the ground and walk around, then export that as an application. To me, that is like making a Mario game where Mario just walks side to side with no goal, no blocks, no pits, no monsters, no coins, nothing but simple movement. Not much of an applications. And stating that at "course's conclusion you will be a Virtual Reality Developer" is, to me, completely wrong. You are given the general idea of the tools, but not even shown much on how the tools work (very basics on just a couple tools, and Unity has so much more to it). I think it would be better to say that at the course's conclusion, you will have a general understanding of what VR is and what Unity is, but you will need to learn ALOT MORE to be a developer. In general, I was disappointed in what was promised by the course description, and let down by the absolutely limited amount of information. I feel like I was promised a meal, and given a single potato chip.

Barbara13 January 2017

it's explaining everything thoroughly before hand, which gives me a good grounding of understanding and confidence to move forward as a beginner

Jeffrey19 December 2016

Good foundational informamtion. Learned how to build my 1st VR application. This has opened up a lot for me in Healthcare space. Thank you

Austinplott15 October 2016

a good overview of the steps to become a VR dev - not an actual indepth study of the tools used to actually become one

Farris19 September 2016

Course was great and there was a solid intro to the world of VR, however, there were a few lectures that just quickly cut out and some clicks on buttons that were not fully explained. Would have been nice to really go into every detail about what was being clicked.

Amr17 September 2016

Awesome stuff. would have been better if you have build at least one sample game from scratch Regards,

Miguel10 August 2016

What a great course about VR development with Unity 3D. I would say is one of the best introductions about the subject out there. The instructor made very clear each step of the process with awesome examples of how start with your VR projects. 100% Recommend!!!


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