Developing Applications Using JSF and Prime Faces (May 2023)

JSF, PrimeFaces, JQuery, JSF with Ajax, JSF with JQuery

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Developing Applications Using JSF and Prime Faces (May 2023)
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May 2023
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What you will learn

Introduction to JSF and its features

MVC architecture of JSF

Create a sample JSF project

Introduction to Facelets, features and advantages of Facelets

Work with JSF Facelets and UI components of Facelets

Create a sample Database on MySQL

Perform dynamic drop-down list in JSF application

Work with managed bean and Bean scopes

Create the sample workbook in NetBeans IDE

Work with PrimeFaces and UI components of PrimeFaces

Create a JSF Application along with JQuery

Why take this course?

🚀 **Developing Applications Using JSF and Prime Faces (May 2023)** 🌟 --- ### **Course Overview:** JSF, or Java Server Faces, is a powerful framework for building web applications with a rich user interface. This course is designed to take you from a beginner to an advanced level in developing applications using JSF and its companion library, PrimeFaces, alongside JQuery and Ajax techniques. 💻 --- **What You'll Learn:** - **JSF Fundamentals:** Gain a solid understanding of the core concepts and benefits of Java Server Faces. - **MVC Architecture:** Dive deep into the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern as it applies to JSF applications. - **Facelets & Standard Libraries:** Explore Facelets templating, understand its role in JSF, and familiarize yourself with the standard libraries for facelet processing. - **JSF Interface Components:** Learn about the various UI components available in PrimeFaces that can be used to enhance your web applications. - **Database Integration:** Step through the process of creating JDBC connections and dynamic dropdowns from databases within your JSF application. - **Managed Beans & Annotations:** Understand how to use managed beans, annotations, properties, and methods to manage state and data binding in JSF applications. - **JQuery & Ajax Integration:** Master the integration of JQuery and Ajax to create interactive and dynamic user experiences with your JSF applications. --- **Course Highlights:** - **JSF Lifecycle & Structure:** Understand the lifecycle of a JSF application, including its structure and how it processes user input. - **XHTML vs HTML:** Learn the differences between XHTML and HTML and why it matters in web development. - **JDBC Integration:** Master creating JDBC connections and fetching data from databases to populate dynamic components in your JSF application. - **PrimeFaces Components:** Discover a wide range of pre-built UI components that PrimeFaces offers, making it easier to create rich user interfaces. - **Validation & Bean Management:** Handle form validation and learn how to manage beans effectively within your JSF application. - **Facelets:** Understand the templating language used in JSF for page layout and tag file definition. --- **Why Take This Course?** - **Industry-Relevant Skills:** Equip yourself with skills that are highly sought after by employers looking to develop robust web applications. - **Hands-On Learning:** Apply what you learn in real-world scenarios through practical exercises and examples. - **Expert Guidance:** Learn from a Proton Expert Systems & Solutions instructor with extensive experience in developing JSF applications. - **Community Support:** Join a community of peers to share knowledge, ask questions, and collaborate on projects. --- **Course Features:** - **Interactive Learning:** Engage with content through quizzes, assignments, and hands-on activities. - **Comprehensive Material:** Access comprehensive lesson notes, video tutorials, and code samples. - **Expert Support:** Get personalized support from instructors to help you navigate complex topics. - **Flexible Schedule:** Study at your own pace, with lifetime access to course materials. --- **Don't Miss Out!** 🏆 Enroll now to embark on your journey to becoming a JSF and PrimeFaces expert. Elevate your web development skills and stay ahead in the evolving tech landscape. Join us and unlock the potential of your applications with the power of JSF, PrimeFaces, JQuery, and Ajax! 🚀 --- **Enroll Today & Transform Your Development Career!!** 🎓✨


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Our review

🏆 **Global Course Rating**: 3.75 ## Course Overview The course has received a mixed bag of reviews from recent students, with opinions ranging from it being a good starting point as a free course to some areas needing more depth and clarity. Here's a detailed breakdown: ### Pros - **Value for Free**: As a complimentary resource, the course offers a solid introduction to JSF (JavaServer Faces) and PrimeFaces, providing a valuable overview of the technologies. - **General Comprehensiveness**: Several users have noted that the course covers the basics well, giving an overview that can serve as a starting point for further exploration in JavaServer Faces and PrimeFaces. ### Cons - **Excessive Focus on Routine Tasks**: Some students feel that too much time is spent on demonstrating how to create packages and classes rather than explaining the underlying code logic. More emphasis on what the code does would be beneficial. - **Lack of Detail in Code Explanation**: There is a common complaint about the lack of detailed explanation regarding the content of Java files and web pages. Students are often instructed to copy file contents from provided resources without sufficient understanding of what these contents do. - **Inconsistencies in Teaching Methods**: The course sometimes explains Java packages every time, which can be repetitive, while important concepts like the content of JSF and PrimeFaces files are not explained thoroughly. - **Questions on Quizzes Not Covered**: Some quiz questions do not correspond to topics covered in the videos, leaving students unprepared for these assessments. - **User Interface Issues**: The course's visual elements could be improved, with some users reporting that text is too small and there is a lack of zooming or enlargement options, which can make it difficult to follow along. ### Recommendations - **Improve Code Explanation**: Providing more in-depth explanations of the code and its functions would greatly enhance the learning experience. - **Optimize Use of Time**: Ensure that video content is focused on explaining important concepts rather than spending time on routine tasks like package creation. - **Alignment with Quizzes**: Make sure that the content covered in the videos aligns with the quiz questions to better prepare students for assessments. - **Enhance User Interface**: Implement features such as text enlargement or adjustable zoom to make the course more accessible and easier to follow. ### Final Verdict Overall, the course is recommended for a general overview of JSF and PrimeFaces, especially for those who are new to these technologies and are looking for a free resource. However, it should be supplemented with additional learning materials or resources where the code and its functions are more thoroughly explained. With some improvements in instructional clarity and user interface design, this course has the potential to be an even more valuable educational tool.



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