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Develop your own CHROME Extension and FIREFOX Plugin

providing simple to Advanced functionalities, and publish it on CHROME webstore or FIREFOX marketplace.

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

At the end of this course, students will be able to develop their own advanced CHROME extension or FIREFOX plugin and apply all the knowledge gained.


Welcome to this course, where you will learn how to develop your very own Chrome Extension and Firefox plugin from scratch. A lot of people are using at least a few of the browser extensions, that could be used to enhance their web experience, block ads, run some custom scripts, change UI or colors of the web pages, put cookies or notifications, etc. There is a huge market for browser extensions, but there are not as many developers active in this domain, compared to Mobile app development, or web development. Although it involves the similar skillset as a web developer, where you would be using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. But still a very few developers actually try to explore this domain in particular.

If you are a student, or a web developer, you can leverage your skills to create your own browser extension. In this course you will be learning everything right from the beginning, so you are need not to be an expert before taking this course. If you feel, you are comfortable with a few topics you will be learning in this course, feel free to skip a few lectures or sections. But don't skip the development and publishing sections, as you will learn with real life example of how you can develop and extension and publish it online for Google chrome and Firefox. You can skill sections marked as optional, if you already know how to do it.

In this course, you will learn the basics of the browser extension, a few popular extensions. Next you will learn front end development with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript. After you have developed these skills by developing a few functionalities, implemented in a web page or website, you can proceed to the later sections where you will learn with real life examples of developing a chrome extension and deploying it online.


Develop your own CHROME Extension and FIREFOX Plugin
Develop your own CHROME Extension and FIREFOX Plugin
Develop your own CHROME Extension and FIREFOX Plugin
Develop your own CHROME Extension and FIREFOX Plugin




Exploring Popular Extension Features

Quick Development and Deployment

HTML and CSS (Optional)

Part-1 HTML {intro, tags, char formatting, etc}

Part-2 HTML {List, Table, Hyperlink, etc}

Part-3 HTML {Frame, frameset, etc}

Part-4 HTML {Forms, etc}

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

JavaScript (Optional)

Part-1 JavaScript {Intro, msgs, etc}

Part-2 JavaScript {Operators, Conditionals}

Part-3 JavaScript {Event Handling}

Part-4 JavaScript {Form Validation}


Ex-1 Page Background Redder on click

Ex-2 Display Recent History

Publishing on Marketplace

Publishing on Chrome webstore

Publishing on Firefox store

Fundamentals of Browser Extension


Jos1 April 2020

Very basic training. Basically focussed on learning HTML, CSS & JS. The "extension" part is very poor.

Shashi31 December 2019

For a basic understanding, this course is good. However, I feel the example should have been more thorough and concrete such that the reader should able to understand more easily.

Matt20 October 2019

I work as a tester in agile team at my company, i was fascinated to learn building Chrome Extension from starting but not going just theoratically but wanted to learn with some real stuff. This course prooved to be my guide, and i asked a lot of question to intructor while learning, he always replied within 24 hours. Sometimes i had doubts while watching lectures, that i cleared by asking him.

Al2 January 2019

the course is good, but His accent , although understandable , makes the course more difficult to understand, and assimilate.

Ioannis13 November 2018

he is full of errors from start. For instance take a look at the manifest.json file that describes (or tries to) the composition of it. forgets a whole section or object that is the "Icon" before proceeding to the "browser_action" key-pair description. His information is incomplete, forgetting to mention that one has to make the full range of icons from 16x16 pixels, 32x32, 64x64 and finally 128x128 all under the "icons" section in the manifest json file. I had to learn all these by reading the developer's chrome web page all by myself. He also fails or emits to mention the differences and requirements between chrome and Firefox manifest file for a plug-in to work there. I thought these lessons would include firefox as the title implies. I have never posted a negative review in any of my purchased lessons so far.

Kashif2 September 2018

You can learn a lot in this course from basic extension development to real life plugins, and publishing on webstore.

Manpreet9 August 2018

I got useful content on extension development along with learning languages like html, css, javascript.

Mrityunjay24 July 2018

An integral course with summation of html, css, javascript for plugin development with more than fundamentals and insights of running apps.

Goli19 July 2018

Covering from fundamentals to visualisation of what an extension may look like, is something that i appreciate most rather than practical exercises and other topics. Overall good content.

Daniel11 July 2018

this course is helpful in learning fundamentals of browser plugin development, specifically for chrome extensions. Examples provide insights about creating such tools.

Hennadii2 February 2018

This course has very little to do with actually building extensions, and mostly seems to be intro into web development

Justin30 January 2018

I initially liked this course till I went through the HTML section and realized how outdated this course really is. He did a great job explaining HTML, Javascript, and CSS, but didn't do much explaining on how to use those 3 to make a plugin, he only briefly explained some examples he had. After the HTML/CSS/Javascript sections, I expected for there to be a more in-depth explanation of the manifest.json and what can go inside this file. I never saw any explanation of how to pass data from the background script to the content script which I read from other online tutorials. All the code looked to be for chrome instead of firefox which was disappointing. Overall I didn't really learn anything from this course, not even enough to make my own extension, which was very disappointing.

Kumar17 January 2018

Earlier I had an idea about how to develop an browser extension, but didn't had an exposure what i could do with it. I got motivation as well here.

Sadashiv17 December 2017

I will suggest this tutorial to everyone who wants to develop a chrome extension. well done sir!!! Make more like this.

Thupsen16 December 2017

Recommend this course to learners who are seeking their way to Browser extension development, it is good for both cradler and intermediate level.

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