Develop Your Listening Skills to Shine at Work and in Life

Practice Your Ability to Choose your Focus and Give your Attention to What is Important for You

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Develop Your Listening Skills to Shine at Work and in Life
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Dec 2020
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What you will learn

The ability to choose your focus and to pay attention to what you decide in the moment.

The ability to listen to the environment around you.

The ability to listen to what is happening inside you and noticing your thoughts and emotions.

The ability to listen to other people and connect with them.

Why take this course?

With this course you will practice the essential skills necessary to give quality attention to people and situations in your life. At the end of each sections, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experience, learn from it and keep practicing in your real life what you learned. A short assignment (3 in total, about 5-8 minutes each) will also ask you to send to your instructor few words to describe your experience in taking the suggested tips and actions. The training program will provide you an important opportunity to practice managing your focus and your attention and becoming more and more aware about what is easy and what is difficult for you. You will notice how hard can be to listen to a person and/or to a situation, especially when you don't agree, you feel bored or you are eager to express your opinion. You will also realize how practice is key! The more you redirect, moment by moment, your attention, the more you will be in control of your thoughts and your ability to listen to what you choose to. We know from neuroscience that attention changes the brain, it creates new connections and helps to build new habits. Fully listening to what the others are saying is one of the most valuable gift you can offer, and it certainly also increase your charisma and your leadership abilities.   


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Our review

**Overview of Course Review** The online course on Listening Skills has received a global rating of 3.80 from recent reviews, indicating a high level of satisfaction among its participants. The feedback predominantly highlights the positive impact the course content and instructor have had on learners' professional and personal development. Below is a detailed synthesis of the reviews, divided into key points and takeaways. **Pros:** - **Engaging Content:** Reviews consistently praise the course for being **"interesting"** and **"informative,"** suggesting that it provides valuable insights into various types of listening skills. - **Skill Enhancement:** Learners have reported that the course has made them think about their listening skills in a new light, which has had a profound impact on both their professional and personal lives. The instructor is credited for challenging participants to think more deeply about the art of listening. - **Comprehensive Structure:** The course is described as **"well-structured"** and **"comprehensive,"** indicating that it effectively covers all aspects of listening skills and their applications. - **Knowledgeable Instructor:** The instructor is lauded for being **"excellent"** and **"extremely knowledgeable,"** contributing to the course's high quality and effectiveness. - **Recommendation Value:** Several learners would **"strongly recommend"** the course, emphasizing its worth and the value it provides. - **Personal Development:** The course has been described as **"amazing to learn from,"** with many users expressing their appreciation for the personal growth it facilitated. **Cons:** - **Course Modifications Needed:** One review suggests that the course requires modifications, particularly regarding how to apply what one has learned. This feedback is crucial for continuous improvement of the course material and its practical applicability. - **Challenges with Application:** Another point of constructive criticism is the difficulty learners may face in applying listening skills in situations involving people they do not like or agree with, highlighting a real-world challenge that the course could address more explicitly. **Recommendations for Course Improvement:** To enhance the course experience, the following recommendations are suggested: 1. **Application Guidance:** Incorporate practical examples or exercises that help learners understand how to apply listening skills in various real-life situations, especially in challenging interpersonal interactions. 2. **Course Modifications:** Consider revising the course content to include more interactive elements or tools that can guide learners through the application of their newly acquired skills. In conclusion, the Listening Skills course has received overwhelmingly positive feedback for its engaging content, knowledgeable instructor, and the significant personal and professional development opportunities it offers. While there are areas for improvement, particularly in the practical application of listening skills, the course stands out as a valuable learning experience that is both comprehensive and well-regarded by its participants.



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