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Develop RESTful Java Web Services using JAX-RS and Jersey

Everything you need to know for developing your RESTful web service.

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Develop RESTful Java Web Services using JAX-RS and Jersey


2 hours


Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Setup a Java development environment using Java 8, Eclipse & Tomcat 9 on your computer

Create a new maven project & add the necessary library dependencies for creating your first JAX-RS web service

Code your web services to respond with different MIME types

Handle errors

Create web services that support CRUD operations

Test your Java web services with the Postman Chrome extension

Build and deploy web services


JAX-RS the Java API for RESTful Web Services is a Java programming language API specification that provides support in creating web services according to the Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural pattern. JAX-RS uses annotations, introduced in Java SE 5, to simplify the development and deployment of web service clients and endpoints.

From version 1.1 on, JAX-RS is an official part of Java EE 6. A notable feature of being an official part of Java EE is that no configuration is necessary to start using JAX-RS. For non-Java EE 6 environments a small entry in the web.xml deployment descriptor is required.

This course will guide you through the steps in creating powerful RESTful web services using the Java official API.

All the best!


Welcome to the world of web services

Course intro

Overview of RESTful web services.

Overview of JAX-RS


Install JDK, Eclipse and Tomcat

Configure Tomcat in Eclipse

Create and run a new Maven web project in Eclipse

Create REST services

Create a simple REST endpoint to understand the basics

Producing different representations from the web service

Setting up the database for our web service

Downloading and setting up H2 Database

UPDATE: H2 database issue

Importing the DB table and data

Creating the DAO Layer for our web service

Creating the DAO interface

Implementing the addContact() method

Implementing the updateContact() method

Implementing the deleteContact() method

Implementing the findXXX() methods

Creating the DaoFactory class

Performing CRUD operations

Handling GET requests to retrieve a resource

Handling POST requests to create a resource

Handling PUT requests to update a resource

Handling DELETE requests to delete a resource

Handling errors

Responding with HTTP error codes for exceptions

Custom representations (other than JSON or XML)

Using MessageBodyWriter

Using MessageBodyReader

Building and deploying

Creating WAR file from your Eclipse project

Deploying on a locally installed Apache Tomcat Server

Import my project into your Eclipse IDE

How to use the downloaded eclipse project


Thank you

Bonus Lecture


Benjamin4 January 2021

I love that the instructor goes through each idea in detail. He makes it easy to get a project up and moving!

Damir6 November 2020

Great course, only for improve is the version of Jersey, because 1.x is old, today is 2.32 version of Jersey.

Ramy10 September 2020

I love short concise courses. To the point, knowledgeable instructor, best practices based, and clear explanation. Great Job Vinod, keep doing great content.

Hemanth9 September 2020

Really very clear and help for JAX-RS webservices, i was learning JAX-RS from last 1 month but i didn't feel better, after taking this course within a week i am able to make much progress in my skills in developing web services using JAX-RS, thank you sir, thank you so much for your clear explaination concept wise, looking forward in taking more courses.

Tulio24 August 2020

O inglês do professor tem um sotaque carregado, o que eu acho normal, mas a legendanão tem nada a ver com o que ele está falando, acaba até atrapalhando quando leio a legenda.

Veedjay7 June 2020

Gaat veel te snel (coderen), legt concepten veel te snel uit. Hier was geen video tutorial voor nodig, geen extra waarde.

Raghu1 May 2020

Very good course and the content really helped in understanding the concept and could able to execute it smoothly with little changes.

Onkar9 April 2020

So amazing. I was zero in restAPi but now I am much comfortable. Only one request, sir if you add one lecture in which you secure API using oauth it would be highly beneficial for real world programmer. in any case this course contains everything what one developer should know.

Joshua29 January 2020

Very knowledgeable and informative. I knew little to nothing about this topic prior to the course and am learning a great deal! Definitely recommend!

Andrew14 January 2020

Great match, Vinod is a great instructor and is teaching me everything I intended to learn in this course

Rukmini6 January 2020

Passionate Trainer. Very Simple and Insightful course. I will HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this course for tho Who suggest implementing REST through Java-Jersey or love to try a different way of REST implementations.

Bandi5 July 2019

It is very short duration course and awesome presentation with relevant explanation with proper required examples.

Ashwini12 May 2019

It is very well and detailed any one can understand and learn the course. I would recommend it to others. Java knowledge is needed.

Hemalatha7 March 2019

Very detail oriented. Explained all possible ways in each section i.e. environment setup(eclipse, tomcat, h2 DB), application development to deployment, testing with postman, error handling, eclipse shortcuts.

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