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Build 15 Augmented Reality (AR) apps with Unity & Vuforia

Augmented reality (AR) tutorials on Markerless tracking, Cloud AR, 3D Object detection, + more with Unity & Vuforia

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Understand different forms of Augmented Reality and their applications

Build 15 Augmented Reality Apps from scratch for Android & iOS

Developing and ARBook app which will detect multiple image targets.

Creating an interactive business card using AR Virtual buttons

An AR greeting card app, which plays sound, and animation once opened.

Detecting a real toy car using 3D Object tracking and superimposing a digital car on top of the real car.

Tracking of cylindrical objects and placing digital models surrounding the cylinder

Placing a life size Lamborghini car in real world using Markerless tracking

Placing a life size drone in air using Vuforia Mid Air feature.

Play / Pause video's in real world.

Cloud recognition and best practices.

Understand the basic difference between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Students will create AR apps by writing codes in C# programming language


Curious about Augmented Reality, You have come to the right place. Learn the basics fundamentals and programming techniques required for building fully functional Augmented Reality android and iOS apps. For this course you will need an Android Smartphone or iPhone. 

So what is Augmented Reality?  

According to Wikipedia, Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are "augmented" by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.  

In Augmented Reality the real view is modified by a computer (Smartphone in this case). Augmented reality (AR) enhances one’s current perception of reality, whereas in contrast, virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one. Augmentation techniques are basically performed in real time,   

Eg : Displaying live scores and statistics inside a live video of a sporting event  


Power of Augmented Reality  

I came across Augmented Reality in 2015 after watching a video of Augmented Reality Book. I was fascinated to know that such technology actually exists. So I started researching on different Augmented Reality platform. Vuforia platform seemed very promising as developers all over the World have used Vuforia for developing Augmented Reality apps.  

Pokemon Go game is the best example of Augmented Reality. Other than that Augmented Reality apps expand over a wide range of topics from Education, Business, Architecture, Health Industry, Home Decoration and obviously mobile gaming.  


Course Content and Overview  

This course is designed for students interested in creating Augmented Reality apps. No coding experience is required; all you need is an Android or iOS device for testing your Augmented Reality apps. We will start from basics of Unity, C# platform and then move to higher topics  

Intro & Basics of Augmented Reality  

In the first section you will first understand as to what is Augmented Reality? Next we will look at the four different augmented reality techniques and its application. After this I will explain you what is Virtual Reality and the differences between Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)  

Basics of Unity  

After understanding Augmented Reality next we will look at the basics of Unity as Unity is the main software which we will use for building Augmented Reality apps.  

Augmented Reality One (ARONE) application  

ARONE is the first Augmented Reality Application which you are going to create. In this app you will  

  • Create Vuforia account  

  • Create License Key for the AR app  

  • Upload an Image as Image Target  

  • Understand Vuforia Image Recognition system  

  • Solution to White ImageTarget problem in Vuforia version 6.2.10  

  • Download 3D model from Unity Asset Store  

  • Place 3D Model on top of Image Target  

  • Download ARONE app database from Vuforia and activate it inside Unity  

  • Build this app for Android & Ios  

Augmented Reality Book (ARBOOK) application  

In the ARBook application we will first create few sketches inches a drawing book. Next we will download some 3D Models from the asset store and project the 3D Model on top of each image target.  

Application like ARBOOK can be implemented in Schools & Colleges for teaching complicated subjects in a fun and easier way.  

Virtual Button & Augmented Reality Business Card (ARBusinessCard) 

In this section I will explain first explain you the concept of Virtual Button in Vuforia and the six important factors that should be considered while working with Virtual Button.  

Next you will create a simple Virtual Button app called AugmentedRealityVirtualButton in which you will understand the important function & interface that are required for working with Virtual Button.  

After the ARVirtualButton app we will then create and ARBusinessCard. In the ARBusinessCard app you will first place multiple virtual buttons on top of an Image Target. Next I will show you how to play video file inside Unity, After this we will write a C# script to play a particular video when the virtual button for a particular video is pressed  

Augmented Reality Greeting Card

In this section, you will learn the process of detecting multiple image targets simultaneously at the same time. You will also add an mp3 file in the app that will start playing only when the greeting card is opened.

Superimposition based AR | Object tracking

In this section you will first scan a 3D model using Vuforia’s 3D scanning android application. Next we will import this model inside Unity and on top of this model we will superimpose a digital car.

Cylindrical Object tracking

In this section you will learn the technique for detecting a cylindrical object. After detecting the cylindrical object you will create a beautiful 3D scenic view around the cylinder with the help of airplanes, low poly clouds and low poly terrains.

Vuforia Cloud Recognition

In this section you will understand the working of Vuforia cloud databases. You will create an application called BookInfoAR. This application will scan a book cover(marker) and display information panel beside the book cover. The information of the marker is stored in cloud database.

Ground Planes and MidAir

In this section you will create your first markerless augmented reality using Vuforia Ground Plane. With ground plane feature we will place a lifesize Lamborghini model in real world. Next using the MidAir feature we will place a drone in mid air.

User Defined Target

In this section you will understand a feature called User Defined Target feature from the Vuforia Core Sample. With the help of User Defined Target feature we can use any image as an marker.

So after explaining you the course content I hope to see you inside this Augmented Reality course


Build 15 Augmented Reality (AR) apps with Unity & Vuforia
Build 15 Augmented Reality (AR) apps with Unity & Vuforia
Build 15 Augmented Reality (AR) apps with Unity & Vuforia
Build 15 Augmented Reality (AR) apps with Unity & Vuforia




What is Augmented Reality

WHAT IS VIRTUAL REALITY | Differences between AR & VR

Installation of Unity 2019

Session End Quiz


How to position, rotate and scale gameobjects in unity

Adding Rigibody to sphere and saving the scene

Adding Material Color's to GameObjects

Adding Background Images (Textures) to GameObjects

Prefabs in Unity

Concept of Parent & Child GameObjects

What are scripts | Explained in details

Rotating the Sphere GameObject's



Generating a License Key

Capturing an Image to use as Image Target

Uploading Image Targets inside Vuforia

Projecting Barbarian 3D Model on Image Target

Installation of Android Studio Software

Building the apk file for ARONE app

Building ARONE app on iPhone or iPad

Downloading ARKIT plugin from BitBucket

Adding shadow to Barbarian Model

Update: Adding shadow to Barbarian Model


Augmented Reality Book Intro

Sketching images on a drawing book

Setting Up License Key for ARBook app

Customizing Sun Image Target

Customizing the HOUSE Image Target

Customizing the SHIP Image Target

Customizing the CAR Image Target

Customizing the FOREST Image Target

Customizing the AeroPlane Image Target

Adding Cloud models

Customizing the ARBOOK Cover Image Target

Adding 3D Text on top of Image Target

Building the APK file of ARBOOK App

Output of ARBook Application

Problem related to Ship & Aeroplane Image Target

Solution for Ship & Aeroplane Image Target problem


Reset the SHIP to it's original position

Reset the Aeroplane and Cloud Gameobject


Augmented Reality Greeting Card Section Intro

Adding License Key & Importing Database

Projecting Cake 3D Model on top of First Image Target

Adding 3D text on top of Second Image Target

Crediting the Author of 3D Model

Adding Audio

Building and Running the AR Greeting Card App


Section Introduction : 2D Canvas

Adding Background Image on Canvas

Adding 2D Text inside the Canvas

Adding UI Buttons or 2D Buttons

Rotating the Cube

Switching between Scenes on Button click

Designing the Back and Close Image Button

Script for Back and Close Image Button

Building the ARGreetingCard app (with Background Image)

Building the ARGreetingCard app (with Smartphone Camera Output)


Virtual Button & ARBusinessCard Section Intro

What are Virtual Button's in Vuforia

Setting Up License Key for ARVirtualButton

Adding Virtual Button & GameObject's on top of Image Target

Script to check whether the Virtual Button is Pressed or Released

Building the apk file for ARVirtualButton app

ARBusinessCard Application Intro

Setting Up License Key for ARBusinessCard project

Adding multiple Virtual Button's on Image Target

Playing video file's on top of Plane GameObject's

Deactivating the Plane GameObject's

Changes in ARBCard Script

Programming logic for registering multiple Virtual Button Whiteboard animation

Registering the 3 Virtual Button code

Building the apk file for ARBusinessCard application


Superimposition Based AR Section Introduction

Criteria for Object Recognition & Scanning

Procedure for scanning a 3D Object

Generating License Key

Superimposing a CAR 3D Model on top of a Real Toy Car

Building the ARObject Tracking app


Cylindrical Target Section Introduction

Steps for creating a Cylinder Target

Creating Cylinder Target Database

Projecting Plane 3D Models surrounding the Cylinder Target

Projecting Cloud 3D Models

Adding Earth & Terrain Models

Animating the GameObjects

Building the AR Cylindrical Target Project


Vuforia Video Playback App Intro

Importing Vuforia Core Samples

ARCamera's Far Clip plane Bug

Customizing Thumbnail and Video

Playing Two Video's

Changing the Video's shader

Deleting the Common UI component & building the app


Vuforia Cloud Recognition Intro

Understanding the Cloud Reco Scene & testing it's output

Creating Vuforia Cloud Database and linking it with Unity Project

2 Adjustments for viewing Gameobject properly on top of Image Target

Information Panel for the Cloud Image Targets

Information Panel for the 3rd Cloud Image Target

Removing the Cloud Target Info & Common UI


User Defined Target App Intro

Adding License Key & Importing Vuforia Core Samples

Understanding the Working of User Defined Target Scene

Rearranging the Canvas Component

Building & Running the ARUDT Application


Ground Plane Section Intro

Ground Plane supported devices

Working with Ground Plane Feature

Testing the Ground Plane output's on an iPhone

Generating a 3D Models only once

Augmenting a Life Size Lamborghini in real world

Removing the 2D Text

Genrating drones with Mid Air feature

Conclusion Video


Installing Illustrator and setting up Vumark designer files

Designing a Vumark Template

Encoding Numeric data & generating Image Targets from Numeric Vumark Template

Understanding the components inside Vumarks Sample Scene

Resolving the bugs inside Vumarks scene

Decoding Numeric data from Vumark Image Targets

Encoding String data & generating Image Targets from String Vumark Template

Decoding String data from Vumark Image Targets

Encoding Byte data & generating Image Targets from Byte Vumark Template

Decoding Byte data from Vumark Image Targets


What is Multi-Target? Capturing images for multi target

Rescaling the images from cm to pixels as per aspect ratio

Adding images to Cuboid Target

Testing the Multi Target output

Adding animations and effects to Multi Target scene


Seeing through the Box using depth mask material

Creating a square hole on top of the box

Adding fire monster and flames

Editing the DepthMask Shader

Adding Nebula and Galaxies to the window portal

Creating a mini solar system


Vardhanya10 October 2020

The course is good for the people who are new to unity and augmented reality But if you get stuck at some point of time you yourself have to find whats wrong and if you are not able to figure out the the whole project is ruined. the instructor does not respond at the queries. I posted a question 3 days ago and I got no answer. I dont know why the instructor don,t answer and same case is with all the other queries. The are not answered at all. I think I have to take a refund

Charles6 October 2020

Well delivered! This course is loaded with great information to get you started with AR with Unity and Vuforia. I would like to see more from this instructor.

Blake5 October 2020

Resources are old, the group takes ages to give you advice on how to fix. 30 hour course almost taken 4 weeks.

Torsum2 October 2020

So far so good. The instructor goes through the basics of Unity before getting into AR. Very easy to understand

Emirhan16 September 2020

Thats absolutely perfect. I liked the way of his instructing. Anyone who wants to learn Vuforia, can purchase without hesitating. (I wish he updates the content according to 2020 version. It looks very old fashioned. Also I wish the course had Vuforia area target lessons.) Rest of all is perfect :)

Samuel24 February 2020

More Audiodescription than Tutorial ("I click here, i click there, I rename the folder"), old content, uses a lot of files/prefabs that are no longer available, repeats every step 100 times, explains & customizes the vuforia example files as a 'tutorial' (wtf?!), ...

Swami1 February 2020

AR/VR was my specific interest and this course is going in right direction! Specifically, AR is more interested than VR. So, this course is exactly for me!

Mariusz31 January 2020

This course is so bad, I cannot even express it. It is a short demonstration of some of the Vuforia functionalities only. There is no teaching or guiding. Almost every video is like a list of instructions... "click this", "do this"... Plenty of repetition that makes the videos longer, so the course looks longer. But in reality it is all the same and all the time. All the valuable content from thic course could be presented in 30-60 minutes... The rest is a waste of time. And forget about real programming. You will be using free assets from the store and placing them in the scene. Then you will be using elements of free packages, of which some are obsolete... Once in a while you will see your instructor typing or pasting some code... That's it...

Awdhesh17 January 2020

things are going good but, few settings are no visible as tutorial is made using lower version of the software.

T7 January 2020

A very interesting course with creative and practical AR programming activities that build a good foundation for learners who want to explore their new area of hobbies or interest and also to be able to expand on what they have learned from the course to create their own AR apps in the future. The lecturer is very careful and detailed in his preparation and presentation. Thanks so much for creating such a good course.

Maya25 December 2019

Kursusnya baik hanya saja sedikit susah di mengerti karena bahasa inggris yang digunakan. Saya lebih paham dengan bahasa Indonesia. Terimakasih

Ali22 December 2019

Pros: - Variety of real life and interesting projects. Cons: - Many pronunciation and grammatical errors. - Sound is going up and down and not clear most of the time. - No resources were added for the final product.

Ravindra14 December 2019

Till Now a Gr8 Tutor... Very Detailed Explanation... It seems to be my right decision... to go for it...

Antonio6 December 2019

Por el momento ha cumplido mis expectativas, lo unico que el acento del instructor es un poco complicado de entender la pronunciacion de ciertas palabras.

Aurelio5 December 2019

Explicaciones fáciles de seguir. No tengo ninguna experiencia en el tema y hasta ahora lo he podido seguir.


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