Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals

Success Formula for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Managers

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Jan 2022
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What you will learn

• Develop the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets of designers, artists, and innovators

• How to connect more deeply with customers to discover opportunities for innovation

• Break through barriers that have kept you stuck

• Experiment with idea generation, critical thinking, aesthetic ways of knowing, problem-solving and rapid-prototyping

• Foster a culture that enhances creativity and innovation

• Generate ideas to seed your innovation ecosystem


**Course Updated - Jan 2022**

Design thinking is the most understudied concept as it has actually been around for a very long time but it is never really been explored to its huge potential for the betterment of the business or organization. Organizations like Apple and Google use the concept of design thinking in their day-to-day customer interface and thus have been able to design full-proof products which only have one outcome “Success”.

In the past, design has most often occurred fairly far downstream in the development process and has focused on making new products aesthetically attractive or enhancing brand perception through smart, evocative advertising. Today, as innovation’s terrain expands to encompass human-centered processes and services as well as products, companies are asking designers to create ideas rather than to simply dress them up.

Everything around you has been designed in an attempt to delight you. And as customers when you are delighted with the product and you are eager to buy it, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is and thus companies/businesses which is capable of producing such products become the CUSTOMER FAVORITE. 

In this course, you will learn the complete design thinking process and its various components. I have discussed each and every part of the process in detail and with examples and stories to make your understanding concrete. It’s my BOLD promise that the tools and techniques that I have discussed in this course can transform your business and has the potential to give you a huge breakthrough in your professional life.


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Welcome to the Design Thinking World

What To Expect In The Course
Steps for Using the Course and Getting More Help!

WHY Design Thinking?

Importance of Design Thinking

Empathy - Design Thinking!

What and Why to Empathize
Understand the Market, Client, Technology and Perceived Constraints
3-Step Technique to Empathize
5-Step Client Engagement Technique

Define - Design Thinking!

Understanding the Define Mode
Why Define?
2-Steps Defining Process
3-Step Rule for Brainstorming

Ideate - Design Thinking!

What and How to Ideate
9-Step Ideation Technique

Prototype Creation - Design Thinking!

What is Prototyping
4-Step Process of Prototype Building

Prototype Testing - Design Thinking!

How to Test Your Prototype
5-Point Strategy
Iteration and Making the Process Your Own

Application Of Design Thinking

Application Of Design Thinking - Part I
Application Of Design Thinking - Part II

Characteristics Of Design

Input and the start point of design
Understanding Of Design Space
Outcome and results of design
Generation Of Ideas
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Satisfying and Discovering Constrains
Evolution and Optimization
Transformation Of Data

Case Study

Case Study - Design Thinking Approach
Test Your Learning!
Certificate of Completion
Course Summary


January 29, 2021
This is a wonderful course. It will be of great help if the captions and transcript can be worked on manually as the audio of the video wasn't really clear sometimes. Thanks.
November 3, 2017
I really liked the example :) As do many I am sure. I would almost like to go to this MRI myself haha
October 8, 2017
Great Course! I would just suggest more real-life applications of Design Thinking methodology in companies environment.
September 26, 2017
explanation is not meant for senior professional as stated . Real item and how enteprises are using this technique should be brought in discussion. Mind this is not for collegeor school going candidates..let me explore the few more sessions..please make sure the time we invest is seriously considered
September 19, 2017
I had no idea about Design thinking and this area gave me a detailed overview with so many examples that I understand it's value now. Thanks a lot.
August 9, 2017
‘Being You’ was the ideal stimulating prop required to enhance self-confidence. This particular course will clear all your myths about creativity and gives a lot of guidelines for generating more ideas for any given problem or situation. Inspiring indeed…!
August 9, 2017
I was looking for a clear practical approach on design thinking including methodology, key success factors, risks or mistakes people make. And I am glad to get that correctly in order.
August 9, 2017
Displaying of flowcharts oils a starting gear to take the top speed of speed. Example of the adventurous MRI machine was a miraculous plot explained effectively to understand the concept in a better way out.
August 9, 2017
Perfect introduction for creative thinking. I like the reasons mentioned in the course for failure and tricks required to get to the rising stair of success. The risks taken and the remedies which adds a back-up support were explained outstandingly. As a businessman, It even motivated me to think in a designed way to promote innovation and creativity.
July 9, 2017
I would have liked more examples for every stage of the presentation and more visuals. It is a great course for the beginners, it takes you through all the information you need.
June 2, 2017
I think it is a bit generic and talks of the overall methodology. If you are looking to get an introduction of Design Thinking, this is okay, but it is not deep enough. I would have liked to hear some more real life examples of the process working or failing from the instructors point of view.
May 7, 2017
Porque no hay imagenes, es solo una mujer hablando con acento indio en ingles, muy complicado de seguir y absorber esos conocimientos, podria haber sido mas visual,
April 30, 2017
Mastermind course! Helped me understand the human thinking process and how can it be used for my and my business's benefit
March 13, 2017
Well, this course is a very well done course in terms of the 'on point' content. Examples are easy to understand. The sound volume is quite low than usual (I mean if you get any notification on desktop computer, it's gonna be loud, so prepare yourself). This course is worth watching again to give yourself some summary about the "Design Thinking" before your meeting/brainstorming, maybe take some notes from the course on the topics which you want to emphasize on. Well, the course is quite compact and you can watch on above normal speed. 'w' --- EmM
March 9, 2017
because the link between competitive advantage as a result of products and services was highlighted. How design thinking concepts can be applied to satisfy customers needs through superior products and services. Finally an approach and step by step process for design thinking was demonstrated.



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