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Design Patterns In Objective C iOS Programming for Projects

Design patterns in Objective C iOS Programming for Software Architecture Beginners Objective-C OOP GoF Design Patterns

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Understanding of 23 design patterns described in GOF book

Objective-C implementation understanding of each design pattern

Objective-C source code of each design pattern

57 Quiz questions related to all 23 design patterns

Focus to make a thought process to design

Learn to visualize the problem scenario and solution in OO

20 Design Problems for better thought process


This "Design Patterns In Objective-C" course covers all 23 GOF design patterns with Objective-C code implementation.

Why learn Design Patterns

  • Industry requires great software designers

  • Demand for Software Design Skill is high

  • For flexible and extensible software design

  • To enhance the Object Oriented Software design skill

  • To Develop/Understand the design of software product

  • Moving up in Technical ladder by having great tech skill

  • Well prepared for interview

Design and architecture of any software/solution provides the base and makes it flexible, extensible for future requirements. A good designed software/solution makes it easy to understand and maintain. Design patterns are known as best practices to design software for problems which are repeated in nature. 

This "Design Patterns In Objective-C" tutorial gives you understanding of all 23 design patterns described in Gang Of Four book - "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software", by Gamma, Helm, Johnson and Vlissides. Here is the list of all design patterns covered :

Creational Design Patterns : Abstract Factory, Builder, Factory Method, Prototype, Singleton

Structural Design Patterns : Adapter, Bridge, Composite, Decorator, Facade, Flyweight, Proxy

Behavioral Design Patterns : Chain of Responsibility, Command, Interpreter, Iterator, Mediator, Memento, Observer, State, Strategy, Template Method, Visitor

Here is the course content-

  • Introduction to Design Patterns

  • Creational Design Patterns

  • Structural Design Patterns

  • Behavioral Design Patterns

Each design pattern is explained in a simple way with intent, problem, solution and structure. Also the information of participants, collaboration, consequences and code implementation are explained for each one. The design pattern structure or example implementation of Objective-C source code are explained to understand how it will be implemented in Object Oriented language Objective-C. 

The course also provides Objective-C source code of each design pattern to understand it in better way. This helps in applying the variation on implementation to see how it can resolve some other implementation bottleneck. There are 57 quiz questions Creational, Structural and Behavioral design patterns to check your understanding. 

This "Learn Design Patterns In Objective-C" online course on udemy will help to understand the best practices for design and apply them to do the better design of software/solution in Objective-C. It will also help you to prepare well for design patterns interview questions.

It will be good to have the Gang Of Four book - "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software", by Gamma, Helm, Johnson and Vlissides as a reference book for this course. 

Design Patterns In Objective-C free source code implementation is available in pdf to download.

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Design Patterns In Objective C iOS Programming for Projects
Design Patterns In Objective C iOS Programming for Projects
Design Patterns In Objective C iOS Programming for Projects
Design Patterns In Objective C iOS Programming for Projects




Design Patterns

What are Design Patterns?

History of Design Patterns

Why Study Design Patterns?

Describing Design Patterns

The Catalog of Design Patterns

Classification of Design Patterns

Quiz - Design Patterns Introduction

Case Study of SysMan - System Management Product


SysMan Introduction




Design Problems 1-4

Design Problems 5-8

Design Problems 9-12

Design Problems 13-16

Design Problems 17-20

Design Problems 21-23

Creational Design Patterns

Abstract Factory

Explanation of Abstract Factory Structure Source

Quiz - Abstract Factory


Explanation of Builder Structure Source

Quiz - Builder

Factory Method

Explanation of Factory Method Structure Source

Quiz - Factory Method


Explanation of Prototype Structure Source

Quiz - Prototype


Explanation of Singleton Structure Source

Quiz - Singleton

Quiz on Creational patterns

Creational Patterns Source

Structural Patterns


Explanation of Adapter Structure Source

Quiz - Adapter


Explanation of Bridge Structure Source


Explanation of Composite Structure Source


Explanation of Decorator Structure Source


Explanation of Facade Structure Source


Explanation of Flyweight Structure Source


Explanation of Proxy Structure Source

Quiz on Structural patterns - 1

Quiz on Structural patterns - 2

Structural Patterns Source

Behavioral Patterns

Chain of Responsibility

Explanation of Chain of Responsibility Structure Source

Quiz - Chain of Responsibility


Explanation of Command Structure Source

Quiz - Command


Explanation of Interpreter Structure Source


Explanation of Iterator Structure Source


Explanation of Mediator Structure Source


Explanation of Memento Structure Source


Explanation of Observer Structure Source


Explanation of State Structure Source


Explanation of Strategy Structure Source

Template Method

Explanation of Template Method Structure Source


Explanation of Visitor Structure Source

Quiz on Behavioral patterns - 1

Quiz on Behavioral patterns - 2

Behavioral Patterns Source

Bonus Lecture

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Andrew22 May 2017

The code samples are clear and concise. The theory and review of the code / concepts was lacking. Design patterns are a big part of software engineering and we use them for very specific reasons - rather than analyzing the what the structure of the code and how architecting it with the pattern optimizes creation / management , the code is simply brushed over with a kindergarten show and tell approach. The videos dedicated to the concepts of the design patterns simply state a 'problem' and the designed solution to that problem. There could be better explanation to how the design pattern solves the problem, and how the design patter works conceptually (which is someone covered by graphs) The code gives great examples, and can teach you alot - just be ready to take a nap when it is being covered.


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