Design of Experiment-DOE with Minitab for Product Design

Beginner's Guide to Design of Experiment DOE with Factorial Design, Taguchi, Screening & Optimizing design with Minitab

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Design of Experiment-DOE with Minitab for Product Design


2 hours


Mar 2021

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What you will learn

A guide of product design with the help of Minitab.

With a guiding ebook students learn many things in Design of Experiments with Minitab

Students learn many terms like Optimization, Interaction, Runs, Blocks, Center Points, Levels, Factors, Repetitions, Replications, etc

Practical Guide to simulated real world examples of Designing the Experiments with Minitab


*This course comes with resource downloable ebook, preview lessons and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee !*

What is DOE?

There are many dependent and independent factors when it comes to designing a successful product, business process,  experiments or any successful projects. Design of experiment is a tool not only limited to develop optimal design to develop superior quality product or product design, experiment or product performance but also to reduce the infinite resources, costs, manpower and time in developing any product.  Design of Experiments (DOE) is the systematic process of problem solving by adjusting the factors correctly so that we can reach the particular target and make a wise utilization of our resources so that we save time, energy and costs of the experiment. DOE helps process and quality engineers or anyone to design and develop a robust experimental setup.

How can you use the course for your best educational and professional interests ?

1. You will learn how to screen different factors that are responsible for the success or a successful product design. When you are not sure which factors are more or less responsible for the final result, the Design of Experiments can be used as an effective screening tool.

2. You will learn various aspects that will help to reach your targets for your own profession. For example,

  • If you are a civil engineer, you may be concerned over the maintaining the optimal parameters for increasing the strength of the building or a bridge.

  • If you are a mechanical or a automobile engineer, you may be concerned over the optimum design criteria that will give the highest performance of the automobile.

  • If you are a chemist or a bio technologist, you may be concerned over maintaining the optimum environment in the factors that will produce the highest quality results.

  • If you are of any other profession the Design of Experiments will help you meet the targets of your business or profession.

3. It will help you learn how to minimize the cost of operation or product design.

4. It helps you to see which factors are most beneficial in your business or in your experiment.

5. You will learn how to get proactive to save time and cost of designing any process.

What can you learn from this course?

  • This course provides you with a practical guide to simulated real world examples of designing the experiments with Minitab.

  • We learn to examine the main effects of factors to identify the critical factors and read the result of the response. Students learn many terms like Optimization, Interaction, Runs, Blocks, Center Points, Levels, Factors, Repetitions, Replications, etc.

  • We also learn Optimizing the design and Main Effects Plot, Interaction plots, cube plots, contour and surface plots, and use the response optimizer to optimize the experimental factors for best possible results.

  • We also learn to operate and design full factorial design, fractional design and Taguchi design. Taguchi is a designed experiment that lets you choose a product or process that functions more consistently in the operating environment.

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners in Minitab and Design of Experiments

  • Six Sigma Green and Six Sigma Black Belt professionals

  • Product Managers, Quality Managers, Quality Engineers, Process Managers

Overall this course is a complete beginner’s packaging of the important tools used in Design of Experiments with minitab. Let this journey be your marker for your next big leap in your professional journey. I am all here to solve your queries so please do not forget to get your confusion addressed in the direct messages and question and answer sections.

What's the safety ?

There is a 30-day full money-back guarantee in this course in case you still have any confusion in enrolling in this course. So what are you waiting for? Enroll in the course now and we will be enjoying this course together. I will see you inside……

Thank you!



What is Design of Experiments and what will we learn in this course?

Working with the attached Resource book for this course

Terms used in Design of Experiments

Benefits of Design of Experiments


Selecting between Screening and Optimization

Download the course zipped resources

How to install Minitab?


Understanding DOE with Factorial Design

Factorial Design Introduction

Analyzing the factorial design

Validating the factorial design- 4 kinds of Graphs

Main Effects and Interaction Plots

Response and Contour Plots

Response Optimization

Taguchi Design

Taguchi Design with Minitab

Screening Design: Plackett-Burman

Screening Design: Plackett-Burman

Analyzing the screening design

Optimizing the Design of Experiments

Central Composite Design

Analyzing the central composite design

How to download certificate ?

Test Your Knowledge !

Practice Test

Bonus !

Bonus Lecture


Kashyap31 March 2021

A wonderful teaching and practical example balance. I like following Gunjan Subedi as he always delivers quality content followed by easy to understand language. Real life case studies are cherry on the top. Makes a quite decent user experience. As always I'm bit more hungry on case studies and I encourage professor to provide as much real life case studies as possible. Thank you very much.

Omid26 February 2021

The instructor tries his best to show that he cares about your learning and doing a good job (maybe too much!). As a process engineer it was a good refresher for me and I even learned a few points. It is a great beginner course for someone who wants to learn DOE using Minitab with one sitting. On the other hand it is not an advanced class.

Luis2 September 2020

todavía no lo sé, los conceptos son muy básicos pero algo intangibles espero que en los próximos capítulos sea mas cuantioso

Jonathan17 July 2020

Very short course, but shows how to use minitab for DOE. It would be good to add minitab worksheets of the examples in the class so people can work through together with the lecture. An example with evaluating multiple responses and optimizing that way would be good.


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