Denver Travel Guide

101 Unique, Interesting, & Fun Places to Visit, Explore, and Experience Denver Colorado to the Fullest from A to Z

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101 Unique, Interesting, & Fun Places to Visit, Explore, and Experience Denver Colorado


Denver is a city of incredible growth that beckons to the masses from all walks of life. From artists to outdoor enthusiasts, professionals in finance to those who live for finding their next creative outlet, this mountainside city calls out in a dramatic fashion and it’s hard for many to resist. A soaring population has led to a booming job market, drastic changes in housing options and an overwhelming sense that with urban sprawl has arrived endless possibilities.

So, what exactly is it that makes Denver so irresistible? Whether you’re considering a quick trip through the city for fun or scouting for a future place to call home, Denver is made up of an ever-growing list of fantastic restaurants, shopping hubs, sporting events and cultural activities that make it one of the most unique places on the map. With a city-scape that is altering itself every day, it’s worth your time to capture the heart of Denver today because tomorrow is destined to bring along something entirely new.

When you travel to Denver, you join up with those who are in pursuit of the best art, music and outdoor excursions the state has to offer. From exciting ski trips beyond the Front Range to a day indulging in modern art downtown, Denver is built on diverse passions and has no intention of slowing down when it comes to capitalizing on creativity. It is a city where contrast is celebrated and proudly protected. As new homes, apartments and condominiums hit the market at a breathtaking pace, local organizations work equally hard at preserving those historic homes that make Denver unique. With groups of people committed to making progress while honoring the past, Denver is a place where you can witness the evolution of a city within the context of its very own history.

This insider’s guide to Denver gives you the framework for beginning your own travels through the Mile High City. Elevated, eccentric and equally progressive, Denver delivers big on potential while keeping its alluring roots firmly planted in the natural world.

About the Expert

Caitlyn Knuth is a lifelong writer who was inspired to put a pen to paper as a child long before spelling skills were acquired. Constantly captivated by the pictures words have the power to paint and the owner of a spirit that is always ready for the next travel adventure, she’s found her muse alive and well through the process of exploring new cities and sharing what she’s found with the world.

After accepting a job in Denver several years ago, she made it her mission to learn as much about this very new, exciting and eccentric city as possible in an effort to somehow make it home a bit more quickly. With a plan in place to try something new every weekend, it didn’t take long to become captivated with all there was to see and do in the Mile High City. Before long, she had acquired a list of incredible stops to try and sights to see that made up a collection of stories begging to be told.Armed with this wealth of new information, a passion for adventure and a never-ending list of must-try places to pass onto others, she decided to put together a comprehensive guide to the version of Denver she has learned to love.


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Denver Travel Guide

Part 1: Destination Denver Colorado Calling: A Blank Canvas for New Life
Part 2: Finding Your Way Through Flavor: Restaurant Must-Stops
Part 3: The Heart of Denver’s History
Part 4: Denver’s Dance Scene
Part 5: An Educational Point of View
Part 6: Making the Most of Mile High Museums
Part 7: Journey Just Outside Denver
Part 8: Parks for One and All
Part 9: Exclusively for the Kids
Part 10: Top-Notch Shopping Stops
Part 11: Hotels You Have to See to Believe
Part 12: Discovering Denver’s Coffee Shops
Part 13: Majestic Mountain Excursions
Part 14: Theater, Stage and Performance
Part 15: Venues with a View
Part 16: Athletic Intrigue--Denver’s Best Sporting Stops
Part 17: Denver and the Divine
Part 18: Stopping for a Drink Along the Way
Part 19: A Trip Through Colorado Springs
Part 20: Seasonal Stops
Part 21: Last Minute Tips and Tricks



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