Decision making masterclass

How to make decisions fast? How to be sure they are right? Learn techniques to make efficient decisions.

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

Make right decisions

Advanced techniques

Efficient problem solving

Strategic tools

Theories behind decisions

Behavioral methodologies


Decisions can be better!

Are you struggling with big decisions or even the small ones? With simple techniques from this course you can become a master decision maker. You will learn how to group, classify and select most important decisions to be made in correct order. It's a skill you can learn!

Let's start with analyzing the current position. You will know about your strengths and weaknesses. How to decide better? How to get faster? Why it's not always so efficient? I will help you. The course will also put decisions into pieces. Understanding this will give you needed skills and abilities to decide better. Decision anatomy or structure, start with it to build all learning together at the end.

You will learn all this and more

  1. Analysis techniques

  2. Classification and grouping techniques

  3. Communication and understanding affections

  4. Simple ways to follow a process

  5. Easy reporting

You will be better decision maker!

You will get examples from great decision makers. Learning from stories behind the scenes you can easily adapt some of the tips to your daily life. Great thinkers are typically best decision makers because they see the causal aspects of decisions they make.

What kind of decisions you have to make? What can make an impact and how you should proceed to be efficient? These are skills and techniques you learn in this course. Make a quick analysis, continue on and carry out important tasks faster.

You can take all this in

  1. Your everyday working life

  2. Your personal life

  3. Your next position, new employment

Theory and practice!

Understand decision making theories. For example how to first analyze the problem or decision in question, what process should be followed or should you make a group decision. Course will also help you to understand what kind of information can be used in classification, what kind of roles we have and how we can easily make most important decisions first.

This course will give you examples of critical business decisions, how decisions are made around the world and how you can use this information to be excellent decision maker. Join today and start your journey to excellence!

Enroll today to start instant learning. Decision Making, Make Decisions, Become the future leader!


Decision making masterclass
Decision making masterclass
Decision making masterclass
Decision making masterclass



What you'll learn in this course



About the instructor


Make decisions efficient, targeted and less time

What you'll learn about making efficient decisions with target and less effort

Make decisions efficient, targeted and less time

Successful decision making

Successful process steps

Decision making failures

Decision making gaps

Decision making tips

Decisions to make

What you'll learn about making better decisions

Why it takes time to decide

How could you decide better

Better and faster decisions

Decisions to make quiz

Great decision makers

What you'll learn about best decision makers

Manager's decisions

Barack Obama's hardest decision

Elon Musk's big decision

Dalai Lama's giving away decision

Great decision makers quiz

Difficult business decisions

What you'll learn about business decisions

Difficult business decisions

Learn from your life time decisions

Difficult decisions quiz

Efficient decisions

What you'll learn about efficient decisions

Different decisions


Example of decision making structure

Efficient decisions quiz

Techniques for decision making

What you'll learn about decision making techniques

SWOT analysis

Theory of SWOT analysis

Decision matrix

Theory of growth-share matrix

Collection and analysis

Theory of design thinking

Theory of value stream mapping

Multiply and suggest techniques

Decision making techniques quiz

Decision making process

What you'll learn about decision making process

Decision making process

It's not only the process

Decision making process quiz

Trends and decision making

What you'll learn about decision making trends

Machine learning

Block chain



Decision making trends quiz

Decision making around the world

Introduction to decision making around the world

Decision making in Asia




Decision making in Europe





Bonus lecture


Femi9 May 2020

The videos were not to clear and the instructor's presentation was really poor. I learnt from it, but i had to painfully stay to finish the course.


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