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A Masterclass in Decision Making in a Complex world

Learn how to make better faster decisions ...when it really matters ...in life or in business.

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

Understand the reasons why good people make and often repeats bad decisions...both in life and at work.

Learn a simple way to discover your own limiting beliefs or "bad" assumptions - the root cause of most of our bad decisions.

Learn a simple 5-step process to make better faster decisions ....when it really matters ...in your personal life, and at work.


Have you ever wondered why good people make and often repeat bad decisions?

In this masterclass, presented by Dr. Alan Barnard, CEO of Goldratt Research Labs and one of the world's leading Decision Scientist and Theory of Constraints experts, you will discover why we all make and often repeat bad decisions and how to prevent it...especially in those decisions that really matter in life and business. 

You will learn how to apply a new breakthrough in decision making, the ProConCloud method - an evolution of Benjamin Franklin's Pro-Con list, and Dr. Eli Goldratt's Evaporating Cloud decision making methods,  to any important decision you are facing.

The ProConCloud method guides users through 5 steps, each designed to prevent a common decision mistake, to help you make better faster decisions ...when it really matters.


A Masterclass in Decision Making in a Complex world
A Masterclass in Decision Making in a Complex world
A Masterclass in Decision Making in a Complex world
A Masterclass in Decision Making in a Complex world


Decision Making with the 5-Step ProConCloud method


Step 1 - My/Our Problem and why it is important to resolve

Step 2 - Defining My and "Their" Decision Conflicts

Step 3 - Resolving our Decision Conflicts with win:win options

Step 4 - Creating a "Yes-But" Plan

Step 5 - Designing an Experiment to test new win:win option

Bonus Section

Odyssey Las Vegas 2018 Program - Intros and Insights gained by Attendees

Using the silver lining in our dark clouds to make breakthroughs in life

How Keatan used the ProConCloud to make sense of his bullying at School

How Paul used the ProConCloud to analyze his struggle with being overweight

How an App can help improve our Mental Health


Mario20 January 2021

I'm ejoying a lot the course; the way the whole process has been integrated and simplified is amazing, particularly the S&T part. I didn't like a single bit the last half an hour of introductions and comments from the Odyssey attendants in Las Vegas. I think I understand the purpose to have it there, and I think it is wrong and, personally, counterproductive.

Himanshu2 January 2021

Dr Alan Barnard is one of the best TOC Guru I have ever met. He has very innovative ways of explaining the concepts with real world cases

Johann22 April 2020

Yes. I would like the option to get the presentation slides in the Resources in order to make additional notes.

Carlos14 November 2019

Excellence methodology to apply in personal life and organizations to improve performance significantly!!! Congratulations Dr. Alan Barnard!!!

Vinit31 October 2019

Its always an excellent experience to hear Dr Alan Barnard and gain insights from his deep knowledge of the subject

Elaine15 August 2019

Yes, very satisfied with course. Like the app too. Wondering how the app is used in a group setting in an organisation where answers will not be one liners. The examples were kept simple for easy understanding of the concepts and use of app.

Felipe11 August 2019

la cantidad de tiempo enfocado es nuestro cuello de botella. si esto es cierto, como aprovecho el tiempo para tomar las decisiones y avanzar mas rápido.

Jaco-Ben11 August 2019

This course taught me how to "make better, faster decisions when it really matters"! The ProConCloud method is such a practical way to map out your conflict in a graphical way! It ensures that you consider not just the Pros and Cons of making a change, but also the often overlooked Pros and Cons of not making a change. Using the methods learned in this course helped me to decide whether or not to rent out my previous property or rather sell it. It helped me discover a win:win option and take into consideration valid reservations and implement mitigating actions to prevent possible adverse outcomes. Using the Harmony Decisions Maker mobile app will also make it easier for me to continue using this method now and in the future. Thank you


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