Decision-Making for Business

Learn a Decision-Making Model and how to Improve your Decision-Making Style for Better Business Performance

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Sep 2019

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What you will learn

adapt personal decision-making style to every situation

use various decision-making tools and techniques

generate alternative courses of action

evaluate and choose between alternative courses of action


Taking the Decision-Making for Business course will help you improve your decision-making habits at work. The course gives you models and techniques that you can use in real-life professional, but also, personal situations. It's all about providing a practical framework for improvement and for creating positive habits in decision-making.

The content is already included in my extended Problem-Solving and Decision-Making course, and aims to respond to the needs of the students who demand a more general and less focused on specific methods course on decision-making.

In not much more than 2 hours of will learn to use a methodical approach to reach the best decisions by:

  • establishing a context for success
  • framing the issue properly
  • generating alternatives
  • evaluating these alternatives and
  • choosing the best option.

The video lectures include extensive examples and exercises to facilitate your learning and skills development. At the end you are strongly encouraged to apply and I will be here to develop individual course projects at your demand.

This course is for everyone, no special requirements. Just come with an open mind and focus on improving your decision-making. And, go ahead, have a preview of the course before hitting that Take the Course button.


Decision-Making for Business
Decision-Making for Business
Decision-Making for Business
Decision-Making for Business


Course Introduction

Decision-Making Fundamentals

Effective Decision-Making

The Decision-Making Process

A Decision-Making Model

Decision-Making Steps

Decision-Making Styles

Decision-Making Styles

More Decision-Making styles

Using Decision-Making Styles

Adapting Your Decision-Making Style

Decision-Making for Business

The Right Decision-Making Style Choice

Adapting Decision-Making Style

Decision-Making for Business

Bonus Lecture


Hugh5 October 2020

Taking this course has been the best to have made as it is more informative and helps upgrade my knowledge ans it will truly help me be able to offer more options to my clients.

John5 October 2020

It was a full learning experience and I loved the summaries and the quiz after each section to test your knowledge. This is very useful information that is practical for me to put in place.

Marisol4 October 2020

The presenters tone was a little mono for me making it less engaging and it was a struggle to stay connected and engaged. I also hated the music playing in the background. I am not usually bothered by that but it did for me in this course. The content was good and I believe I will have to try to listen to the course again because it was difficult for me to retain the information.

Magdalena4 October 2020

Course is going very well till now , All of the content is good. From my opinion i didn't expected this good content at this price But Now i think I have made good choice and will recommend to my other friends who want to learn.

Marta3 October 2020

This is a good course for someone who is just beginning with decision-mmaking or someone who has been out of it for many years. I recommend this course as a good starting point.

Oxana30 October 2019

This course was a really helpfull to my knowledge it was very clear and going to the point, i dont kow if you already did a course with some real life cases, to share some of your experience.

Vladimir3 October 2019

Great course that maintained engagement right the way through, have learnt some key skills which I will now apply in the workplace!

Corrie17 August 2019

As a starting manager I learned a lot and I will definitely come back and revise the course overtime to see what could I improve in my work.

Dave03rocks24 June 2019

Its not very engaging and I feel like the instructor is just reading a cliff note book to me in a monotoned voice.

Mykola5 June 2019

I have learned a lot from this course, many methods with specific actions you can start taking right away. even if you are familiar with some of them like me you still can learn from it and the potentials of your work.

Dominik2 April 2019

It was a useful course for me. I learned many good things how to lead and manage a project. Although I have experience in project management, but the subjects which I have learned in this course would help me to be more stronger manager in future. I found your style of delivery very impressive and unique. Thanks for this great course.

Doroteja1 February 2019

I really enjoyed this course! I came out of the course with a better idea on how I could generate money working from home. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and provided a lot of helpful resources to help start a successful work from home business.

Amedeo11 January 2019

I learned from this course about how to manage my business in a simpler way. I also learned that I shouldn’t have a Job but a passion.

Chander27 December 2018

The course was really useful, the pace was just right, great course, I have already enrolled my partner on it! I guess if I were to criticise anything, it's that now I have completed the course I want to learn more!

Florianne23 December 2018

When I decided to subscribe to this course I was a little bit skeptical about it. The instructor is very clear about his words, even for me, a non english speaker didn't need to turn on the auto-caption. At the moment I'm finishing it and I'm confident, that it a great investment of time and money. The course is really eye-opening! I would recommend it both to arising and established leaders.


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