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The MOST Comprehensive Course on Death, Grief...and Healing

(Three Accredited Oxford Diplomas) 25 courses on Death, Grief, Healing NO Powerpoint slides! (63 hours) TWENTY workbook

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Entire content of Institute of Counselling Certificates (Counselling/Bereavement)

Through workbooks, discussions and lectures how to work through grief...how to heal

About Attachment, Loss, Grief - and then how to Heal

Specific techniques for Grief and Bereavement Counsellors

How to begin to cope with the Grief and Loss that is COVID-19

How to come to terms with their own mortality

Quell certain fears that may have arisen

Look forward to the future with more wonder and peace than before

Make far better use of their time left

How death in the shape of COVID-19 is rampaging throughout the world - especially America

Openly discuss death with relatives and others

Look back with memories rather than plans

Be better prepared to study to become a Bereavement Counsellor

How children view death and how you can help them cope

Know about Mourning

Death rituals worldwide

Thoughts of major Philosophers on Death

Understand Grief and the Family Unit

Decluttering and deathcleaning

COVID-19 and the Elderly



This is a course that provides many many opportunities for you to pause, think - and share.

SUMMARY of lectures by section

1. Initial guide about Udemy and the Q/A

2. The Oxford Diploma (this covers the THREE Diplomas and the criteria to follow)

3. Death in America

4. Sweden the controversy

5. The elderly and the economy

6. Distress tolerance and death

7. Celebration of life service

8. A Christian view of death

9.  September blues (daily lectures throughout September)

10. Masks

11. One person’s perspective on death

12. Thinking about death

13. Our life now and after death

14. Death in the cinema

15. Causes and prevention of death

16. Preparation for death

17. Treatment of death in the cinema and in life

18. Students questions

19. Covid19 and uncertainty

20. Prevent a stroke

21. Nature

22. Learning and mind maps

23. Improve your English

24. 12 days of Christmas

25. For students...by students

Note: Some of the above sections are marked as 'Optional' as they are are not of direct relevance BUT include elements that are useful for coping with GRIEF and therefore GRIEF HEALING.


1. Mental health journal

2. Health workbook

3. Coping with 2020

4. Make 2020 one of Joy

5. Holistic medicine

6. Bronze diploma workbook

7. Requirements for the diploma

8. Christmas decluttering

9. Grief and healing workbook

10. A child doc

11. Attachment doc

12. Signs and symptoms of grief and depression

13. Old and getting older

14. Sleep

15. How to deal with the grieving process

16. Death

17. Death grief and decluttering

18. Grief and bereavement counselling

19. The myths of grief

20. Workbook2

" We all have to face it at some point; an event of such enormity that it can make everything else in our lives seem insignificant: death, the end of our existence; our departure from this world.

We live in a culture that denies death. We’re taught that death is something we should shy away from, and try to forget about. If we start contemplating our own mortality – so this traditional wisdom goes – we’ll become anxious and depressed. And there’s no doubt that this is often the case. In psychology, Terror Management Theory suggests that a large part of all human behaviour is generated by unconscious fear of death. This fear generates a fundamental anxiety and unease, which we try to offset with behaviour such as status-seeking or strongly defending the values of our culture. We feel threatened by death and so seek security and significance to defend ourselves against it. Studies have shown, for example, that when people are made more aware of their own mortality, they tend to become more nationalistic and tribal and more materialistic.

However, this is by no means always the case. In fact, there is also a great deal of evidence showing that becoming aware of death can have a powerful positive effect, and bring about a radical shift in attitude and perspective   "

- Psychology Today 7 Feb. 2014

That is what this course is about - becoming aware of death, making plans, considering others.

Not Halloween parties but compassion, emotions and memories. Bereavement, grief and loss, yes, but also COPING.

Coping with losing a loved one is one of life's great difficulties. If you have experienced the pain of mourning, you know that any way to ease the loss is welcomed. While our knowledge and study of grief continues to evolve, it's important to note that not everyone grieves in the same way: We have individual patterns and different outlets for grief. 

- Psychology Today 24th October 2018

Note: In February 2019 FIVE workbooks were added to this course, that cover the TWO certificates:

  • Certificate in Grief and Bereavement

  • Certificate in Counselling

These are run by the Institute of Counselling.

These workbooks were added to this comprehensive course as detailed below. This makes this course totally unique.

Topics covered in the videos                                                              Topics covered in workbooks

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy - Prayer                                             Bereavement

  • Attachment, loss and grief                                                                  Introduction to Counselling Theory

  • Children's view of death                                                                     The Psychodynamic Approach

  • Myths of grief                                                                                     The Behavioural Approach

  • What is it like to die                                                                           The Person-Centred Approach

  • What are the signs leading up to death?                                            The Cognitive Approach

  • Paying for death                                                                                The Pastoral Approach

  • Acting tips for dying                                                                           The Counselling Process

  • Can imagining death work?                                                               Basic Counselling Skills

  • Worrying about death                                                                        Core Skills of "The Skilled Helper"

  • Does everyone die alone?                                                                   Professional Practice

  • Am I irreplaceable?                                                                            Attitudes towards death (including Islamic, Christian and Jewish)

  • What makes a life worth living?                                                         The individual nature of grief

  • What if you know how much time you have left?                               Stages of grief and other grief models

  • 4 minutes left?                                                                                    Why the Five Stages of Grief Are Wrong

  • 1 month left?                                                                                      Depression

  • How much time do I have left ?                                                          Grief Theory 101: The Dual Process Model of Grief

  • What can I do to extend my life?                                                        Grieving process

  • Thinking about death influence behaviour                                         Rituals

  • The death of others                                                                             Mourning

  • The effect of MY death on others                                                        Role of the bereavement counsellor

  • Things to do before I die                                                                     Child and adolescent view of death

  • Terror Management Theory                                                                Children and bereavement

  • Eat drink and be merry                                                                       The principle components of grief

  • If your time is short                                                                             Complicated Bereavement Disorder

  • The regrets of the dying                                                                      Counselling the dying

  • How carefully should we live our life ?                                                Palliative care

  • Become a minimalist!                                                                         Ending long term counselling

  • Reappraising your life  

  • Achieving our aims  

  • Is there life after death?

  • Cryonics  

  • Am I me?  

  • Reincarnation  

  • Near Death Experience  

  • Proof of Heaven?  

  • Dr Who and Death  

  • Cleopatra and Death  

  • The treatment of death  

  • Assassination Bureau  

  • Witchfinder General  

  • Jokers  

  • Elaine  

  • Time a’tickin’  

  • Dust  

  • Top ten causes of death

  • Avoidable deaths

  • Preparing for your own death  

  • Advance decision  

  • The spiritual side  

  • Are we ageing too quickly?  

  • Death of a loved one  

  • Births and deaths  

  • The death movement  

  • Death cafes  

  • Repeating our mistakes?  

  • Death cafes worldwide  

  • Death on Twitter and Ted talks  

  • Home Funeral Movement  

  • How to reduce anxiety about death  

  • I am immortal  

  • Final departure  

  • Respect death  

  • By chance  

  • Stress and the workplace  

  • Meaning and purpose in life  

  • Treatment of death in cinema  

  • Apocalypse Now and the heart attack  

  • Achieving something in life  

  • Memories Performances and Songs  

  • Stages of Grief

  • Grief and Healing

  • Dignitas

  • Time to say Goodbye

  • My last acting


The MOST Comprehensive Course on Death, Grief...and Healing
The MOST Comprehensive Course on Death, Grief...and Healing
The MOST Comprehensive Course on Death, Grief...and Healing
The MOST Comprehensive Course on Death, Grief...and Healing


Oxford School of Learning Diploma

About the Diploma



What is it like to die?

Paying for Death

Can imagining death work?

Does everyone die alone?

What makes a life worth living?

How much time do I have left?

How does thinking about death influence behaviour? (Part 1)

How does thinking about death influence behaviour? (Part 2)

How carefully should we live our life? (Part 1)

How carefully should we live our life? (Part 2)

Is there life after death? (Part 1)

Is there life after death? (Part 2)

Doctor Who and Death

Cleopatra and Death

Treatment of Death

Assassination Bureau

Witchfinder General

The Jokers

Top 10 causes of death (Part 1)

Top 10 causes of death (Part 2)

Preventable death (Part 1)

Preventable death (Part 2)

How to prepare for your own death (Part 1)

How to prepare for your own death (Part 2)

How to prepare for the death of a loved one

Death movement

Death anxiety (Part 1)

Death anxiety (Part 2)

Treatment of death in the cinema - in life

Students' questions

Students questions - What should I know that will literally save me from dying?

What can art tell us about grief?

Section 3: Distress tolerance

Distress tolerance - part 1

Distress tolerance part 2

Distress tolerance part 3

Distress tolerance - part 4

Celebration of Life Service

Less of me


Moving away from the Funeral


Being Remembered

Key Components

How do you send out an Invite?

Back to being Remembered

How would your Instructors like to be Remembered? (part 1)

How would your Instructors like to be Remembered? (part 2)


Conclusion - plus one (pt 1)

Conclusion - plus one (pt 2)

Conclusion - plus two

Conclusion - plus 3

A Christian view of Death


When a Disaster Strikes

Not directly related to this course but important nonetheless

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6


Mona28 August 2020

I am excited about taking the course. As an end-of-life death doula and course facilitator, I am passionate about working with the dying and their loved ones.

Lisa23 August 2020

I think the Instructor is very knowledgable and is keen to ensure that students get the most out of his lectures. I would love to get all of his courses because I had cancer and almost died and then when I recovered, m husband had a massive stroke that nearly killed him. We both survived and I want to help people going through cancer and stroke and those in palliative care.

Angela3 August 2020

I am working towards becoming a Death Doula. This class is an excellent overview for death education so far.

Loyce20 July 2020

I have enjoyed taking this course. I found it very relevant for me as it helped me do some of my personal grief work having lost my beloved spouse in December 2018. The content has been relevant for especially on how to prevent early death, how to prepare for death and how to support those dying or who have lost a loved one. For me, i never really thought much of death as a reality until my husband was battling cancer and given a very poor prognosis. I particularly liked the tips on how to go one living when a loved one has passed and how to positively handle and go through grief. The resources given out as workbooks and handouts are a great boost to the knowledge being taught in the course. I liked that some content on COVID has been added too. This makes the course even more relevant given that this is something that has affected almost each of one us and as Grief Counselors in this moment, we are better equipped to help those grieving as a result of COVID. Thank you for the passion and dedication put into this course.

Audrienne25 May 2020

Just getting started. So far so good. Looking forward into learning and growing. Can't wait to further my understanding in this subject.

Kendra19 February 2020

I've only gotten through the introduction before this was asked, but I am giddy with all of the content to be taught. I cannot wait to get my teeth into this course.

Cynthia2 January 2020

Christmas 2017 we lost our youngest son Michael, 34 to Aids (that we didn't know he had). The grieving for Michael was complicated by the terminal illness of my husband who died July 5, 2019. The experience of grief with Michael changed who I was as a person. I worked with my doctor and a counselor for a year as I struggled to get back to a place where I felt human again. Losing Phil was different because he had been sick for give years. He died at home on Hospice. I write a blog now and I have had the tremendous experience of helping a couple of my friends when they lost a loved one. I feel led to do something with my experiences, to share my story, to help others .

Pauline29 November 2019

The course is interesting and useful. It's lovely to learn perspectives from an elder who has accumulated such a wide perspective on living and dying. This content and the calm method of delivery are the opposite of the internet's fast-paced superficial fluff. Great ideas to ponder and the material makes for excellent conversational starters with friends! If you are dealing with grief, lack of purpose, end of life issues, or maybe you just want to be a better conversationalist, I highly recommend this course!

Kitty19 November 2019

I am excited and can’t wait to dive in. I am an aspiring End of Life Doula and a Christian. This will be a great experience!

Tracy15 November 2019

So far, I am enjoying the format. I am enjoying the transcript version. I may listen and read at the same time. I enjoy the videos so I may pause and take notes, Thank you

Lidia15 October 2019

Thank you so much for providing all the workbooks and handouts of the resources related to death and the grieving process. I can certainly recognize all the research that went into making this course. And this course appeared just as I was about to start my dissertation research paper for earning my PhD in Metaphysical Sciences, specializing in Metaphysical Parapsychology. My approved topic for my statement of purpose? "Death - Nothing to Fear." Wish me luck!

Briana9 October 2019

I enjoy how it was presented and how He is just straight to the point. It made me think and being proactive and a better person for my future. will take more courses from you again.

Camelia-Meda15 July 2019

I have finished the updated version and I have really enjoyed this course. Still have some workbooks to complete, as the course is extremely dense in material, and also has lots and lots of useful information. Very engaging presentation and the teacher is always available to answer any question or comment. It makes you think a lot, and I needed this. It offers a lot of ideas and strategies to cope with Death and to become aware of how we can deal with this process. I absolutely recommend it, it is helpful.

Emma14 June 2019

This is a very in depth course with a lot of information about the subject of death. I found it to be very thought provoking as well as funny in places which made the subject matter a little lighter. There are very interesting questions of which i had never thought to even think about and very well researched information and additional websites to visit. I love the instructors stories which helped me to understand the points he was making as well as being wonderful to hear. I especially enjoyed the section regarding the films the instructor had starred in and how they linked into the subject matter amongst other modules. I am learning so much from this course and i am fascinated by the well rounded subject matter and the ease in which such a difficult subject is being taught. i would advise anyone wishing to take this course to do so as it is really interesting. There is also some really helpful advise regarding blood pressure, sleep and strokes, the information presented has helped me to not only help others but to help myself as well especially my son who is on medication and suffers with high blood pressure, we have begun practising some of the advise given such as how to get a better nights sleep, changes to our diets and also monitoring our blood pressures to cut down the incident of strokes. This is a course i would advise not only professionals to partake in but also those who would like to learn more about the subject.

Don6 June 2019

Yes this seems to be a good match for what i'm looking for. I like his delivery method, his slow deliberate diction, I think that's the rite word.


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