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Dealing with Whiny People and Complainers

Effectively dealing with people who constantly complain about everything

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

What specific tools to use to deal with people who constantly whine and complain

Optimizing your mindset and mental health to not let this person affect you

Different types of behaviors you can adopt to neutralize the other person



People who constantly whine and complain can seriously impact the morale of a team (or whole organization).

They can poison others, they can doubt initiatives and people, and they can create a negative environment.

Plus, they are very likely to not get anything done. They're too busy complaining!

Which is why it's crucial to learn how to effectively deal with them.


Naturally, there are many courses on social skills and relationships.

But none as complete as this one.

I've been an executive coach analyzing executive relations. Sales. Influence and persuasion. Conflicts. And more.

This course leverages a combination of all of these.

I'm not just going to give you basic tools to deal with these people.

I'm going to show you elite, exclusive techniques from many different areas.


But dealing with someone negative or unhinged is not that easy. Which is why we need a structure.

In this course, we are going to cover the fundamentals of dealing with a difficult person, all the way from optimizing your internal mindset to the tools you can use, and the bigger strategy.

The course is split into four major sections:
- The Inner Game (dialing your internals and removing your "baggage");
- Defensive Tools (tools to prevent the other person's negative behavior, but only that);
- Offensive Tools (tools to actively break the other person or compromise their frame, making them submit);
- The Strategy (taking into account the bigger factors, such as how supportive HR is, the company culture, and others);

By the end of this course, you will be able to more effectively deal with this type of person, as well as protect yourself so that you can keep perform without interruptions or threats.


Some people - including me - love to know what they're getting in a package.

And by this, I mean, EVERYTHING that is in the package.

So, here is a list of everything that this course covers:

  • How to detach from other people's reactions, and stop feeling guilty in the face of emotional blackmail, which is a big component of difficult people;

  • How to reinforce your identity to have a stronger sense of self, so that you are less affected by events;

  • How to crystalize the specific ways in which the person's negative behavior affects you, as well as quantifying them, so that you can later deal with them;

  • How to neutralize the person's frame and/or leverage personal boundaries to take away their power;

  • How to explicitly inquire about the person's behavior, making them realize what they do is not "normal", and taking a step back;

  • How to document the person's negative behavior, as well as involve them in putting things into writing themselves, against themselves;

  • How to leverage the principle of implementation intention, forcing a person to focus on a solution to their negative behavior and making them more open to changing it;

  • How to leverage the principle of intent labeling, forcing a person to commit to something that they will need to later do;

  • How to use presence and persistence to not only break the person's frame, but also guide them towards the actions you want;

  • What factors of the company's environment you should take into account, which can either make your life easier or harder in terms of making this person change;

  • What are the usual "protection archetypes", consisting of different behaviors, as well as their pros and cons;

  • How to implement a change in your personality, all the way from designing it in your mind to putting it in practice;


Remember that you always have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk for you.

Also, I suggest you make use of the free preview videos to make sure the course really is a fit. I don't want you to waste your money.

If you think this course is a fit and can take your knowledge to the next level... it would be a pleasure to have you as a student.

See on the other side!


Dealing with Whiny People and Complainers
Dealing with Whiny People and Complainers
Dealing with Whiny People and Complainers
Dealing with Whiny People and Complainers




The Inner Game


Detaching from Reactions

Detaching from Reactions with Whiny People and Complainers

Reinforcing Your Identity

Reinforcing Your Identity with Whiny People and Complainers

Specifying and Quantifying

Specifying and Quantifying with Whiny People and Complainers

Defensive Tools


Frames and Boundaries

Frames and Boundaries with Whiny People and Complainers

Explicit Inquiring

Explicit Inquiring with Whiny People and Complainers


Documentation with Whiny People and Complainers

Offensive Tools


Implementation Intention

Implementation Intention with Whiny People and Complainers

Intent Labeling

Intent Labeling with Whiny People and Complainers

Presence and Persistence

Presence and Persistence with Whiny People and Complainers

The Strategy


Analyzing the Context

Analyzing the Context with Whiny People and Complainers

Your "Protection Archetype"

Your "Protection Archetype" with Whiny People and Complainers

Consolidating a Change

Consolidating a Change with Whiny People and Complainers




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