Oracle Database Administration

Complete tutorial for oracle dba | Oracle database administration with practical solutions

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Sep 2019

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What you will learn

Oracle DBA experts

Core DBA technology Knowledge

Advance Knowledege on Oracle Database-Administration

Oracle 12C basic concepts

Dataguard configuration and there diffrent type installation

ASM knowledge and configuration part

Backup in Oracle database

Diffeferent recovery real time scneraios

Performance Tuning Basics

Basics of RAC and High Availability

Oracle 18C database Installation and Administration

New trending topics will be added soon based on demand also


Course targetting to those students who wanted to start there carier as Oracle Database administaration. I have covered most of the topic including real time scnenario. I will keep posted the same on your demand.

Please send me mail on below email ID if you have any queries. I will try to solve the same as soon as possible.

Following are the important topics covered in course

1) Core DBA

2)RAC(Real application cluster)


4)ASM(Automatic Storage management)

5)Oracle 12C Administration

6)RMAN Backups

7)Logical Backups

8)Monitoring Tools 

9)Basic understanding of ITIL Process

Course Feature


1)All videos contain the real time scenario which you will face in daily DBA routine. We create the problem and then provide the way to get the solution.

2)New Videos will be added to course on Daily or Weekly basis. 

3)On Demand Videos will be added.

4)you can reach directly vie mail or message for any technical query.


Oracle Database Administration
Oracle Database Administration
Oracle Database Administration
Oracle Database Administration


Core Oracle Dba Administration


How to open GUI in putty session

Create,Delete Oracle Services using Oradim Utility

How to Set Environment in Oracle Windows Server- Set ORACLE_HOME & ORACLE_SID

How to start,stop database .

How to change DBID in oracle

How to change DB Name in Oracle

How to rename datafile in Oracle 11G

How to change Archive destination in Oracle

How to start,stop,Reload Listener in Oracle

Alert log file in Oracle

How to recover missing control file

How to recover missing data files

Spool file in Oracle

How to set Static Ip address

Basic Unix command for Oracle DBA

Export Import Table in oracle

Parfile in oracle

How to Install SQL developer tool

How to Create Pfile to SPFile and Vice-Versa

Parameter Files in Oracle - PFile and SPfile

Oracle 12C Container-Pluggable database Administration

How to create Non-Container Database-Oralcle 12C Administration

Create Pluggable database using DBCA-Oracle 12C Administration

How to create Pluggable database Manually-Oracle 12C database administration

How to start/stop/Basic of Pluggable database-Oracle 12C administration

How to Rename Pluggable Database-Oracle 12C Administration

How to Drop Pluggable database - Oracle 12C Administration

How to take backup of container-pluggable database

Migration from Non-Container Database to Pluggable Database-PART I- Oracle 12C

Migration from Non-Container Database to Pluggable Database-PART II- Oracle 12C

Oracle 12C Feature on Invisible Column

Dataguard Administration

Introduction of Dataguard

Check if Primary database is in Sync with Standby in Dataguard

Snapshot Standby Database Introduction

How to convert Physical standby database to Snapshot Standby Database

How to convert SnapShot to Physical Standby database

Swichover introduction in Oracle Dataguard

RAC (Real Application Cluster)

How to Start and Stop RAC databases

Oracle 18C Database

Oracle 18C download and Prerequisite

Installation of Oracle 18C database on Windows Server

How to connect to EM(Enterprise manager) Express with Oracle 18C database

Oracle 19C Installation

Oracle 19C Installation on Windows


Neulogic27 November 2020

The volume of the videos are not too good, the tutor is not explaining in details, as beginners might not be able to understand properly.

Tirupati30 July 2020

I am sorry to say this. I am not able to understand your things. Basically way of the teaching is not good.. and not clear. If possible please revert my amount.

Joyce2 April 2019

have learnt a lot the best part is the covert physical standby DB to snapshot standby DB and convert snapshot standby DB to physical Standby DB can use this at work also oracle db switch over and oracle 18c

Md24 November 2018

course description says RMAN and ASM lesson is included but those courses are not included. unorganized video course content. RAC vedio is very very uncompleted and nothing is there for slow RAM. Instructor should check the server status then the vedio should capture. Just waste of time. Need to improved a lot of things. Just waste of money nothing else.

Francisco6 November 2018

lamentablemente su ingles es barrido y el subtitulo confunde palabras, anexo pensé que seria un poco mas explicito en las instalaciones de software.


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