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DAX / Power BI - Customer and Sales Analysis Deep Dive

Improve your DAX / Power BI customer and sales analysis skills in this deep dive course

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Techniques for performing customer, sales and purchase analysis

Cohort analysis

Customer segmentation

Cluster analysis

Ranking sales on multiple columns

Cross-selling analysis

Tracking trends in sales


Power BI and DAX provide some impressive capabilities which allows us to perform many types of sales / purchase analysis and customer analysis. We will see much of that in this course.

Basically, a sales analysis is a detailed report, or set of reports, that shows a business's sales performance, as well as customer data and generated revenue, profits, and profit margins. The report defines the strengths and weaknesses of products and sales efforts by referencing historical and current metrics to detect emerging trends that are most relevant to a company.

Sales and customer analysis provides critical values from which analysts can make important business decisions. This enables management to make data-driven decisions rather than relying on guesswork. With insights into various sales channels, companies can discover where their most-profitable customers lie, where additional promotions are needed, and which products need quicker turnover or retirement.

A suite of customer and sales reports gives businesses the ability to pinpoint performance weaknesses and make effective improvements to promote sales, revenue, and profits.

There are at many types of customers, sales, and purchase analysis methods. Power BI and DAX have the breadth and depth of functionality to allow us to perform analysis such as:

· Sales Trend Analysis

· Sales Performance Analysis

· Predictive Sales Analysis

· Product Sales Analysis

· Customer churn (retention)

· Cluster Analysis

· Cohort Analysis

· Segmentation Analysis

· Pareto Analysis

In this course you will learn how to perform all of these types of analyses and much more. And you will get to work on a fun project at the end of the course.


DAX / Power BI - Customer and Sales Analysis Deep Dive
DAX / Power BI - Customer and Sales Analysis Deep Dive
DAX / Power BI - Customer and Sales Analysis Deep Dive
DAX / Power BI - Customer and Sales Analysis Deep Dive




Datasets used in the course

A chance to practice along the way

New, existing and lost customer analysis

New customers

Total, new, returning and lost customer counts

Another new way of looking at new customer sales

Cohort analysis

More cohort analysis

Customer purchase analysis

Customers making multiple purchases

More customers making multiple purchases

Which product did customers first purchase and how is this useful?

Determining top customers for each product category

Customer unique products purchase analysis

Analyzing customer purchase averages

Customer segmentation

Sales Analysis

Profit margin analysis

Tracking trends in sales revenue and profit margins

Displaying top N sales people

Ranking sales on multiple columns

Forecasting sales using time series analysis

The Pareto Principal - How useful, and accurate, is it in analyzing sales?

Cross-selling analysis

Simple clustering analysis

Top sales per...

End of course project

Description of project

Project solution


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