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Davinci Resolve 16/17 Insider's Knowledge

Take Your Skillset To The Next Level

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Oct 2020

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What you will learn

You Will Learn How To Use Davinci Resolve 16 from No Experience To Advance Level and Be able To Handle Any Project

70 Video Clips Included in this Course for Download!!!

How To Do Color Grading Using Various Tools and Techniques

How To Master Audio Using Edit Page and Fairlight

How To Do Shot Matching Between Shots Using Various Techniques

How To use False Color To Match Exposure Between Shots

You Will Learn Difference Between Serial Node, Layer Node and Parallel Node

You Will Learn Real Life Secrets From Pro User How to Do Tracking and Various Effects

We Are Going To Master Audio Using Automation Tools

You Going to Learn Complete Package of Real Life Use of Davinci Resolve

How To Render Video and Create Proxy for your Editor

How To use Frame. IO to collaborate with your teammates

You Will Learn in Depth Media Page, Edit Page, Color Page, Fairlight Page and Delivery Page


Hello and Welcome To Davinci Resolve 16/17 Insider's Knowledge Course. My name is Aram K, and I am a professional DI Film Colorist and Freelance Cinematographer with over 10 years of experience in the film industry. I have been using Davinci Resolve exclusively since version 8 and developed a great set of skills and knowledge working with the software. This course starts with the baby steps. We will cover basic settings and tools that you need to know in order to succeed in this course. Little by little, we are going to be diving deep inside Resolve. We will learn all the right tools you need to know in order to be able to handle any project. Towards the end of this course, we will be taking advanced steps into color grading and tracking our shots, to mastering audio in the Fairlight. This course designed to give you complete knowledge of Davinci Resolve 16. Even without any prior knowledge of editing software, you are going to learn how to professionally edit your video. By the end of this course, we will cover every single aspect of video production. Everything you are going to learn in this video is exactly the same as what I do and use on the daily basis for my professional career.


Davinci Resolve 16/17 Insider's Knowledge
Davinci Resolve 16/17 Insider's Knowledge
Davinci Resolve 16/17 Insider's Knowledge
Davinci Resolve 16/17 Insider's Knowledge


Getting Started

Course Demo


Project Manager


Keyboard Customization

Media Storage

Project Settings

Media Pool

Intro To Editing

New Timeline

Scene Cut Detection

Clip Attributes

Basics of Editing

Delete or Ripple Delete ?

Track Color

Trimming the RAW

Inspector Menu

Advanced Timeline Settings

Data Burn In

Output Blanking

Image Scaling Trick

Clean Feed

Optimized Media

Let's Get Serious


Effects Library

Compound Clips

Marking Comments

Basics of Audio

Multicam Edit

Nested Timelines

Video Monitoring

Advanced Editing Tools

Change Clip Speed

Render Cache

Retime Curve

Create Sub Clip

Create and Import Subtitles

Relinking Clips

Social Media Setup

Quick Audio Adjustments

Intro To Color

Color Page Overview

Video Scopes

Color Wheels and Log Panel

Serial Nodes


Quick Recapture of Everything


Practical Use for Secondaries




Clip Node VS Timeline Node

Open FX Overview

What We Learned

Advanced Color

How To Install New LUT

Image Wipe Split Screen

Shot Match

Using False Color

Shaping Light With Masks

Masks With Tracker

I Disappear

Broadcast Safe

Parallel Node

Continue With Parallel Nodes

Parallel Node VS Layer Node

Layer Node Bleach Bypass

RGB Splitter

Outside Node

Animating Keyframes

Green Screen Key

Blank Space Baby

Secret Tracking

Trick With Mattes

Turn Boring Shot Into Shoulder Rig

Color Grading for Film Print

Protecting Identity

Audio & Fairlight

Intro To Sound

Animating Sound

Audio Transitions

Fairlight Page General Overview

Basic Effects

EQ Work


Audio Pan

ADR Recording with Fairlight


Delivery Page

Delivery Page

Creating Proxy

Frame IO

Bonus Material

Graduation Project Part 1

Graduation Project Part 2


Edwin7 November 2020

I needed a course that Made DaVinci Resolve easy to understand, but this course dos more than that. The easiest explanation of technical details, scopes, tools and Workflow that I have found so far. Also, You will learn creative uses for that same information, so you're not limited to specific ways of doing things or rules. I can recommend this course if you really want to get the most out of Resolve.


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