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Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 17: Beginner to Advanced

Learn Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve with Color Correction & Color Grading & Visual Effects in DaVinci Resolve 17

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to use DaVinci Resolve for Video Editing from beginner to advanced

Cut Page Quick & Easy Video Editing

How to add effects (OpenFX) to your Videos

How to Correctly Color Correct using DaVinci Resolve

How to do Color Grading using multiple tools in DaVinci Resolve

How to add Motion Graphics to your Videos

How to work with all kind of Nodes from Serial to Layer, Parallel... and even the Combiner/Spliter Nodes

How to correctly use Curves, Color Wheels, Qualifiers, Power windows, Scopes and all the rest.

You will complete a full project from Importing Media, Video Editing, Color Correction and Color Grading with Motion and ResolveFX


Hi, my name is Louay, I am the author of top rated and bestselling courses in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Video Editing and Motion Graphics.

Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve - Beginner to Advanced

DaVinci Resolve is a free professional video editing application used by professionals and amateurs. It’s easy and simple to use. It provides you with simple to use yet powerful tools to edit your videos and achieve high quality production.

This course is for beginners. You do not need any previous knowledge in DaVinci Resolve or video editing experience.

You will dive straightaway into creating your first video and add music, graphics, text and couple of transitions. No time is wasted with unnecessary concepts.  You will be up and running in DaVinci Resolve in less than an half hour.

I’ll teach you everything you need to know about video editing, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction & grading and audio editing to create professionally  looking videos.

We will make a video together from start to finish, step by step. You will start right at the beginning from how to import your video clips all the way through to Color Correction and Grading.

I know you want to practice, play with video shots, assemble short and long videos. You want to create and apply the skills you’ve learned right away. That is why I provided you with a complete Set of 100+ video footage of a Sports/Action theme for you to work and practice.   

You can even come up with your own awesome and original video using the same footage. It’s open to your imagination and what you want to create.   

What will you learn in this DaVinci Resolve Course?

  • Start by understanding the workflow in DaVinci Resolve.

  • Quick & Easy Editing in the latest Cut Page in Davinci Resolve

  • Efficiently import and organize your media from Bins to Power Bins

  • All you need to efficiently video edit in the Edit Page.

  • Dive in and create your first short video – Just to get started.

  • Discover multiple ways to assemble your video – from inserts to swaps

  • Fine edit your clips a frame at a time

  • Lots fun re-timing your clips with speed graphs – Slow Motion and Fast Motion

  • You will Master Transitions and create your own transitions

  • Add Graphics, Lower Thirds and Titles, we will even create an Intro and Outro

  • Work in the more advanced Fusion Text

  • Apply and customize Effects from ResolveFX

  • Achieve Perfect Color Correction – including Log footage

  • Use Power Windows, Cloud and Point Trackers to bring up features in your clips.

  • Understand (in detail) and work with advanced tools such as Curves, Qualifiers, Keys.

  • Start Color Grading like a colourist (at least a beginner one) and produce awesome videos.

  • You will alos learn advanced editing techniques like the tree point edit, J cuts and L Cuts and much more...

So, if you’re looking to:   

Edit your Videos for your YouTube channel with a free professional and extensive application or Create exciting and well edited videos for your family album, Edit a marketing video for your website,  Create a Music Video,  Edit Documentaries, Start your Career as a Video Editor, Create your first Demo-Reel Then you will find this course ideal for your needs, as you work with an instructor who really cares about your success as individual.   

Note: 30th March 2021 - I upgraded the course to Davinci Resolve 17. It now covers the Cut Page and the Edit Page in their entirety, including how to import and organize media and how to Quick Export.

Enroll now and start Video Editing right away. See you in the first lecture.   




Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 17: Beginner to Advanced
Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 17: Beginner to Advanced
Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 17: Beginner to Advanced
Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 17: Beginner to Advanced


Quick and Easy Video Editing in the Cut Page (Resolve 16)

How to Download your Free Copy of DaVinci Resolve 16

Watch Other Student's Completed Assignment

Launching DaVinci - New Project & Workflow

Download your Media for your a Quick Start

How to Import Media from within the Cut Page

How to Preview Your Media

Create your First Rough Cut in the Cut Page

How to Insert Clips

The Smart Insert

How to Ripple Overwrite

Swapping and rearranging Clips

The Cut Page Transitions

Adding Audio Tracks

Quick Export to YouTube, Vimeo & Local Drive

More Editing techniques in the Cut Page (Resolve 16)

Fast Preview the Timeline

More about Trimming

Split & Join

Right Click Playhead

Slipping a clip

Clip Tools in the Cut Page (Resolve 16)




Playing with Clip Speed

Stabilize a clip

Dynamic Zoom

Let's get started

Starting in the Edit Page

Getting ready to Edit: Import the Media into the Media Pool

Start Editing: Your First Rough Cut

Work with Audio and Add Music

How about a couple of Transitions

Smart Render for faster previews

How to add simple Lower Thirds and Titles

Export and Produce your Video

* Your Assignment: Assemble a Simple Rough Cut

Adding, Inserting and Moving Clips to the Timeline

Populating the timeline

How to Import the Project to follow along

The Menu System Demystified

Preferences & Keyboard Mapping

How to create Smart Bins and Timelines

Timeline Navigation & Preview

Performing Lift and Extract & the Auto Select

Performing Insert Edits with track selection

Performing Overwrite Edits with track Selection

Marking on the timeline - 3 Point Edit - Insert and Overwrite

How to perform Replace Edit

How to perform Ripple Overwrite

Copy/Paste and Insert Paste

How to perform a Lift & Insert

How to swap clips on the timeline

Selecting and Moving Contiguous Clips

Tip: Match Frame & Find timeline clips in the Media Pool

Tip: How to Add, Move, and Remove Tracks

Tip: When you can't target a track

Tip: How to Extract Overlapping Gaps

** Your Assignment: Assemble an Extended Rough Cut

Timeline Editing Techniques & Editing Tools

Edit your clips in the timeline - Your learning Take away

Importing the Project to follow along

The Concept of Handles

The focus of this section and Modes vs Tools

How to perform Basic Trim in the Selection Mode

How to perform Basic Trims in the Trim Edit Mode

How to edit Timeline Clips in the Source Monitor

How to Trim Start/End, Resize and Ripple

How to perform an Extend Edit

How to perform Precision Trimming - Nudging with the right Point Type

How to perform a Roll Edit

How to perform Slip & Slide Edits

How to use the all famous JKL in the Timeline

How to use the Dynamic Trim Mode with Selection Mode - Slow Motion Editing

How to use the Dynamic Trim Mode with Trim Edit Mode

How to perform Lifts & Extracts with Cuts: Blade Mode vs Razor/Split Clip

Tips: Easy Marking and Cuts for Lift & Extracts

*** Your very important Assignment: Fine Edit your Extended Rough Cut

Video Speed Effects and Retiming

Retiming Clips - What you will learn in this section

Importing the Project to follow along

How to Retime an Entire Clip - Retime Controls

How to use the Change Clip Speed Panel - Ripple, Freeze and Reverse

How to Create Variable Speed Effects Using the Retime Controls

Introduction to the Curve Editor

Retime Frame - Using Retime Curves

Retime Speed - Using Retime Curve

How to Rewind a Segment

Tip: How to create a Freeze Frame Segment

Tip: How to create smart Reversed Segment

*** Your Assignment: Retiming Clips

Transitions: Applying and Customizing Transitions

Transitions and Effects - Your learning take away from this section

Importing the Project to follow along

How to use the Video Faders

How to use the Audio Faders

How Clip Handles affect Transitions

How to Customize Video Transitions within the Inspector

How to use the Keyframe Editor to edit the Transition Curve

How to use the Curve Editor to edit the Transition Curve

Tip: How to Save a Transition Preset for re-use

*** Your Assignment: Add & Customize Transitions

Transforms & Motion in the Edit Page

The Transforms and Motion you will learn

Importing the Project to follow along

Quick reminder of the Video Properties within the Inspector

How to Animate the Inspector Properties

How to Work and Animate with On-screen Controls

Smoothing the Motion Path and Creating non-linear Path

How to Customize the Dynamic Zoom

How to perform Paste Attributes to replicate properties

Your Assignment: Create an Intro for your movie

Your Assignment Tutorial : Create an Intro for your movie

Tip: How to Compound Clips

Text & Fusion Titles & Lower 3rd - Create, Customize and Animate

All about text. graphics and Fusion Text

Importing the Project to follow along

Single and Multiple Line Rich Text Formatting

How to Animate Text from the Video Tab

How to use the scroll Text

Introduction to Fusion Text from the Edit Page

Fusion Text: Directions and Write On in the Text Tab

Fusion Text: Rotation and more in the Layout Tab

Fusion Text: The Transform Tab per Character/Words/Lines

Fusion Text: The Shading Tab

Tip: Fusion Text: How to Roll and Scroll

How to add Motion Blur to Fusion Text

How to work with Fusion Titles & Lower Thirds Presets

Tip: How to Retime Fusion Titles & Lower Third Presets

Tip: How to create awesome text shadows in Fusion Text

Tip: Compositing Text - Text with Video Background

ResolveFX: Applying Effects in the Edit Page

Importing the Project to follow along

Applying Resolve Effects Inspector and On-Screen Controls

Applying, Customizing and Animating ResolveFX - Light Rays

The Color Page and the Concept of Nodes

Color Page and Nodes - Your learning Take away from this section

Download Special Color Correction Media

Create the Color Correction Timeline

The Ins and Outs of the Color Page

The Concept of Nodes

Working with Nodes

How to Add and Label Nodes

Changing the Connector

The Parallel Nodes

The Layer Nodes

The Spliter Combiner Nodes

What is an Outside Nodes

How to Combine Nodes

How to use the Shared Node

Timeline Nodes

Grouping Clips and Group Nodes

Your Assignment: Playing with Nodes

Beginner's Color Concepts & Definitions

Importing the Project to follow along

Color Correction vs Color Grading

The 3 Main Ranges - Highlights - Midtones - Shadows

What are Scopes

How to read the Scopes

Achieving perfect Color Correction with the Color Wheels

How to use Primaries Wheels

Shared Adjustment Controls in the Primaries Wheels

Color Corrections with Primaries Wheels

Color Correction using White and Black Point pickers

How to use the Primaries Bars for Basic Color Correction

Power Windows & Color Correction

All about power windows

Introduction to Windows

Color Correction with Power Window

Adding a Gradient Window

How to color Correct Over and Under Exposed Frame

Your Assignment: Color Correct and Grade

RGB Curves - Controlling Colors

A complete introduction to Curve and How to use them

How to work with Curves

Sample Color Correction with Curves

More Options in Curves

Hue vs Hue Curve

Hue vs Sat Curve

Hue vs Luma Curve

Luma vs Saturation Curve

Sat vs Sat Curve - Balancing Saturation

Using the Secondary Qualifiers + Green Screen Keying

Using the Qualifiers - Your learning take away for this section

Download your Media to work with Qualifiers

What are Qualifiers and Different Types of Qualifiers

The HSL Qualifiers - Selecting the Colors

The HSL Qualifiers - Refining the Matte

The RGB Qualifier

The Luma Qualifier

The 3D Qualifier

Green screen Keying with the HSL Qualifier

Green screen Keying with the 3D Qualifier

Your Assignment: Change the eyes colors

Assignment Solution

Controlling the Video

Controlling the Video - Your learning take away from this section

Download your Media to work in this section

Stabilizing Shaky footage

Tracking Power Windows

Point Tracking

The Blur Tab

The Sizing Tab

Color Grading Workflow Techniques - LUTs and More

Primary and Secondary Colors

How to Apply LUTs to Nodes and Clips - The Key Tab and Node Opacity

How to Create and Apply Project's LUTs

How to Copy Grades from one Clip to Another

Grabbing Stills & Working in the Gallery

How to Compare Shots for better Color Grading

Complete, Color Correct and Grade your Project

Complete the Video Editing

Color Correct properly all the clips

Color Grade all your Clips

Use the the Deliver tab to Render

Optimizing Your Media

How to optimize your media for faster previews

Bonus: Free & Discounted Courses

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Jonathan8 October 2020

Very helpful and is a bonus if you have duel screens! You can do what the video is saying to do in real time!

Avinash2 October 2020

so far the course is well detailed and the instructor is very interactive and he provides many shortcuts to make the job more easier

Udemy2 October 2020

I'm only in the beginning of the course but I feel like I've leant a a lot. I can't wait to get good at video editing.

Daniel27 September 2020

I bought a course on Domestika about Davinci, but unfortunately it didn't cover up everything. From what i'm seeing so far I'd say Udemy wins it

Arthur17 September 2020

All though at times the lessons are very basic that helps me make sure I am doing the right thing. I have no complaints. I am liking it and can not wait to learn more.

Michael26 February 2020

Very basic functions and workflow, but what I expected out of the course. A great refresher/primer if you're new to editing in Resolve, but experienced editors from FCX and Premiere will be skipping over a lot of lessons.

Raimund22 February 2020

Ich bin bis jetzt zufrieden. Da der Kurs noch eine Weile dauert, werde ich meine abschließende Bewertung zum Schluss abgeben...

Giorgos20 February 2020

Although there is a lot of information regarding the software, it mainly focuses to explain all available choices with lack of real-life examples and how to combine all these info into a real project workflow.

Vladimír20 February 2020

Very valuable course. You will learn the basics in an hour, but you can go much deeper in all topics. The sample videos provided with the course are fun to work with. Colors and color correction is very well explained.

Marco17 February 2020

Only on the 6th or 7th lesson here, but the amount of detail and time used to explain is just what I was looking for in a course! this is fantastic

Mallikarjuna13 February 2020

Your are simply amazing tutor & section 3.40 is super time saving for the Editors. I loved it from my bottom of my heart.. hats of to you sir..!!!

Shameer1 February 2020

First of all i am a Final Cut Pro Editor , I know that the Resolve is leading Software in Colour Grading, so i wanted to lean the application from start , Indeed its a best course, i have learned much, the teaching way is excellent, i apreciate the trainer Louay for responding and encouraging my questions and assignments, all the downloadable media helped me to practice and learn Editing, Colouring and finishing , Thank you Udemy Team And the Louay

Alexander23 January 2020

Incredibly knowledgable instruction and straight to the point. I have struggled with editing programs for years until taking this course. Now I feel I can take on any level project.

Albert5 January 2020

Clear instructions, awesome details, and shortcuts, even as a person who worked in sony vegas before, I've learned something from this lecture

Kevin4 January 2020

I really learned a lot, thank you for such an in depth and interesting course. Its amazing how advanced DaVinci is for being free software. Thanks again, Im going to take what I learned to make many fantastic videos


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