Data Science Core Concepts 2023

Data Science Core Concepts

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Data Science
Data Science Core Concepts 2023
2 hours
Sep 2023
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What you will learn

Learn the core concepts of data science

Learn the working of ANN and CNN theory

Understand the implementation of decision tree

Hands on coding via NLP

Create a Linear regression

Create a logistic regression

Know more about naïve bayes algorithm

Hands-On Exercises, Projects, Assignements

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Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of Data Science with us! This transformative course is your gateway to mastering the intricacies of Data Science, setting the stage for a rewarding exploration ahead.

Our comprehensive curriculum delves deep into the foundational concepts that underpin the Data Science voyage. As you progress through this course, you will uncover the following key areas:

- Supervised Learning: Develop a profound understanding of guided learning techniques, essential for predictive modeling.

- Recent Learning Techniques: Stay at the forefront of learning methodologies, exploring the very latest advancements in the field.

- Ensemble Method: Discover the remarkable synergy of ensemble algorithms, where the collective power of models prevails.

- Implementation of NLP: Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of Natural Language Processing, unraveling the complexities of human language for machines.

Committed to excellence, we continuously expand our curriculum to meet the dynamic demands of our students. Your learning experience remains current, relevant, and adaptive.

Crafted by dedicated educators and collaborative explorers, this course meticulously breaks down complex concepts, accommodating individuals from diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Our mission is to ensure that anyone, regardless of their starting point, can confidently embark on this educational journey.

Tailored for both aspiring Data Scientists and seasoned professionals, the course caters to those striving to become adept Machine Learning Engineers and proficient AI specialists.

Join an ever-growing community of enthusiastic students and forward-thinking companies who have not only derived immense benefits from this course but have also developed genuine affection for its content.

Your path to knowledge and success begins here. Seize the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive!


Supervised Learning

Linear Regressions
Linear regressions cont'd
Logistic Regression
Naive bayes

Recent Learning Techniques

ANN theory
CNN theory

Ensemble Method

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