Data Structures with Python

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Data Structures in Python

All the way from the Built-in to User defined data structures intuition with implementation

Understand OOPS Concept required to build User-defined Data Structures

How to solve and approach a Data-Structure Problem

Understand applications of Data Structures

Know and determine Time-Complexities of Operations over Data-Structures

Discover methods on Data-Structures

Solved problems so that it's easy to start off practicing

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Data structure provides the right way to organize information in the digital space. The data structure is a key component of Computer Science and is largely used in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, operating systems, graphics.

The right selection of data structure can enhance the efficiency of computer programs or algorithms in a better way.

Learn Data Structures in Python all the way from Built-in to User-Defined.

Methods on Data structures are also covered so that we can use them efficiently.

The data structure and algorithm provide a set of techniques to the programmer for handling the data efficiently. The programmer should understand the core concepts of data handling.

Necessary OOPS is also covered so, that there won't be a problem understanding further concepts.

It's Beginner Friendly with intuition followed by code tutorials, So It's Easy to Understand and Visualise a Data Structure.

So, Solving Problems would be easier after learning the Data Structure as you have better intuition.

Course Design:  Intuition of the concept + Code walkthrough in Python + Time and Space Complexity + Application of that Data Structure in real Life.

Data Structures Include:

  • Lists

  • Tuples

  • Sets

  • Dictionaries

  • 2-D Arrays

  • OOP For understanding data structures

  • Stacks

  • Queues

  • Deque

  • Linked-Lists

  • Doubly Linked Lists

  • Circular Linked Lists

  • Trees

  • Binary Trees

  • Binary Search Trees + Traversals

  • AVL Trees

  • Heaps +  Heap sort

  • Priority Queue

  • HashMaps/HashTables

  • Graphs + Properties

  • Graph Traversals

  • Spanning Trees + MST

  • Prims + Kruskals Algorithms for MST

  • Tries (Keyword Trees)

  • Misc Section( Has important concepts )

  • Take Away Section( Download the whole source code in this Section)


Data Structures with Python
Data Structures with Python
Data Structures with Python
Data Structures with Python


Introduction to the course

What is this Course About?

How to get most of it?




Let's Dive In

What is a Data Structure

Types of Data Structures


Built-In Data Structures Intro

Lists as Data Structure

Lists Introduction

Coding Up Lists

Lists Methods

Tuple as Data Structure

Tuple Introduction

Coding Up Tuples

Tuple Methods

Sets as Data Structure

Sets Introduction

Coding Up Sets

Set Methods

Dictionaries as Data Structure

Dictionaries Introduction

Coding Up Dictionaries

Dictionary Methods

2-D Arrays

2-D Arrays Intuition

2-D Arrays Declaration

2-D Arrays Take Input

2-D Arrays Updation

2-D Arrays Traversing

2-D Arrays Deletion

2-D Arrays Length and slice

--------------PART 2----OOPS---------------------

What and why ?

Introduction to OOPS

Introduction to the Terminology

Terminology Syntax

Constructer in Python

The "Self" Keyword

Let's Dive In OOPS

Time Complexity

Time Complexity Intuition

Find The Best Case?

Space Complexity

Find The Best Case?

--------------PART 3--------------USER DEFINED DATA STRUCTURES

User Defined Data Structures Intro


Stacks Intro

Stacks Part 1

Stacks Part 2

Stacks Methods

Stack Application

Solved problem on Stacks


Queues Intro

Queues Part 1

Queues Part 2

Queues Applications

Solved Question on Queues

Linked Lists

Linked Lists Intro

Applications of Linked Lists

Coding Up Linked Lists

Traverse Linked Lists Intuition

Traverse Linked Lists Code

Adding Node In The Beginning Intuition

Adding Node In The Beginning Code

Adding Node In The Middle Intuition

Adding Node In The Middle Code

Adding Node In The End Intuition

Adding Node In The End Code

Delete a node intuition

Delete a node code

Solved a problem on Linked Lists

Solution for last Vedio!!

Doubly Linked Lists

Doubly Linked Lists Intro

Applications of Doubly Linked Lists

Coding Up Doubly Linked Lists

Traverse Doubly Linked Lists Code

Appending a node Intuition

Appending a node Code

Prepend a node Intuition

Prepend a node Code

Delete a node intuition

Delete a node code

Circular Linked Lists

Circular Linked Lists Intro

Applications of Circular Linked Lists

Coding Up Circular Linked Lists

Traverse Circular Linked Lists Intution

Traverse Circular Linked Lists Code

Appending a node Intuition

Appending a node Code

Prepend a node Intuition

Prepend a node Code

Split Lists Intuition

Split Lists Code


Deque Intro

Deque Application

Deque Methods

Coding Up Deque Part 1

Coding Up Deque Part 2


Trees Introduction

Trees Terminology

Types of Trees

Applications of Trees

Trees Intro Code

Count The Nodes in a Tree Code

Height of a Tree Code

Binary Trees

Binary Trees Intution

Proper Binary Trees

Perfect Binary Trees

Complete Binary Trees

Degenerate Trees

Binary Search Trees

Introduction to BST

Initial Code to BST

Search Function Intuition

Search Function Code

Insert Function Intuition

Insert Function Code

Delete Function Intuition

Delete Function Code

Time and Space Complexities of BST operations

Tree Traversals

Introduction to traversals

InOrder Traversal Intuition

InOrder Traversal Code

PreOrder Traversal Intuition

PreOrder Traversal Code

PostOrder Traversal Intuition

PostOrder Traversal Code

LevelOrder Traversal

AVL Trees

AVL Trees Intro

AVL Trees Rotation Intro

Left-Left Rotation Intuition

Right-Right Rotation Intuition

Left-Right Rotation Intuition

Right-Left Rotation Intuition

AVL Intro Code

Height and Balance Factor Code

Insertion of node in AVL Intuition

Insertion of node in AVL Code

Left Rotate Code in AVL

Right Rotate Code in AVL

Deletion of node in AVL Intuition

Deletion of node in AVL Code


Heaps Intro

Types of Heaps

Heaps Insert Node Intuition

Heapify Intuition

Heaps Insert node Code

Heapify Code

Heaps Delete Node Intuition

Heaps Delete Node Code

Heap Sort

Relate Array with Heap

Heap Sort Intuition

Heap Sort Code

Heap Sort Applications

Priority Queue

Priority Queue Introduction

Operations on Priority Queue

Insert Node Intuition

Delete Node Intuition

Insert and Delete code using Heapq Module

Insert and Delete code using Max-Heap

Peek Function

Application and Time-Complexity


Intro to Hashmaps

Intro to Hash Function

HashMaps Intro Code and Hash Function Code

Operations on HashMaps

HashMaps Operations Code

What is Collison Handling??

How to handle Collison?

Collison handling Code


Time Complexities of Operations on HashMaps


Introduction to Graphs

Graph Terminology

Graph Representation Intuition

Graph Operations

Types of Graphs - Directed and Undirected

Adjacency Matrix Code Introduction

Operations on Adjacency Matrix Code

Graphs with Linked Lists

Graph Traversals

BFS Intuition

BFS Code

Time Complexity of BFS

DFS Intuition

DFS Code

Time Complexities of DFS

Spanning Trees

Sub-Graph Intuition

Connected Graph Intuition

Weighted Graph Intuition

Spanning Trees Intuition

Minimum Spanning Trees(MST) Intuition

Applications of MST and ST

Algorithms To Find MST (Optional)

Prims Algorithm Intuition

Prims Algorithm Code

Prims Algorithm Time Complexity

Kruskal's Algorithm Intuition

Kruskal's Algorithm Code

Kruskal's Algorithm Time Complexity

Prims vs Kruskal's


Tries Intuition

Intro Code Tries

Insert Node into Trie

Insert Node into Trie Code

Search Node in a Trie

Search Node Code in a Trie

Application and Time-Complexity of tries




Take Away

Complete Code Download

Download Cheat sheet

Thank You Note

Thanks !!


Rahul13 May 2021

amaaazing i never found this type of content anywhere thank you so much i appreciate your work sometime background noise is very disturbing but is totally fine

Sina7 May 2021

The intuitions were good but the coding sections were disastrous. We enroll in such courses in order to learn how to implement the code of data structures. The codes are ready and available in the internet and I anticipated a better approach. At least, a step by step approach for implementing the codes.

Mansi18 March 2021

I loved how you gave a summarised idea about all the data structures and yet it was detailed. Just a suggestion: Maybe you could make a course or add how to calculate time and space complexities for self made algorithms (such as solutions for Hackerrank - Advanced programs).

Ketan3 March 2021

It's hard to learn anything when you have gun shots in the background. The instructor is in a big hurry to explain everything and ends up talking like a nervous wreck. Not professional at all.


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