Data Management, Recovery, Backup, Shredding & Encryption

Recover (Undelete) deleted data, explore backup options, data sanitization and shredding, encrypt your files

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Apr 2016

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What you will learn

Understand what happens on storage media level when you deleting a file

Check HDD/SSD Health

Know how does "TRIM" effect SSD performance and recovery possibility

Recognize the symptoms of a failing HDD

Use free and open source software to recover deleted/lost file on Windows/Mac/Linux

Understand the difference between Full Format and Quick Format, and the effects on recovery process

Recover a lost/deleted partition, and main the integrity of your data

Create back up of your files

Use free software to sync and duplicate the contents of any two folders for real-time redundancy

Create clone of your storage drive

Make Windows Backup

Permanently delete -sanitize- sensitive data, preventing its recovery

Use free/open source software to securely delete one file or more

Shred the free space of any partition

Nuke your drive to completely destroy all stored data

Use Windows Built-in tools to shred the free space of any partition/folder

Encrypt your Windows partition to add extra layer of security

Encrypt any data partition or USB storage media

Encrypt files using open source software

Use Recovery Key to rescue your data of a BitLocker encrypted drive


We are living in a digital world, all our information are now digital, our photos are small icons inside some folder, our Documents are PDFs and Docs here and there, our baby might finish his first year without taking a single film photo.

To keep a photo safe in the 80s, you'll place it in a neat album and hide this album in a cabinet, you'll keep you documents in your elegant Samsonite briefcase and "encrypt" it with a PIN, to make sure nobody will be able to read a note you made, you'll spend the afternoon shredding it into smaller and smaller pieces, so that no one can "recover" it.

Well, everything is now digital as I said, and this course will guide step by step to mange your data the right way.

This course is for everybody, literally anybody, if you can see this message, you can, and you will benefit from this course, if you want to:

  • Recover/Undelete lost/deleted data.
  • Prevent your data from being lost/deleted.
  • Find out what options you have to keep your data backed up
  • Safely delete sensitive data without worrying about the possibility of getting it back by the wrong people
  • Encrypting your data to ensure you're the only one who can access it.

If these points are important to you, or at lease one of it, then you've came to right course, go ahead, get the course and let's start this journey together.


Data Management, Recovery, Backup, Shredding & Encryption
Data Management, Recovery, Backup, Shredding & Encryption
Data Management, Recovery, Backup, Shredding & Encryption
Data Management, Recovery, Backup, Shredding & Encryption




Why You Should Learn About Data Management?

"Delete" is Not Really Deleting Your Files!

What is data loss? Causes of data loss


HDD vs SSD, Recovery Point of View

Reasons for HDD/SSD Failure

Signs of HDD/SSD Failure

Failure Types

Check SSD/HDD health

What if Health is not OK!

Data Recovery


Our Setup

Files Recovery/Accidental Delete - Windows Only

Files Recovery/Quick Format - Windows Only

Files Recovery - Windows/Linux/Mac

How Good Was our Recovery? ALMOST PERFECT!

Partition Recovery

Data Backup


Manual Backup

Folder Syncing

Clone Partition

Windows Back Up

Permanent Data Deletion (Data Sanitization):


File Eraser and Shredder

Anti-Virus Built-in Shredder

Shredding Test

File Shredding Using Recovery Software

Partition Free Space Shredding

NUKE your Drive!

Wipe with Cipher

Data Encryption


Encrypt Windows Partition

Encrypt Data/Removable Partition

Disable Encryption

Rescue Your Data From a BitLocker Encrypted Drive


Kimberly30 August 2021

I find it difficult to understand with the presenter's accent and speed of delivery. It would help if the subtitles were accurate.

Aw18 July 2020

The transcript doesn’t match what the trainer says. Sometimes I still need to Google on the topic he’s talking about.

Michael2 September 2019

I was looking for general info and an overview on backup and recovery. This just showed how to use a few random free programs and wasn't what I was looking for. I wouldn't recommend.

J2 January 2019

The instructor's introductions to each topic are sub-par. It's like watching a b-rated horror movie. You won't be very scared, but there's nothing else on Netflix that you want to watch. Similarly, there aren't many videos on data recovery on Udemy...so this is what you get. Good BASIC intro to the concepts. Lacking in detail. Lesson that I didn't like was on dsynchronize/clonezilla/rufus/filehistory. Lesson I did like was on recuva, data sanitization, and encryption. I'd like the videos to have a more formal feel. The guy knows the info, but he talks very informally and 'off the tongue'.

Christopher29 December 2018

Good instructor, easy to understand, speaks well. He gave great examples and helped me find tools I didn't have before. Great for beginners, helpful for advanced people.

Ntb28 June 2018

nice simple informative I like the short movies and quick info given It gives A lot of info not only information and some simple list I learned from it so all good Real nice course I can understand the instructor sometimes there is some english - listen better moment but 99% all great

Ben26 November 2016

This is a very nice course. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their knowledge of Data Management. If I were to make a recommendation, I'd say to blend the hands-on training and PowerPoint presentation more as the first few sections are all PowerPoint presentations.

Kevin8 April 2016

I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. How are you?, I would more than happy to give you any feedback that you inquire about. I came across your course your course in an email I received from udemy.com, The reason I took your course is to further enrich my knowledge in data management and securing data. What interested me the most were sections 4&5. i had very limited knowledge about encrypting drives and keep unauthorized personal from accessing sensitive data. I did find the first half of your course to be a fantastic refresher as well as learning about different tools to use to help manage data better, I found your course to be very informative about the programs and tools that you have used in your lectures, I do have to mention that at the end of Section 32 the lecture ended in the middle of your sentence. Other than that I couldn't be more pleased about the course. It over shot my exceptions by a mile. The full details about your course couldn't be more spot on. I also do appreciate the time that has been spent explaining how to install and use each program that was used in each lecture. Another huge deal breaking for me was the fact that all the mentioned programs and tools were free.

Sami6 April 2016

well explained. easy to understand. I recommend anyone who care about their data to check this course.

David6 April 2016

I have took this course to recover some of my lost files on my external HDD, and I could actually recover most of them. However I got from this course more than just recovery, i now understand how data is stored and deleted, which makes me more comfortable managing my digital data. Thanks alot


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