Data modeling and Relational database design

Use Oracle SQL Data modeler for Data modeling and Database design. Professional approach to design and maintain Database

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Process Models - Understand and develop business process models( data flow diagrams) through Oracle SQL modeler.

Logical Models - Easily understand and create Entity relationship Diagram through Oracle SQL Modeler

Relationship - One to Many, Many to Many, Recursive relationship

Database Normalization with Examples - 1st, 2nd and 3rd form of Normalization

Use Oracle SQL data modeler to effective creative Process models, Logical data models and Relational data model

How to Use SQL data modeler tool to engineer Relational Data model and auto generate DDL scripts

Work with design rules that can be applied to check and enforce the integrity


                    Modern database and applications development software is so easy to use that  many  people  can  quickly  learn  to   implement  a  simple  database  and  develop  simple  applications  within  a  week  or  so,  without  giving  design  much thought. As data volume grows and when users request addition functionality, they might incorrectly add columns in table since appropriate database design is not available. This  not only causes data redundancy in database but also can cause performance issue to application and database as well. Ultimately, due to poor database design, the business would be the loser.

A good database design not only avoids data redundancy but also improves database performance over period of time as the database volume grows and when business changes are requested , it would be far more easier to understand as where to make the appropriate changes in the Database. The data modelling and database design is like a building blue print and ultimately it would  make application users happy and business would benefit.

This course uses the Oracle SQL Data modeler extensively to discuss and demonstrate  Database modelling  and Database design.

Oracle SQL Data modeler is a tool, which make learning Data modelling and Database design much easier and also provides you with  a professional approach design database for business application effectively to plan, develop, implement and maintain them on an ongoing process.

In this course you would learn:

  • Process Modelling

    • Develop a Data Flow Diagram by identifying processes, external agents, information stores and information flows that show how the information flows  Business flow Diagram

  • Logical Model

    • Create an Entity Relationship Diagram by identifying entities, attributes, relationships.

    • Normalize the Entity Relationship Diagram to third Normal form

  • Relational Model

    • Validate  Logical and Relational Model through Design rules

    • Engineer the Entity Relationship Model into an relational database design

    • Complete the Physical Model and generate the DDL scripts

Finally, at the end of the course, you would understand the importance of data modelling and database design.

Happy Learning!!


Data modeling and Relational database design
Data modeling and Relational database design
Data modeling and Relational database design
Data modeling and Relational database design


Course Overview

Course Overview

Using SQL Data modeler

Using SQL Data modeler

An overview about Data modelling and Data base design

Why Data modelling and Data base design are important?

introduction to Data modelling and Database design

Navigation overview of Oracle SQL Data Modeler

Quiz 1

Oracle SQL Modeler - Process Model - Data flow diagram

Process Model - Data flow diagram - overview presentation

Process Model - Data flow diagram - Demonstration 1

Process Model - Data flow diagram - Demonstration 2

Case lite - Process Model - Data flow diagram

Case lite - Process Model - Data flow diagram - solution

Quiz 2

Oracle SQL Modeler - Logical Model - ERD

Entity Relationship Diagram - Overview presentation - Part 1

Entity Relationship Diagram - Overview presentation - Part 2

SQL Modeler - Logical Model - Navigation overview

SQL Modeler - Logical Model - ERD - Demonstration - Part1

SQL Modeler - Logical Model - ERD - Demonstration - Part2

SQL Modeler - Subview

Database Design- Normalization

Database design through Normalization overiew

First form of Normalization

Second form of Normalization

Third form of Normalization

Quiz 3

Logical to Relational model and DDL scripts through SQL Datamodeler

Engineer Logical to Relational model through SQL modeler

DDL script creation and execution in Oracle DB

Quiz 4

Other SQL Data Modeler features

Business information

Design rules - Validation

Others features in SQL DataModeler

Learn SQL in a easy way - without any installs

Learning SQL is easy and fun through LiveSQL


Raj20 January 2021

So far it is Average/Good. Since I am experienced person, I feel it is slow. Looking forward for next chapters

Liam18 June 2020

It was a good refresher on many things I already knew and I got some of the detail I needed on aspects of the data modeler that were unfamiliar to me. Perhaps there is an advanced version that drills deeper into the tool, down to the field level, and the various components within in?

Glaucio22 September 2019

The presentations contains heavy slides in general, and the text and font on the practice tool is too tiny to watch.

Oluwaseyi4 May 2019

I was looking for a course that will take me through factors to be considered in designing a data base and also the hands on of processes involved. This course meets my demand beyond my expectation. Examples of each concept is so simple for a beginner to understand and build upon The instructor's pace is perfect. He explains every concept before moving into the DEMO. This course is the bomb for anyone who has basic familiarity with RDBMS and looking into getting a career as a data modeller or Database developer. Highly recommended!!!


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