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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - Security breaches under control

A vendor-neutral introduction to DLP with hands-on labs and examples. Network security in action!

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

Designs of Data Loss Prevention systems

Basic and advanced features of DLP

Create a basic regular expression (Regex)

Implement your own DLP system using a VM

Create and implement content-aware policies

Learn how to protect against data leaks

Integrate DLP with Microsoft Active Directory


Did you know that almost 50% of employees transfer business files to a private laptop? Is there anything we can do about it? Yes - implement a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system to address potential data loss or theft on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and mobile devices. Protect your sensitive files, clients' information, credit card numbers, and more.

With a DLP system you decide when, from where, and by whom data can or cannot be accessed and copied! 

About this course: This is a vendor-neutral introductory course providing a high-level overview of DLP systems, architecture, components, and features. Hands-on labs included!

What I will learn: How to start with a DLP system, create a basic policy, understand DLP components, and even create your first regular expression (regex).

Special topics: Even though this is a vendor-neutral course, I show you a lot of real world examples and DLP systems that you can try at home - for free!

Join this course to learn:

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) architecture

  • Endpoint vs Network protection

  • Data at rest, Data in motion, Data in use

  • Deploy your own DLP system in minutes using a virtual machine

  • See a lot of examples and real world applications (e.g. blocking uploads, sharing programming codes)

  • Write your first regular expression

  • Learn about more advanced DLP features (SSL interception, OCR, integration with Active Directory)

  • See a lot of real world examples and practical tips

  • You will know enough to understand how DLP protects your network

Join now and see what a DLP system can do for you and your company! Protect USB drives, clipboard, network drives, email clients, Skype, and more. Make sure nobody can share or copy your internal files and data ever again.

This is a vendor-neutral course that will make you ready to start with any DLP system, including enterprise solutions from Symantec or McAfee. Hands-on labs are based on two DLP systems: DeviceLock and EndpointProtector. A real-world course.

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - Security breaches under control
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - Security breaches under control
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - Security breaches under control
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - Security breaches under control


Introduction to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems


Why do we Need a DLP Solution?

Implement a Test DLP System for Free!

DLP Systems in Action

Did you Know That 50% of Users...

Data Leakage and Channels

Quick Overview of Data Types

Let's Summarize this Chapter

DLP in Action

What to Expect in This Section

Endpoint DLP Architecture

Let's Block the Leakage of Client Data

Blocking an SQL Query - Lab

Network DLP Solutions

Monitor or Block... Let's see!

Let's Summarize This Chapter

Interesting Features of DLP

What to Expect in This Section

Clipboard Monitoring

Built-in Rules: Passport, ID, Credit Card Number, Email Addresses...

Detailed Reporting in DLP

OCR and Other Features

Even More Features: Protect Printing, VM, and More!

More About DLP

What to Expect in This Section

Enterprise DLP

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Examples of RegEx

False Positives, False Negatives

Let's Summarize the Course

Supplementary Videos

How to Use Virtual Box

Installing Windows Server and Windows 10

Introduction to Active Directory

Group Policy in Action


Pravin1 August 2020

I have completed this course but its a basic information about the DLP and i want in depth. Now its okay.

Nithin23 July 2020

Should have More In depth to DLP topics. Supplementary Videos should have more in-site on DLP or other DLP tools

Kenton21 May 2020

Great top level introduction, I hope he comes out with another video all on Active Directory Data Loss Prevention that does in deep detail.

Himanshu29 February 2020

This course helps in providing overview of DLP concepts, its importance, components and benefits. Good course for learning.

Williams12 January 2020

Its practical and easy to follow. However should not assume that beginners may know how to do certain things. please take the time and show. I still recommend it as a good course though

Jonathan19 October 2019

It's a good course for beginners. I was expecting a section on Cloud DLP and how to integrate DLP with Cloud Proxy

Don19 March 2019

The instructor (Marious) is very knowledgeable. His instructions are very easy to understand and follow along. This is a great intermediate to upper level course for someone who would like to learn more about DLP.

Barbara6 February 2019

Good introduction into the DLP. It is a perfect match for me. The instructor is knowledgeable as always. Good course.

John11 December 2018

I enjoyed the primer I got out of this course, and would take more of his courses in the future, hopefully he'll come out with more advanced and deeper in depth topics and courses

Olufemi21 November 2018

So far I understood what is DLP, tools for DLP and different ways for data prevention; the course is a little bit advanced for me I will need more explanation on how to configure DLP tools and Regex. Thank you for providing links for more reseach on DLP

Saumya23 October 2018

course is useful for beginners. if you are going to work on any vendor specific DLP, then it is useful to get basic knowledge from this course. It helped me to understand DLP basics. But it is just as step 0 to work on DLP , longer way to read and learn before starting working on vendor specific DLP.

Emrah17 September 2018

The training really helpful for if you don't have any idea of DLP system, so you can use training information in your business life. Thank you

Aleksandr3 September 2018

I was expecting much much more, but this is my problem... In Channels section - missing Cloud Services, Mobile Services... In DLP deployment architecture - missing Discovery (Data Discovery, Classification), Cloud Services... Presentations is mostly consists of slides and screenshots, but basics of regex have some live demo via other sites. In DLP in action or Bonus section - no actual steps/advises on how to install mentioned in course Endpoint DLP solutions (Enterprise Encryptor and DeviceLock). Bonus section - missing Active Directory installation instructions and actual integration of DeviceLock settings in GPO. So besides practice with regex (still additional materials needed for more info and practical usage) - students cannot actually practice anything else.

Kamil4 July 2018

Thank you again! Short and full of useful knowledge course! I'm sure it will help me not to lose data!

Kevin14 May 2017

What a great introduction to this subject, the lessons range from simple to (I need to replay that again). And the Tutor is clearly enthusiastic about his subject


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