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Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) Scanner Tool

How to use and set up this handy tool for data discovery and encryption of on-prem data.

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Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) Scanner Tool


38 mins


Jun 2019

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What you will learn

How to classify and encrypt your existing and archived on-prem data using Microsoft's Azure Information Protection Scanner

How to set up a Virtual Machine on Azure and AWS

How to test the AIP scanner before setting it to enforce

How to install the AIP scanner

How the AIP scanner fits into your data protection

Using the AIP Dashboard

Choosing the best AIP Scanner mode for you

How to discover your data locations


Quickly and efficiently encrypt your existing data, even if you have thousands of documents

I'll teach you how to:

  • Set up Virtual Machines in AWS and Azure

  • Install SQL

  • Use the scanner for data discovery

  • Setup, install, and test the AIP Scanner

  • Understand what the AIP Scanner does

  • Figure out the best settings for you

Plus I offer free support and help if you get stuck! 




Welcome to The TowerWatch Academy

Prerequisites For Installation

The Importance of Setting The AIP Scanner Up Correctly!


Introduction to the AIP Scanner

How The AIP Scanner Works

Different Applications For Its Use

Essential AIP Setup Needed For The Scanner

What Is Azure Information Protection

Understanding Labels & Policies [Recap]

Creating Labels In AIP

Creating Scoped Policies

Creating a Specific 'AIP Scanner' Policy

Step 1: Setting Up Your Virtual Environment

Why You Need a Spare Server to Do This

Creating Your Virtual Machine

Set Up a VM in AWS

Set Up VM in Azure

Step 2: Setting Up the AIP Scanner

The Secret Sauce of Powershell + The AIP Scanner

Step-By-Step Links & Commands For Set Up Videos

#1 Creating a User in Active Directory

#2 Installing SQL

#3 Installing the AIP Scanner

#4 Getting Your Azure AD Token

#5 Connecting The Scanner To Azure

Step 3. Testing Your Installation

Powershell commands for Test scanning and Enforcing

Test Scanning and The Local Report

What Are False Positives

Dealing With False Positives

Turning Enforcing On

Step 4. Using the AIP Scanner

Powershell Commands for Using The AIP Scanner

The AIP Dashboard For The Scanner

Choosing Which Mode is Best for You


Setting Scan File Types - And Excluding Others

Running In Discovery Only Mode

Next Steps & Support

Ta-Da You Did It!

Course Downloads

Bonus:The Need for Encryption - What Happens When You Don't Have File Protection

Bonus: The Difference File Protection Makes When You've Been Hacked

More Resources - Bonus Lecture


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