Data Analytics using Excel

Building Interactive Dashboard & Advanced Analytics using Microsoft Excel

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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Understand use cases of Excel as a Data Analytics Tool & Modeling tool

Understand the core capabilities of Excel

Understand Excel Look-Up Functions with a focus on the VLOOKUP function

Understand Excel Pivot Tables

Basic Principles of Dashboard Design

Build a Personal Finances Dashboard using the skills learned


This is a quick and short course intended to help people understand the data analytics capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Special focus is put on the use of Excel Pivot Tables and principles of dashboard design.  You will learn the following:

  • Top use-cases of Microsoft Excel as a Data Analytics & Modeling tool: Top use-cases of Microsoft Excel as a Data Analytics tool will be explained together with top use-cases of Microsoft Excel as a modeling tool.

  • Use of Lookup functions to enrich a table with more fields / attributes

  • Excel Pivot Tables: We will go through a step by step process of building Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel. No previous experience is assumed and we will take you through all the stages of building summarized tables using Microsoft Excel.

  • Excel Pivot Charts: On top of the summarized tables developed using Pivot Tables, we will create pivot charts which will then be used when building the Personal Finances dashboard.

  • Slicers: Slicers are a very critical component when you need to make your dashboard interactive. In this course, we will make use of slicers in Microsoft Excel.

  • Principles of Dashboard Design: You will learn the basic principles of Dashboard design.

  • Building a personal Finances Dashboard

The course is then concluded by building a Personal Finances dashboard.

By the end of this course, you would have build a personal finances dashboard and understood Excel Pivot Tables.


Data Analytics using Excel - Screenshot_01Data Analytics using Excel - Screenshot_02Data Analytics using Excel - Screenshot_03Data Analytics using Excel - Screenshot_04


Excel as a Data Analytics and Modeling Tool

Welcome to the Course
Understanding Data & Its Sources
What is Business Intelligence
Use Cases of Excel as a Data Analytics & Modeling Tool
Understanding Excel's Core Features

Introduction to the Project

What are we going to build
The Dataset
The Data Analysis Process
Skills needed to complete the guided project
Steps followed in building the Dashboard

Fundamentals of Excel Pivot Tables

Using Excel's VLOOKUP function to add more fields to the Table
Working with Excel Tables
Understanding summarized tables
Introduction to Excel Pivot Tables
Building Excel Pivot Tables
Building Excel Pivot Charts

Building Final Dashboard

Basic Principles of Dashboard Design
Building the Final Dashboard


July 1, 2022
Everything is well explained by the instructor. I am happy to create my own dashboard in Excel and now comfortable with Pivot Tables
June 29, 2022
Great course and easy to follow.. Great for beginners. Now I understand Pivot Tables and I will be making use of them.
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