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Data Analytics Real-World Projects in Python

Build a Portfolio of 5 Data Analysis Projects with Plotly,Folium,TextBlob,Geopy & Many more & get a job of Data Analyst

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Data Analytics Real-World Projects in Python



6.5 hours


Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Get a job as a data Analyst on an average $156,000 after showcase these Projects on your Resume

By the end of this course you will understand the inner workings of the data analytics pipeline - joining,manipulating,filtering, extracting data ,Analysing Data

Learn how to work with various data within python, including: Excel Data,Geographical data,Text Data and Time Series Data Data

Be able to create in depth analyses with Pie charts, Bubble charts, Wordcloud and even geographical maps.

you will expertise in Pandas ,Seaborn, Matplotlib ,Plotly ,Folium, Geopy, Wordcloud and many other..


This is the first course that gives hands-on Data Analysis Projects using Python..

Can you start right now?

A frequently asked question of Python Beginners is: "Do I need to become an expert in Python coding before I can start working on Data Analysis Projects?"

The clear answer is: "No!

  • You just require some Python Basics like data types, simple operations/operators, lists and numpy arrays that you can learn from my Free Python course 'Basics Of Python'

As a Summary, if you primarily want to use Python for Data Science or as a replacement for Excel, then this course is a perfect match!

Why should you take this Course?

  • It explains Projects on  real Data and real-world Problems. No toy data! This is the simplest & best way to become a Data Analyst/Data Scientist

  • It shows and explains the full real-world Data. Starting with importing messy data, cleaning data, merging and concatenating data, grouping and aggregating data, Exploratory Data Analysis through to preparing and processing data for Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Presentation.

  • Professionals who are exposed to data but can't yet leverage its power

  • Product managers who want to make data-driven decisions

  • It gives you plenty of opportunities to practice and code on your own. Learning by doing.

  • In real-world projects, coding and the business side of things are equally important. This is probably the only course that teaches both: in-depth Python Coding and Big-Picture Thinking like How you can come up with a conclusion

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Otherwise, get your money back with 30-Days-Money-Back-Guarantee.


Project 1->> Text Data Analysis

Overview of Problem Statement

Performing Sentiment Analysis

Wordcloud representation of Sentiments

Analyze Trending Tags and Views of Youtube

Perfrom Emoji's Analysis

Project 2->> Time Series Project

Overview of Problem Statement

Analyzing Closing Price of Stocks & Volume Trading

Analyzing Daily returns

Performing Multi-Variate Analysis

Value at risk Analysis

Project 4->> Sales Data Analysis

Overview of Problem Statement

Preparing Data for Analysis

Analyzing Monthly sales

Analyzing Maximum Order & hour analysis

Analysing Most sold Products

Project 5->> IPL Data Analysis

Overview of Problem Statement

In-depth analyis of DA Warner (Batsman) performance

Perform Analysis on Batsman-performance

Perform Batsman-Comparison

Perform Basic Analysis on IPL

Perform Analysis across Seasons of IPL

Comparitive Analysis of teams


Helly7 February 2021

It's just awesome. I had a great learning experience. The details and explanations are to the point. The instructor is very kind and supportive. Looking for more courses of Shan Singh. Buddy, you're doing a great help of students like me!

Akalya6 October 2020

Simply awesome! The way he explains each and every line of code just takes me beyond expectations! Kudos to the team!

Krish30 September 2020

Content is awesome.. and the best thing I like in all these projects are.. Simplest explanation to complex logics

Elon23 September 2020

Loves the way in which instructor solves real-world Problems using simple logics.. Going to rate it 5 Star.. Hope so Soon I will be Data Scientist


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