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Data Analysis in Python with Pandas

Getting an introduction to doing data analysis with the Python pandas library with hours of video and code.

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Data Analysis in Python with Pandas


5 hours


Aug 2015

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What you will learn

Perform data analysis with python using the pandas library.

Understand some of the basic concepts of data analysis.

Have used n-dimensional arrays in NumPy as well as the pandas Series and DataFrames to analyze data.

Learned the basics of plotting with matplotlib


Ever wonder how you can best analyze data in python? Wondering how you can advance your career beyond doing basic analysis in excel? Want to take the skills you already have from the R language and learn how to do the same thing in python and pandas?


By taking the course, you will master the fundamental data analysis methods in python and pandas!

You’ll also get access to all the code for future reference, new updated videos, and future additions for FREE! You'll Learn the most popular Python Data Analysis Technologies!

By the end of this course:

- Understand the data analysis ecosystem in Python.

- Learn how to use the pandas data analysis library to analyze data sets

- Create how to create basic plots of data using MatPlotLib

- Analyze real datasets to better understand techniques for data analysis

At the end of this course you will have learned a lot of the tips and tricks that cut down my learning curve as a business analyst and as a Master’s Student at UC Berkeley doing data analysis. I designed this course for those that have an intermediate programming ability and are ready to take their data analysis skills to the next level.

You’ll understand cutting edge techniques used by data analysts, data scientists, and other data researches in Silicon Valley.

Complete with working files and code samples, over 5 hours with 40+ lectures you’ll learn all that you need to know to turn around and apply data analysis strategies to the data that you work with. You’ll be able to work along side the instructor as we work through different data sets and data analysis approaches using cutting edge data science tools!


Introduction to the Course

What is this Course?

Installation Instructions

Setting up your Environment

Course Resources - All Files and Data

IPython Notebooks and Raw Python Data Analysis

Tools of the Trade, The IPython Notebook



List Comprehensions

Lambda Functions

The Basics of NumPy

NumPy Array Basics

Boolean Selection

Helpful Methods and Shortcuts


Multi-Dimensional Arrays

Querying Slicing, Combining, and Splitting Arrays

Pandas Basics

General pandas Concepts

pandas Series

Overview of the pandas Series

Look Ups, Selections, and Indexing

Advanced Indexing Options

Handling NaN Values, Reindexing, Filling Methods and Series Addition

Series Multiplication, More Reindexing, and Mapping

pandas DataFrame

DataFrame Basics

Reading Files, Plotting, and Basic Methods

More Plotting, Joins, Basic DateTime Indexing, and Writing to Files

Adding & Reseting Columns, Mapping with Functions

More Mapping, Filling NaN values, Plotting, Correlations, and Histograms

More Plotting, Rolling Calculations, Basic DateTime Indexing

Analysis Concepts, Filling NaN Values, Cumulative Sums and Value Counts

Data Maintenance, Adding/ Removing Columns and Rows

Basic Grouping, Concepts of Aggregate Functions

BONUS: Advanced pandas Topics

pandas.IO.Data, Panels and Hierarchical Indexing

Advanced Reading Csvs/HTML, Binning, Categorical Data

Advanced Groupings and Aggregate Functions

More Grouping Functions including Apply and Transform


Lawrence16 June 2020

Great instructor, good material. Lower rating simply due to outdated python. Clearly using 2.x version when we are now in the 3.x. Some of the syntax/libraries has changed and can be difficult to produce the same results, or follow along.

Michael28 March 2020

Good introduction and demonstration of python programming. The only issue is could be updated for python 3

Giovanni19 October 2019

I think that the python and pandas version is very outdates, so if you're following it in 2019 you may encounter some problems. Also, I think that there should be some practical exercises for the student to practice the skills learned

Asaf19 August 2019

It's a very good course. I knew nothing about python before taking this course. The topics make perfect sense. The instructor is very clear and I found it really easy to follow his instructions. I feel that this was a safe place to jump into the deep water :) ... Thanks

Patrik6 March 2019

Had trouble finding the notebooks in the anaconda environment mainly because they renamed it to Jupyter. Also Jupyter runs on Phyton 3, which uses different syntax, which confused me as well!

Amanda9 December 2018

I really enjoyed the course, it was really helpful for me and I will be using many lessons I learn here to analyse my data in a more efficient way. Thanks so much!

Richard8 October 2018

With updating for current versions of the software and more complete case studies, this could be a very good course.

R23 July 2018

This course is made for Python 2, while Python 3 is the current standard. Code examples result in errors because of this. Many are easy to solve, but at some point you don't want to spend the energy on fixing errors. For Python 2 this would be a 5 start course, for Python 3 it's difficult to rate.

Corin20 July 2018

In terms of my own learning objectives, this course has been very useful as a grounding in techniques that are fundamental to data journalism.

Bruce5 June 2018

Maybe OK, it's getting a little out of date, showing iPython notebook insteady of Jupyter notebook for example, showing examples in Python 2.7 instead of 3. Looking forward to Numpy and Pandas sections.

Gregory30 April 2018

I really like this course, but I wish it could be expanded upon and redone for python 3. A lot of the commands and other things were out of date, yet numpy and pandas are still so relevant. Great job!

Rider1 April 2018

I wanted a good excuse to use Jupyter and it's all about workflow which I needed help with as I have poor code hygiene.

Anonymized8 March 2018

Great course, quick overview of numpy and pandas. Great way to sharpen up your basic knowledge on these topics.

Anonymized24 February 2018

pretty good - not sure why using ipython not jupyter though maybe fewer linked examples and more content

Shubham22 February 2018

The graph representation of the contents at the every starting of the chapter is really nice to get an overview of the chapters. And, covering the basics first, then going into deep is another thing worth mentioning.


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