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Cypress -Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks

Learn how to write fast and robust Automated (UI + Integration) Tests using Cypress with Mocha and Cucumber frameworks

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

Understand Cypress from Scratch and build fast and reliable Automation tests for any Web Applications using Cypress

Complete Understanding of JavaScript Basics so that you can implement Best practices of coding for Cypress Tests

Practical knowledge in designing Cypress Automation framework from scratch using Mocha and Cucumber Frameworks

Understand how to Mock Network responses and Perform Integration testing with Cypress

Real Time Hands On Exercises to practice Cypress Parallelly with Videos for building confidence on the tool

You will learn advanced architectural concepts (Page Object Modelling and more) with CI/CD Jenkins Integration

Complete understanding of Cypress Components for generating test execution Videos ,Screenshots & Reporting


Course Updated with Cypress V7 BDD Framework on Aug 1st . Next Update - Sept 4th on Cypress Accessibility testing.

The one and only Cypress course in Udemy with ** official BEST SELLER Tag *** and Highest Ratings -4,000+ 5 star Ratings)/ /
This Course includes - Web Automation with Cypress + Cypress Test Runner features + Cypress Integration Testing + Cypress API Testing + Cypress Database Testing + 2 Top class Javascript Frameworks from Scratch using Mocha & Cucumber

This Course also gives you 3 hours in depth understanding on javascript basics so that you can build Powerful Cypress programming tests 

What is Cypress?

Cypress - The most Buzzing word in Automation world which is expected to play a key role in  future  for its fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.
Because of its Architectural design, Cypress comes with out of box capabilities to bring Stable Automation results for all Modern Web Apps.
It also have the ability to perform Integration testing by mocking incoming network responses
For Test Debugging, Cypress takes Screenshot by default for every test step and generate execution Mp4 video after every test run ..
There are many more WOW Factors like above which you will come across in Training.

These top class  videos are completely designed from scratch  using many real time examples with in detail explanation on each and every concept of Cypress along with Framework design best Practices

And I Bet! On course Completion You can develop Cypress Automation framework on your own or crack any Cypress related interviews.

Below is the high level  Content we Cover in the course:

Introduction to Cypress
Cypress Architecture
Cypress Installation & Project Setup
Cypress Test Runner features
Command line arguments for Cypress
Cypress Basic Commands for Automation
Cypress & Jquery combination
UI Automation (Checkboxes,Radio buttons, Editboxes,Dropdowns with Cypress)
Handling Popups,Alerts using Cypress
Handling Child windows and Frames with Cypress
Cypress Assertions in detail
Cypress Framework Best Practises
Cypress Fixtures and Custom commands
Page object Design pattern with Cypress tests
Test Parameterization and Data driven with Cypre
Configuration properties and environmental variables discussion
Cypress Dashboard features with video recording and Screenshots
Building npm scripts and Integrating Cypress framework into Jenkins
Cypress Cucumber BDD Integration
Cucumber Data Driven, Tagging, Hooks, HTML reporting features for Cypress Tests
XHR Testing with Cypress
Mocking API calls with Cypress Intercept commands
Javascript Basics

Wish you all the Best! See you all in the course with above topics :)


Cypress -Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks
Cypress -Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks
Cypress -Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks
Cypress -Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks


Introduction to Cypress

What is Cypress? And why it is future of Automation

Understand Cypress Architecture and its benefits

Course syllabus walkthrough

Reference document Notes

Cypress Installation & project Setup

Install Node.js and Visual studio code

Generate Package.json and get Cypress Dependencies

Introduction to Cypress Test Runner and command line features

What is Cypress TestRunner

Build Cypress Basic test and run from test Runner

Running Cypress tests in supported browsers

Exploring the Cypress project Framework structure

Getting started with Cypress Test Automation

Cypress locator strategies and how to construct them

Cypress inbuilt plugin in testRunner to generate locators

Basic Assertion in writing the tests with Cypress

Handling Invisible elements with Cypress by understanding logs

Deep diving into Cypress Commands and its ASynchronous Nature

Web applications to Practise Cypress Automation

Understanding get and find commands with Cypress

Grabbing the text for validations using cypress text command

Cypress ASynchronous nature and its promise handling

Understanding the difference between Jquery methods and cypress commands

Handing Async promises with Cypress

code download

Completing the Practise test with all necessary validations

code download

Handling Web Controls UI using Cypress

How to verify and automate check boxes with Cypress

Handling static dropdowns using select command with Cypress

Handling Dynamic dropdowns with each command Iteration

Handling Visible and invisible elements using Assertions in Cypress

Code download

Advance Automation to handling Alerts,popups, Child Windows using Cypress-Jquery

How Cypress auto handles Alerts in web Apps

Handling Child tab with combination of Cypress & Jquery commands

Navigating browser controls using Cypress

code download

Handling Web tables with Cypress using each command

code download

Handling Mouse hover popus using Cypress

Understand limitations of Frames & Child windows in Cypress

Handling Child windows using Cypress

Limitations of Frames with Cypress

code download

Cypress Concepts Cheat Sheet download

Cypress Framework Part 1- Understanding Fixtures and Custom commands

Agenda of framework topics and starting with test building

Where to find code files for all framework topics?

Understand how fixtures work in driving data

Validating attribute properties and their behaviour with cypress assertions

Building customized Cypress commands for reusing the code

Cypress Framework Part 2- Page object Design & Test Parameterization

Parameterizing the test Data from Json files using each command

Test Debugging and Pause with Cypress

Implementing Page object Design pattern into Cypress

Modifying existing tests into Page object pattern as per Cypress standards

Cypress Framework Part 3- Configuration properties & Environmental variables

Implementing global configuration changes to Cypress framework

Completing End to end test execution of the Business flow (07-18-3.2

Implementing the Sum of products functionality with Cypress-Java script

Practise exercise continuation on product sum values with Javascript Methods

Importance of environmental variables in CYpress framework

Setting env variables through command line arguments

Cypress Framework Part 4- Dashboard feature with Video recording & Screenshots

Exploring Cypress Dashboard and its feature for framework development

Monitoring Test Execution Videos& Screenshots through Cypress dashboard

Generating Mocha Awesome reports for Cypress execution

Cypress Framework Part 5- Building npm Scripts and Integration to Jenkins

Understanding Scripting commands in Package.json file for CI Integration

Running Multiple specs file on fly from cypress Scripting commands

Introduction to Jenkins

Integrating Cypress framework into Jenkins CI tool

XHR testing with Cypress

Introduction to XHR testing and how it helps in writing edge test cases

Listening to GET network request call with route command

Manipulating POST network request call with route command

Mocking API calls with Cypress route command

Example Demonstrating on Mocking API with stub response using Cypress

Important Note

Handling API call directly with out involving browser with cypress

Cypress Job Tips

How to showcase your Cypress knowledge

Thankyou Note

Cypress Framework Code download

Code download

Bonus Section

Bonus Lecture- Discount coupons for other courses


Preeti9 October 2020

Its a good course for people who wants to learn some javascript test automation from scratch. Rahul teaches from the very basics and hence anyone can follow this course

Dave4 October 2020

Really well explained, like all Rahul's other courses. Takes you from no knowledge, to being confident with tool. I like the way new videos are added when new functionality is introduced.

Aswathi2 October 2020

The mentor explained the concept of Cypress Automation in a very simple manner with live projects. Hats off to the mentor for taking such great effort and patience to deliver it so accurately.

Arup26 September 2020

lot of assertions using Jquery method should have been taken as example; complex real-time websites should have been considered

QA25 September 2020

I like it, all the topics were easy to understand, just have a couple of issues because of the url's used in the examples and also I had a problem with some of the code, but for the rest, it is an excellent course.

Tom16 February 2020

So far, I've found most sections could be cut in half if the instructor knew how to convey his points in a more concise manner. Most busy professionals don't have the time to hear all the unnecessary fluff. I hope it gets better.

Marcus12 February 2020

The course in generally was good, but if you are somewhat experienced in programming and testing the level is two low. The course took off from Section 9 and onwards. The code semantics could be better throughout the course, but maybe that´s just me being allergic to badly structured coding, naming etc :)

Michelle12 February 2020

El explica cosas del por que usar esa herramienta comparada con otras. Usa ejemplos para explicar los conceptos. es muy bueno para empezar y poder entender de una forma simple nuevos conceptos

Dani9 February 2020

Our company is just starting to use Cypress and this course really helped me to get up to speed on the core concepts and get some exposure to other areas that might be useful in the future. I now feel confident with this tool and will be able to contribute in a massive way to the team going forward. Rahul is a great teacher and really knows his stuff. Thanks for helping me to be a better QA professional! *****

Sivakumar7 February 2020

It is really amazing and loved it. but i am expecting more information about reports. for example how to attach screenshots to the mochawesome html report. Thanks you so much for providing detail information about Cypress automation. Could you please let us know that do we have any other custom reports in cypress automation?

Roshan6 February 2020

Rahul Shetty is very great coach and his way to explain the things are really awesome. He helps the pupil to understand what Cypress is all about with great examples and god explanations. I am very beginner in cypress automation tool and I think this is the best tutorial I got to get a good knowledge on cypress and this is only because of Instructors passion for teaching students.

Pascal4 February 2020

Désolé mais le formateur a un accent tellement prononcé qu'on a parfois du mal à comprendre et surtout étant donné que les sous-titres ont été générés automatiquement ceux-ci sont souvent complètement faux.

Gene31 January 2020

Really liked the course, to the point, good coverage of the tool and a good way to improve existing skills. Thanks.

Elisabeta29 January 2020

The instructor has good knowledge of Cypress and automated testing in general however he's confusing various concepts from web development. For example he said that Cypress can fire DOM events using the ON method and then showed code that was actually setting up a listener from Cypress for a native DOM event. It might not be important to people who are only working as testers but for me as a software engineer is a bit distracting to get over various inaccuracies. Also I would have kept the course focused on just Cypress and not go into CSS selectors, HTML attributes and so on, those should be prerequisites for taking this course.

Sudeshna27 January 2020

Great videos! Keep up the great work in creating detailed, to-the point videos for making learning easy for all.


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