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CSS Bootcamp - Master CSS (CSS Grid / CSS Flexbox)

CSS Course - Project Based CSS Tutorial. Learn how to create modern, responsive websites using CSS / CSS Grid / Flexbox

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

You will start from basics of CSS, where you will learn things like: CSS selectors, CSS combinators, coloring, inheritance, box model, positions and much more...

After finishing Basic CSS section, you will meet to advanced CSS topics, such as: backgrounds, transitions, transforms, animations, shadow effects and etc.

You will learn how to align elements using modern CSS modules, like CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid.

Throughout the course you will be building big, real-world, modern-looking and beautiful projects.

After finishing the course, you will be able to build your own modern, beautiful websites using pure CSS


The Complete CSS Course on Udemy!!!

"CSS Bootcamp - Master in CSS (Including CSS Grid / Flexbox)".

If you want to learn how to create modern, beautiful and real-world websites using just pure CSS, then this is the right course for you.


1. CSS Basics

2. Advanced CSS

3. Flexbox

4. Project 1 - "Grand Hotel" (Based on Flexbox)

5. CSS Grid

6. Project 2 - "Furniture Website" (Based on CSS Grid)

Course consists of several sections. You will start from CSS essentials, in which you will meet some basic topics. Then after finishing basic part, you will move on to advanced CSS, where you will be able to learn advanced things in CSS, such as: backgrounds, transitions, transforms, animations, shadows and much more.

Advanced CSS section will be followed by CSS Flexbox part, in which you will learn about how to create layout of your web page using CSS Flexbox. After Flexbox section, we will build our first project - "Grand Hotel". It will be a real-world, modern-looking and beautiful web page about hotel. Layout of this project will be fully created using CSS Flexbox.

Next, you will move on to CSS Grid. In which you will learn about this new powerful layout module. And lastly, we will build another big project based on CSS Grid.

Each project built throughout the course, will be fully responsive for all screen device.

Throughout the course, you will meet detailed explanations about how bootstrap works, also, you will introduce to modern practices and solutions.

Get fast and friendly support from instructors 24/7.



CSS Bootcamp - Master CSS (CSS Grid / CSS Flexbox)
CSS Bootcamp - Master CSS (CSS Grid / CSS Flexbox)
CSS Bootcamp - Master CSS (CSS Grid / CSS Flexbox)
CSS Bootcamp - Master CSS (CSS Grid / CSS Flexbox)




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CSS Basics

What is CSS?

How to write CSS?

HTML Elements Tree

CSS Selectors

CSS Combinators

CSS Colors


Text Formatting - Part 1

Text Formatting - Part 2

Box Model

Pseudo Classes - Part 1

Pseudo Classes - Part 2

Pseudo Elements

Measurement Units - Part 1

Measurement Units - Part 2

Positions - Part 1

Positions - Part 2



CSS Basics

Advanced CSS

Backgrounds - Part 1

Backgrounds - Part 2




Transforms - Part 1

Transforms - Part 2

Animations - Part 1

Animations - Part 2

Advanced CSS


What Is Flexbox?

Flex Container Properties

Flex Items Properties


Project 1 - Grand Hotel (Based on Flexbox)

Grand Hotel - Project Preview

Sidebar - Markup

Sidebar - Style

Navigation - Markup

Navigation - Style - Part 1

Navigation - Style - Part 2

Create Click Event

Create markup for Header

Header - Style

About Us Section - Markup

About Us Section - Style - Part 1

About Us Section - Style - Part 2

Rooms Section - Markup

Rooms Section - Style

Customers Section - Markup

Customers Section - Style

Footer - Markup

Footer - Style

Responsive Web Design

Make "Grand Hotel" Project Responsive - Part 1

Make "Grand Hotel" Project Responsive - Part 2

Make "Grand Hotel" Project Responsive - Part 3

CSS Grid

CSS Grid Introduction


How To Create Grid

Fractional Units

Positioning and Spanning Grid Items

Naming Grid Items - Part 1

Naming Grid Items - Part 2

Naming Grid areas

Explicit and Implicit Grid

Aligning Grid items

Aligning Grid tracks

max-content, min-content, minmax()

auto-fill, auto-fit

CSS Grid

Project 2 - Furniture Store (Based on CSS Grid)

Furniture Store - Project Preview

Navbar - Part 1 - Markup

Navbar - Part 1 - Style

Navbar - Search Form

Navbar - Part 2 - Markup

Navbar - Part 2 - Style

Navbar - Part 2 - Dropdown

Banner - Markup

Banner - Style

Banner Slideshow - Part 1

Banner Slideshow - Part 2

Day Offer Section

Bestselling Furniture - Markup

Bestselling Furniture - Style


Contact Section and Footer

Modal box - Markup

Modal Box - Style - Part 1

Modal Box - Style - Part 2

Make Project Responsive


Bonus Lecture: Check Out


Harrison14 August 2020

Very clear, thorough, and to the point. The instructor's accent does not distract from the points he's making about the code (he appears to be reading from a script he prepared in advance, and it comes off very polished and professional). Great course.

Deepti6 July 2020

Really one of the best courses to learn CSS even if you are a beginner. A nice and simplified way of teaching.

James6 July 2020

Learned a lot from the course. Would appreciate deeper explanations of why CSS works the ways it does. Towards the end of the course, they showed excellent examples but cut down on explanations behind the concepts - mainly to keep the length of the source manageable. A little too much emphasis on flexbox and flexgrid. Will view other CSS courses on Udemy got to get the perspective of multiple instructors.

Trevor27 June 2020

Really excellent course that was easy to understand and to follow along with. The course explains everything in depth and really helped me to understand flexbox and the grid. the projects that you build are awesome looking and I am looking forward to taking what I have learnt from this course and applying it to my own projects.

Ruchi3 June 2020

A good course with extremely good explaination. Gives you deep understanding in very easy way. Loving the journey through course got so much to learn. Thanks for posting this course on udemy.

Thomas29 November 2019

I like it, but some topics are rushed and not that detailed. The course can still be improved a lil' bit. Good thing, this is just a review for me.

Darius21 November 2019

I love it! Great information explained well and with beautiful modern styled projects! I recommend this !

Richard18 November 2019

Good information at a good pace. This is my second course under this instructor. He is consistently good.

Carlos1 November 2019

Good course, straight to the point and very well organized. He dedicates a video to the html and then another one to the css of that section making things less cumbersome. May lack some in-depth on some topics but at the end of the day, i prefer it like this an not having a giant course with infinite projects and infinite complex that is hard to follow.

Richard27 September 2019

Very good course to get a refresh on some CSS tricks I forgot about!!! "The input-checkbox-label-id" trick in hotel project was pretty slick and the worth price just for that. Never had seen it done like that.

Jose26 September 2019

I've completed this course and I can say that it was exactly what I was expecting it to be. The course is well planned. I recommend this course for developers that has been dodging CSS (as I have done). Everything regarding with CSSis pretty well explained. Worth to buy.

CDub4 September 2019

Great course! Well laid out and well explained. Learn first then follow along and do it. If it is your first time, you will most likely need to pause a lot during the follow along example - but that is just because its packed with real world stuff. I am very happy I found this course!

Lauren29 August 2019

I have some experience with HTML 5 and CSS 3, so when a course says it's for absolute beginners, I can tell you that it really isn't. You'll need some knowledge of HTML 5 and CSS 3 before you start this series. For instance, if you've never linked a stylesheet in the head of your HTML, then seeing "link rel=" and "href=" has no meaning. A beginner would have to stop and look up "How to link stylesheet in head of HTML" to fully understand the terminology. Even with some experience at this, working on a Mac vs PC is very different, and I have to stop the video all the time to "get on the same page" as the instructor. Overall, though, I'm following along pretty well and look forward to flex-box and grids!!

Kyle15 July 2019

Concise, fast, clear, well structured, to the point, covering modern concepts & techniques. Skills will accompany well with modern UI library like materialize. Perfecting layout techniques. I would like more input styling for app interfaces rather than site interfaces, but you're taught what you're needed. Well optimized course, doesn't take too long to complete, while teaching and reinforcing all necessary skills to design for websites and web applications. Teaches you everything you need for professional grade UI/UX, though for that you would also need a lot of creative and artistic talent.

Agnaldo9 July 2019

O curso é bem atual. Porem quando testado na rede(internet) o site não aparece de uma forma boa como offline.


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