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Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins

Cryptocurrency Trading Course From A Traders Perspective. Packed With Strategies, Examples, ICO Walkthroughs & More!

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Get An Introduction To The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem As A Whole.

Learn How To Secure Your Cryptocurrencies To Avoid Getting Hacked.

Understand & Be Able To Apply The Fundamentals Of Cryptocurrency Trading.

Grow In Trading Confidence By Watching Live Cryptocurrency Trading Examples.

Learn All About & Understand How To Get Involved In Initial Coin Offerings.


Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins - is one of them most complete fundamental  cryptocurrency trading courses. This curriculum contains a number of practical exercises, which will help you put all the knowledge you’ve learned into practice to start trading.

More About The Cryptocurrency Trading Course

By taking this course you’ll get to get involved with cryptocurrency trading on a practical level, with step-by-step instructions from a traders perspective guiding you through the entire process. This course embodies our ethos of learning by doing, as you’ll witness live trades, and then get to open your own trades confidently by the end of this course.

Why Should You Start Trading Cryptocurrencies?

1. The cryptocurrency markets aren’t controlled by traders who have access to super computers, that means the field with cryptocurrencies is more level allowing retail traders such as us to profit.

2. Cryptocurrencies are growing! The market cap of cryptocurrencies surpassed $100 Billion, and it’s still growing, hence there’s so much opportunity currently to get involved as an early adopter.

3. We’re in a free market where anyone can get involved, this is unlike more traditional markets. This is a 24/7 market where with the right strategies you can profit from the volatility regularly.

What’s Holding You Back?

You’ll gain a step-by-step blueprint from a traders perspective within this course, providing you with all the knowledge you need, in order to successfully start your cryptocurrency trading journey.

Furthermore, you can be assured that in this course we’ll be deep diving into all of the key aspects of getting started with cryptocurrency trading, that includes: an introduction to cryptocurrencies, the differences between major market & cryptocurrency exchanges, securing your cryptocurrencies, the basics of trading cryptocurrencies, examples of cryptocurrency trades, how to profit from initial coin offerings, and so much more!

You can be assured you’ll have access to both of your instructors throughout the course on-demand. Remember, you’ll gain lifetime access to this course which includes all future updates free of charge, and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Nothing Is Holding You Back From Becoming An Active Cryptocurrency Trader!

Go ahead, and click that ‘take this course’ button! Grab this totally risk free opportunity to become a cryptocurrency trader. We’ll see you inside the course!


Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins
Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins
Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins
Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins


An Introduction To Cryptocurrencies

Course Introduction

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies

The Best Place To View Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Influencers To Follow

Resource Sheet

Major Markets Exchanges VS Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The Difference Between Major Market & Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Exchanges That We Recommend

Securing Your Cryptocurrencies

How To Store Your Cryptocurrencies Securely

Getting Into The Right Trading Mentality

The Fundamentals Of Cryptocurrency Trading

Using Candlesticks In Cryptocurrency Trading

Use Price Action To Chart Support/Resistance & Trading Timeframes [P1]

Use Price Action To Chart Support/Resistance & Trading Timeframes [P2]

Use Price Action To Chart Trendlines & Range VS Trend

Understanding Volume In Cryptocurrency Trading

The Element Of Buy Low Sell High In Cryptocurrency Trading [P1]

The Element Of Buy Low Sell High In Cryptocurrency Trading [P2]

Understanding Fib Retracement

Cryptocurrency Chart Patterns

How To Use A Charting Platform

Moving Averages In Cryptocurrency Trading

Section 4 Task: The Fundamentals Of Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading Examples

What To Look For In A Cryptocurrency

How To Chart A Coin

Bitcoin Surges & Cryptocurrencies Fall Live #1

Live Cryptocurrency Trading Example #2 [P1]

Live Cryptocurrency Trading Example #2 [P2]

Live Cryptocurrency Trading Example #3

Live Cryptocurrency Trading Example #4

Live Cryptocurrency Trading Example #5

Analysis Of Past Cryptocurrency Trading Examples

Creating A Cryptocurrency Trading Diary

Section 5 Task: Cryptocurrency Trading Examples

Other Trading Strategies

Understanding Fundamental Analysis Further

Understanding Technical Analysis Further

Initial Coin Offerings

What Are Initial Coin Offerings?

How To Get Involved With Initial Coin Offerings

How To Potentially Profit From Initial Coin Offerings

Wrapping This Course Up

Round Up To This Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Bonus Lecture: Next Steps To Take

Bonus Resources

ICO Pre Investment Checklist


Roger12 September 2019

There is so much more to learn and do to be safe and to trade with out loosing money that you trade, good beginning but its just that a beginning!

Alexandru13 February 2019

Too old materials, super simple examples and really basic course. More information might be found for free...

Mohamed13 February 2019

Always Amazing Ravinder talks with an enthusiasm Rebecca's explanation is great ( Just speed her videos to 1.5x and she will talk with enthusiasm ) Thanks for both of you

Pankaj7 February 2019

An awesome learning experience with Rebecca thanks to other creators on board too. But Rebecca is the real hero of this course I enjoyed the classes thankyou so much for this course worth every penny. you might have just opened a new door of opportunities for me. Thank you.

Cristina6 February 2019

Ravinder is pleasant and very engaging, knowledgeable and easy to understand and follow....super. Rebecca is charming as well as very knowledgeable...have to revisit all her lectures as I did not expect the multitude of charts. Must first familiarise with the available chart platforms. Her informasion is old, some 2014....too bad, I purchased this course in 2018.

Olegs21 July 2018

Five stars! Very great detailed explanations on the basics. Some good and helpful strategies presented as well. Good tools given overall. I don't want to even criticize You on anything, as I truly got what I needed from this course. Very valuable stuff.

Miki19 July 2018

Initially it wasn't but i went through it a few more times after i did my own research and then leveraged what i already knew to properly understand the courses materiel

Horacio17 July 2018

Creo que todo es claro aunque el curso podria ser mas profesional sin que aparescan los anuncios del trading view y ademas trabajar con monedas con mayor relevancia.

Preeti28 March 2018

The course did cover a good part of crypto currency trading. As I started I had no knowledge of the subject but by the end of the course I am looking forward to start trading. Over all it was a good learning experience.

Thomas4 March 2018

very nice course explains in depth all the charting patterns and shows examples of how to do the charting.

João28 February 2018

Technical Analyses is poor and not very logical reasoning. It looks like the trader is just trying it out more than presenting strategies that are proven to work. In the end, the take away is that it's preferable to trade based on fundamental analyses (rather than technical analyses). Overall it's all so basic that this course is more suitable for long term investors than traders.

Lyal26 February 2018

Thanks guys, this was a great course, took me while but now I have everything I need to start my new passion! 5 start all the way!

Juan26 February 2018

The female teacher is not as good as the male one. She is a bit monotone and does not explain concepts in detail. She is a bit too general on the concepts. The guy, on the other hand, is an excellent teacher.

Brian7 February 2018

I'm very familiar with cryptocurrency, and the gentleman giving the lecture is very well spoken as well as knowledgeable. So far this course can be easily understood by anyone. Great job. Brian K.

Jim31 January 2018

Trainer does not explain things fully. So for does not have full grasp of everything. I would not recommend her. She does not hold a teaching degree. Sad


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