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Cross Platform Native iOS & Android in Xamarin C# & Firebase

Developing a complete iOS / Android App using C# in Visual (or Xamarin) Studio with Firebase backend

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Xamarin IDE, Visual Studio, Xamarin Framework

Cross Platform Mobile Development

Backend Database and Authentication with Google Firebase

Hard Code Outlet and UI Element Programming

Comparison of Various iOS and Android Features


In this course we will discuss development of a complete iOS and Android native application using Visual Studio (or Xamarin Studio), C Sharp and Firebase. Throughout the course, we will discuss a wide range of topics such as interface design, databases and data structures as well as user authentication through Firebase MBaaS. 

This course is designed to cover a wide range of audience. It can be useful to people with basic understanding of mobile development and programming. It is also useful if you wish to learn more about data structures, reading and writing local and remote databases.


Cross Platform Native iOS & Android in Xamarin C# & Firebase
Cross Platform Native iOS & Android in Xamarin C# & Firebase
Cross Platform Native iOS & Android in Xamarin C# & Firebase
Cross Platform Native iOS & Android in Xamarin C# & Firebase



Common - Introduction to This Course

Common - Starting a New Project and Testing Out the Simulators for Both OSs

Lists Activity and View Controller

iOS - Designing Our Lists Storyboard

Droid - Designing Our Lists Layout

iOS - Table View Data Source

Droid - Testing Some Values in Our Listview

Common - Understanding Our Data Structure

Common - Adding Classes

Common - Adding App Data Class

Common - Preparing First List

iOS - Testing Out the Initial List

Droid - Custom Adapter

iOS - Adding a New List to Tableview

Droid - Adding a New List to Listsview


Common - Understanding Data

Common - Read Write Class

iOS - Reading Data

Droid - Reading Data

iOS - Deleting a List by Dragging

Droid - Deleting a List by Long Clicking It


Common - Introduction

iOS - Items Storyboard

Droid - Items Layout

iOS - Items View Controller

Droid - Items Activity

iOS - Navigating to and From Items View Controller

Droid - Navigating to and From Items Activity

iOS - Cur List in IiPhone

Droid - Cur List in Droid

iOS - Items Table Data Source

Droid - Items Row List View Adapter

iOS - Clicking on an Item iOS

Droid - Clicking on an Item Android

iOS - Dragging to Delete an Item

Droid - Deleting an Item by Long Click

iOS - Adding a New Item iOS

Droid - Adding a New Item Android

Common - Understanding What Happened


Common - Introduction to Backend

Common - Firebase Console

iOS - AppData iOS

Droid - AppData Droid

iOS - Profile Action iOS

Droid - Profile Action Droid

iOS - Register in iOS

Droid - Register in Droid

Common - Set Local User

iOS - Save All User Lists Online iOS

Droid - Save All User Lists Online Droid

iOS - Login in iOS

Droid - Login in Droid

iOS - Reading Data From Cloud iOS

Droid - Reading Data From Cloud Droid

Common - Compare Lists Method

iOS - Setting Profile Button - iOS

Droid - Setting Profile Button - Droid

iOS - New List and Item on Cloud - iOS

Droid - New List and Item on Cloud - Droid

iOS - Delete List and Item on Cloud - iOS

Droid - Delete List and Item on Cloud - Droid

iOS - Logging Out From Cloud - iOS

Droid - Loggin Out From Cloud - Droid

Common - Recap of All Login Methods


Common - Introduction

iOS - Share This Function

Common - Invitation Class

Droid - Share This Function

iOS - Reading Invitation Node

Droid - Reading Invitation Node

iOS - Fetching Invitation Lists

Droid - Fetching Invitation Lists

iOS - Removing an Invitation

Droid - Removing an Invitation

Common - Conclusion and Suggestions


David4 April 2020

No menciona como instalar o configurar el VisualStudio y configuraciones esenciales para desarrollar en IOS,Not to mention how to install or configure VisualStudio and essential configurations to develop in IOS

Larissa12 January 2019

Experiencia ótima! Tem tirado muitas duvidas, o professor é ótimo e bem detalhista nas explicações, o que me ajuda muito a entender o que está acontecendo nas aulas, disposto a responder as perguntas, está sendo uma boa experiência.

Mohammad14 September 2018

Outdated IDE, Outdated options within IDE, technology changes every day and the instructor must keep the content up to date.

Hussam4 July 2018

IT IS GOOD but it is better to start from installing VS2017 as i see it is different than what i have but i am trying to match it with lesson

Philip28 June 2018

Great course, but it goes at a cracking pace - it would have been better if he slowed down and gave more explanation to things, although then the course would be at least twice as long.

Alireza6 April 2018

Connected lessons plus teaching different ways of possible codings and introducing UI of the Visual Studio. Would be much more useful if updated to VS IDE 2017.

Sanjay28 March 2018

Great course for: 1) An intro to C#: 2) How to use Firebase's Authentication and Database 3) Comparing iOS and Android basic features especially: - ViewControllers vs Activities - TableViewDelegate/DataSource vs ListViewAdapter - AlertControllers vs AlertDialogs

Laurence14 March 2018

Amir is an experienced developer who understands how to teach a fairly complex system to students. I have VS 2017 on Windows, and he is using a Mac IDE, and I have not experienced any issues or incompatibilities thus far. Good job Amir.

Jason22 February 2018

This is exactly what I was looking for in my next phase of learning android development. Amir is extremely thorough, and has well organized code.

Madeleine23 December 2017

Doesn't explain what to do to check your settings if you've already started your project and can't create one to follow along. I'm watching this to learn how firebase plays with my xamarin project that's already made. I don't really want to have to start over my xamarin project if I don't have to. Also it doesn't explain how to get the simulators. I don't have the ones he shows and I don't know how to get them. I don't care, but would be nice.


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