Public Relations


Public Relations: Media Crisis Communications

Public Relations: You can shape and control your media messages at the worst possible times.

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Being able to Manage Crisis Communications

Know how to appear Confident on Camera

Prepare Messages

Speak in Sound Bites

Handle tough questions


Public Relations during a time of crisis. Imagine that a crisis hits your organization and that you come out on top in the media. You initiate proactively to the media. You have a clear and easy to understand message. And you get the exact quotes you want in final stories.

You didn't pick or plan the Public Relations crisis, but you are ready to communicate effectively.

Your reputation doesn't just remain intact; your reputation has improved!

You will learn how to prepare and deliver messages to the media in a time of a Public Relations crisis. How to plan for press conferences, media statements, messages and sound bites will be covered. Why it is essential to prepare for a crisis before you know when or what the crisis will be. Crisis communications Public Relations requires a plan that covers every aspect of message development, rehearsal and media management. This course is ideal for CEOs, PR managers, crisis managers, and anyone who is responsible for the reputation of an organization.

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking this Public Relations course?

*Be able to Manage Crisis Communications

*Know how to appear Confident on Camera

*Prepare Messages

*Speak in Sound Bites

*Handle tough questions

What do Udemy students say about this Public Relations course?

"5 Stars! Covered all the essential elements necessary to handle crisis communications with brevity and clarity. I especially liked the Bonus materials and of course, the video. Referring to one major case study to get the points across is very effective. The only reason I did not give this a 5 star rating is because I believe this course will be more helpful if there were video transcripts or if each video lesson can be downloaded and saved for later reference or review. Thank you." Helga Melgar

"5 Stars! This course is an excellent introduction into how crisis communications works and TJ gives tips on how a company can best preserve its image and reputation should it go through a crisis. I would recommend this course to others." Margaret Lovell

"5 Stars! I've learned from TJ for a number of years and he absolutely knows what it takes to work with the media and win!" Janet Vasil

"5 Stars! The instructor gave very clear and practical advice. He made me come to love Crisis Communications even more!" Abi-Gail Johnson

"5 Stars! Someone once said advice is only as good as the amount you pay for it... this course disproves this. This clear unambiguous advice given is priceless. The BP breakdown was excellent, in short if your in a position where you need to understand crisis management, this is the course to start with. The bonus materials are really good as well." Alan Miller

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this Public Relations course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

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Public Relations: Media Crisis Communications
Public Relations: Media Crisis Communications
Public Relations: Media Crisis Communications
Public Relations: Media Crisis Communications


You Can Handle a Media Crisis and Come Out Ahead

This Crisis Will Make You Stronger - Public Relations

Creating Your Winning Message

Please Introduce Yourself

Let the Whole World Know - Distributing Your Message

Assignment: Testing Your Communication To Make Sure It Works.

Exciting New Update to this Course

The Biggest Crisis Blunders to Avoid - Public Relations

The Real Secret to Being Prepared for a Crisis: Practice on Video

Time to Give TJ a Piece of Your Mind

Final Public Relations Tips

Course Update! Live Instructor Office Hours are Now Available

Housekeeping Matters

Who is TJ Walker?

7 Steps For Getting the Most Out of this Course

Your Questions Will Be Answered Here

Bonus Reading Materials

If You Like to Learn by Reading

Media Training A-Z

Media Training Success

1001 Ways to Wow the Media

Secret to Foolproof Presentations

Public Speaking Success

Bonus Videos

The Epic Disasters of BP

Final Bonus Lecture: Huge Discounts on Other TJ Communications Courses


Jhonker9 September 2020

This course really teaches you how to handle media crises. The course is to the point and easy to understand.

Caroline21 August 2020

The best part of the course was the anecdotal evidence, specifically regarding BP. (The Tylenol bit would have been helpful--and interesting--except that I had never heard of that crisis. It was before my time and somehow has never come up in my life!).

Ibrahim11 August 2020

It is a mind blowing experience for me, I leant beyond expectations. Have never been good in front of a camera or a presentation but now, I know what and what to do to make that right. Thank you Udemy, thank you TJ.

Bindu30 July 2020

I really appreciate because I had done internship about this PR its really interesting and good experience .I have learnt so many things

Mirella24 May 2020

I really like taking this course. Great tips on crisis communications. It will definitely be very useful on my daily basis work. Congrats for this content and thanks for sharing it!

Connor30 December 2019

This course was very informative and materials will be of great reference in the future. I can see many applications for the strategies Tj presented. Highly recommend!

Nomvuzo23 October 2019

After taking this course I learnt more about public relations ,and i can share my knowledge to someone who doesn't know anything about public relations.

Chip13 July 2019

I am interviewing for a PR position and this has been a wonderful resource! Really enjoyed the real world examples that were used in this course that we are all familiar with.

Helena6 July 2019

This is a good course, however, I expected more information regarding how to handle the crisis online: how to handle the hatters, what kind of posts should be responded or not, some online strategies as well. It is too focused on traditional mass media, but nowadays we know the general public has their means to speak up and communication crisis strategies must address them too.

Nancy10 May 2019

I studied Public Relations in college, so I thought I knew everything already... This was a great refresher and update on modern media.

Nwadiuto25 March 2019

Audio is slightly muffled but better when using headphones. Not as in-depth as expected and was hoping it will be more engaging and interactive. However, TJ did raise some good points that I learnt.

Joyce24 March 2019

Thank you TJ for an elaborate and detailed course; It is convenient for someone who would like to have the necessary knowledge in a relatively short time; I will make sure to put into practice what i have learned.

Lauren10 March 2019

I was anticipating a guided course for PR professionals. This course is aimed at businesses without any PR knowledge.

Daniel7 March 2019

I'm quite satisfied with your pointed communication and practical messaging tips for crisis communication.

Anneline8 February 2019

Great course as an introduction to the topic. The instructor was very professional, and you can tell he knows what he's talking about & has much experience as mentioned. There was more content / bonus material than I expected, which will be very helpful. Very happy with this course and the value.


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