Cricket Success Mantra - Part 2

Experience the Practical Way of Mindset Transformation!

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Cricket Success Mantra - Part 2
2 hours
May 2023
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What you will learn

Key to Excel in Cricket Career

How to Stay Cool & Focused in all Situations

Improve Cricket Player's Mental Game

Develop a Winning Habit

Program Your Subconscious Mind

Always Stay Motivated on the Field

Build Positive Attitude

Experience Mindset Transformation

Unblock the Success Blockers

Practical & Scientific Techniques

Fast Healing of Injured Cricket Players

Overcome Setbacks


"Welcome to  the Cricketer's Success Mantra"

My Passion for Sport Psychology & Cricket has inspired me to design this course. This course is specially designed to program Cricketer's Subconscious mind to achieve Success. I believe Unless you change Consciously you can’t get transformed Subconsciously. While working on Player's minds, I felt there is a basic need for all Cricketers to train on the psychological aspect. I am confident that this course will do wonders in every Cricketers life.

So get ready to start Cricketers - Success Mantra with me. I am Sunil Vispute – Sports Psychologist Agile Coach & Life Coach. I have been practicing and coaching Cricketer's Affirmations, and Visualisation Techniques for Cricket Players for 2 decades. My work is appreciated by Cricket Legend Mr. Dilip Vengsarkar Sir & many Players who have benefited from my sessions. Also, these techniques are used by Well know cricketers including Virat Kohli, Steve Smith & many other Successful Players. It's a purely practical course that needs to be practiced for 21 days to get the desired result. I will take your Mind on a Journey of Visualisation through Guided Steps with Powerful Affirmations resulting Very Positive impact on your Cricketing Career. Do Join me to Experience the UnExperienced Journey.  Good Luck & See You in Actual Sessions!


Wicket-Keeper Powerful Affirmations & Visualization Session

Wicket-Keeper Powerful Affirmations
Wicket-Keeper Visualization Practical Session

Fielders Powerful Affirmations & Visualization Session

Fielders Powerful Affirmations
Fielder Visualization Practical Session

All-Rounder Visualization Session

All-Rounder Visualization Practical Session

Fast Recovery of Injured Player

Powerful Affirmation Session for Fast Recovery of Injured Player
Visualization Session for Fast Recovery of Injured Player

Cricket Players Suffering from Setback

Powerful Affirmation Session for Cricket Players Suffering from Setback
Visualization Session for Cricket Players Suffering from Setback

Concentration Techniques

Shree Yantra Tratak
Shakti Chakra Tratak


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