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WordPress SEO: Complete SEO Guide (Free Tools + Checklists)

Complete WordPress SEO Training - On Page, Off Page SEO, Link Building, Site Optimization, Yoast SEO, SEO Audit & More!

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Learn To Rank Website On Google And Gain Traffic From Search Engine

Find Low Competition, High Traffic Optimized Long Tail Keyword List

Learn About More Than 20+ SEO Tools To Improve Rank, Traffic, Speed And User Experience

Learn How To Get Free CDN + SSL Certificate And Configure It

Perform SEO Audit (Tools + Checklist)

Learn Step by Step Off-Page Optimization + Link Building

Learn About Page Optimization With CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Optimize Websites To Improve User Experience

Grasp Basics Of WordPress Security


Welcome to Complete Wordpress SEO, This course touches each and every important aspect of Wordpress SEO and Website Optimization including all updates,

In 6 Hours The Course Will Help You To,

  1. Understand Complete Search Engine Optimization

  2. Doing Keyword Research

  3. Implementing On-Page SEO Techniques and Technical Factor

  4. Focus On Website And Page Speed Optimization

  5. Diving Into Website Indexing

  6. Building Strategy For Link Building Techniques, 

  7. Improving Security With CDN and SSL Certificate.

  8. Performing SEO Audit Using Tools.

Why Wordpress?

  • Roughly 30-35% of the internet is run by Wordpress.

  • WordPress dominates over 76.4% of CMS Market Share and it’s FREE.

  • WordPress powers thousands of government websites in all parts of the world.

  • WordPress is used by thousands of universities, colleges, and schools all over the world.

  • Wordpress has more than 100,000+ free plugins.

  • WordPress is Available in 70+ Languages

Are you ready to Optimize your Wordpress website?

Don't you want to get ahead of competition? By the end of this course, you will be able to understand about Keyword Research, Onpage - Offpage SEO, Technical SEO, Create Links Yo Your Website, Perform SEO Audit and more, you will also be able to work on any Wordpress website to make improvement. You'll get full support from me to succeed in your Wordpress SEO Journey.

I’ve been a Web Developer and Digital Marketing Consultant for 5 years. I’m here to help you create a website that will be fully functional on all mobile devices and desktops. You’ll learn how to make pages, posts, menus, use widgets, use plugins. I’ll be there for you to help with your journey to Wordpress.


  • Stephen G. (Toronto, CA)
    "Shubham is the best! He taught me a few things I didn't know and I have been in this business for 10+ years! Thank you, my friend and a new order will come in tonight! " 

  • Lee S. (Hayes, GB)
    "Did exactly what was promised, good communication. Very pleased. Recommended!" 

  • Viktor Veres
    "Learned nice practical aspects. Straight forward, immediate results."

  • Dennis VanWagner 

    "This was the right course at the right time for me. It was short, sweet & to the point...."

After completing this course you will be able to Optimize Your Wordpress Website To Rank High On Search Engines.
Work as Intern, Fresher or Freelancer and you will also be able to implement everything on your website itself!  


WordPress SEO: Complete SEO Guide (Free Tools + Checklists)
WordPress SEO: Complete SEO Guide (Free Tools + Checklists)
WordPress SEO: Complete SEO Guide (Free Tools + Checklists)
WordPress SEO: Complete SEO Guide (Free Tools + Checklists)


Welcome - Lets Get Started!

Course Introduction

Welcome To Wordpress SEO

Search Engine Optimization Introduction

What Is SEO, How Was Growth In 2019?

How Google Engine Works?

Important Industry Acronyms

Keyword Research in 2019 (Step-by-Step)

What is a Keyword and Why it is Important?

Broad vs Long Tail Keywords

Getting Started With Keyword Research

Finding Competitor On New Niche – I

Finding Competitor On New Niche – II

Finding Competitor On New Niche – III

Finding Top Keywords of Competitors

List of Competitor’s Keywords

Google’s Official Keyword Tool

Validating Keywords with Google Trends

Converting Broad Keywords into Long Tail Keywords

Google Search Suggestions

On-Page SEO

Importance Of On-Page SEO

Website Tags - I

Website Tags - II

Importance Of Brand Factor

Keywords and URL Parameters

Utilizing Improvements?

Wordpress Website Pagespeed

Wordpress Speed Optimization

Working On Real Website

What Can Lower Your Page Speed?

Why Page Speed Is Important?

Understanding The “Why”

Let’s Get Started – Analyzing Website For PageSpeed Test

Optimization Images - I

Optimization Images - II

Wordpress Security (CDN + SSL)

What Is CDN – Adding CDN For Free?

Completing CDN Configuration – Adding Free SSL Certificate?

Wordpress Website Optimization

Caching And HTML, CSS and JS Optimization

Page Speed SEO Technique- I

Page Speed SEO Technique - II

Leverage Browser Caching – Page Speed Test After Optimization

Browser Caching

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages - I

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages - II

Google Search Console (Webmaster)

Introduction To Search Console

Create A Sitemap For Your Website

Adding Website To Google Search Console

Adding Sitemap To Google Search Console

Adding Different Version Of Website To Webmaster

Adding Website And Sitemap To Bing Webmaster

Alexa Ranking And How To Add Website

Submit Blog Post To Google For Fast Indexing

Find Top Ranking Keywords of Your Site

Backlink Building

Link Building, Page Rank, Link Juice, Quality Vs Quantity

Dofollow And Nofollow Backlinks

Types Of Links

Target And Goals For Backlink Building Campaign

Backlink Building Techniques

Spying On Competitors

Internal Linking

Protecting Against Spam

Protect Best Backlinks | Remove Spam Links

SEO Audit - Evaluating Search Engine Friendliness

What is SEO Audit?

Performing - Basic SEO Audit

Understanding - Advance SEO Audit

Bonus - What Next?

Thank You For Being Here!


Learn26 August 2020

The best course i have ever get in Udemy history.I highly recommend people to buy this course Thanks Shubham

Kingsley27 May 2020

Lecture covered most of the SEO information. However noticed few thing should have got included like: 1. Standard Tools Used by Companies 2. Meta Tag How its done for wordpress and HTML websites 3. How to import other sites as a freelancer for SEO indexing.

İbrahim23 April 2020

Overall lectures was good enough. Informations are clear, the tools are accesible and examples are applicable. But there are some issues about video subtitles. Thanks for your effort and time. :)

Priyanka11 November 2018

Content is quite good and to the point, used simple language and less jargons, good for beginners like me to learn about wordpress. Looking forward to your SEO videos.

Terryann13 October 2018

This course was great and straight to the point. I love the demonstrations and his knowledge. I just created a blog site myself and I wanted to learn SEO. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. https://terryannthewriter.com/

Dristee7 October 2018

Yes it is great just what i was looking for and it is easy to understand. A friend recommended it to me....

Nur23 September 2018

this is for beginer but the course presented here is beautiful. The tutor seems having great experience in his field . Hope I can continue to his course to make my site or blog good SEO. and again thanks for this great course.

Dennis22 September 2018

This was the right course at the right time for me. It was short, sweet & to the point. The only thing I would add to improve the course is to slow the pace down just a bit. He often went from one thing to another a little fast, then keep on talking while I was trying to figure out what just happened. But He has a great course & I would have no problem taking another course by him & I would definitely recommend this course & him as an instructor.


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