Practical Guide: Whiteboard Animation with Videoscribe

Making Whiteboard animation videos with VideoScribe, with the help of Camtasia, InKscape & PhotoShop.

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Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Make your own professional video in a simple way saving your money.

Promoting your business and products.

Having the ability to introduce your ideas in an amusing way.

Able to attract people to your products by good publicity.


  • VideoScribe is the most popular whiteboard animation software that gains the trust of many multinational companies such as MobilDelvac. You can create videos in which your clients can hear, see and interact with the video. 

  • VideoScribe gives you the ability to insert handwritten text, images (vectors and bitmap). 

  • VideoScribe allows you to build charts with different types and to carry out your analysis. You can also insert voice over describing your video with a beautiful background music. 

  • It does not require any drawing skills to master VideoScribe.

In this course:

  • Detailed discussion for every feature in the software.

  • Bonus lectures for InkScape to use it with VideoScribe.

  • Package of +150 hand fonts that helps you to create professional videos.

  • Package of websites that provide free fonts, vectors and sounds to improve videos reality.

  • Discussing how to edit the exported videos using Camtasia.

  • Combination of VideoScribe and Camtasia & Photoshop & Inkscape.

  • You can find more and more after you enroll to this course.


Practical Guide: Whiteboard Animation with Videoscribe
Practical Guide: Whiteboard Animation with Videoscribe
Practical Guide: Whiteboard Animation with Videoscribe
Practical Guide: Whiteboard Animation with Videoscribe




Introduction to VideoScribe

What will you learn?


Installation of VideoScribe

Installation of InkScape

Start Screen and Canvas




How to insert a text

Unsupported Languages & Fonts Pack

Text Properties

Text properties 2

How To Make Morph Animation For Text That Is Not Supported By Videoscibe

Inserting And Generating GIF Text To VideoScribe



my present to you & Resources

Bitmap Vs SVG

Inserting images

Inserting SVG , AI , EPS images

Adjusting images with InkScape & Image properties


Charts and their types

Inserting Charts from Excel Using InkScape


Inserting music


General Steps

Paper Texture

Hand Setting

Setting The Camera

Publishing The Video

Bonus Section

Behind Glass Effect

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Michelle25 July 2020

I had a really hard time understanding what the instructor was saying, so I had to go over sections again and again to get clarity. Also, VideoScribe has updated its version since the making of this course, so it took additional time to figure out where functions were located. Overall, it took me a lot more time to work through this than I thought it would. The information was good, its just that the delivery was challenging.

Atiqul5 December 2018

I needed to create simple educational videos on a budget. And whiteboard animation seemed a viable option. I took this course and learnt the basics very quickly. A great course for beginners I would say.

Ioannis30 September 2018

Very nice introduction to the tool and well thought out curriculum. I liked the lecture on how to set the camera. I think it's one of the most important ones.

Vincent23 June 2018

A good journey learning something totally new with no prior knowledge and at the end have skill to navigate through it. cheers!!!!!!

Reaz13 May 2018

Well, It's a good course but the Instructor should improve the speaking skill. It's kinda hard to understand what he is saying and I needed to take a look at the Transcript all the time. Overall, the course is great for everyone.

Serdar10 May 2018

The course is perfectly understandable and there are subtitles for those having problems with the accent but i don't think it's necessary. I am just in the beginning of the course but he gave me hope that i can do whiteboard animations on my own in short time. Keep up the good work!

Juan20 February 2018

competent lecture, does a lot of misspelling mistakes when he talks what it is a bit annoying and distracting....but in general i like the course so far...(just started...i dont think Udemy should ask this feedback so early....it should ask feedback after 50% of the content is completed....)

iDesigners7 February 2018

Took the course as VIDEO is the future of internet and Whiteboard Animations are in great demand. If you are planning to start a video marketing agency or social media agency or just freelance services, this course should be of great help Everything is mentioned in a step-by-step manner and anyone can follow them easily. Thank you so much

Ahmed31 August 2017

the information in the course is basic and the instructor english is bad and sometimes i don't know what he is saying

Olatunde15 August 2017

Mohammed has done a good job creating this comprehensive course. I've seen other whiteboard courses and I can assure you Mohammed patiently dives into every aspect of the tool. He also goes the extramile of teaching you to create effects with other softwares like Camtasia and make your images draw well with Inkscape. Drawing png/jpeg images well by first editing the lines in Inkscape is what most "scribers" don't do(loosing perfection). He's got an engineering background, so you see him handling it carefully like a "tool", explaining every detail. He may not have an american accent but he speaks English audibly. What I'd love to see is him taking a script and bringing it to life with a video, step-by-step. But every trick has been explained. Good luck getting your hands busy. If you like to make some money, practice making several videos and head over to freelancing sites.

Sirri5 August 2017

Some part were to quick and difficult to follow. Especially those parts where the instructer was hovering over menus, etc ... (ex. in Inscape)

Kolade1 August 2017

It could take weeks to get the knowledge I acquired in this course within two days. I am really grateful. It will be appreciated to know more about tweaking inkscape to suite videoscribe by working magic with it, I understand that this tutorial is dedicated to videoscribe but they seem to work hand in hand to achieve a different result. Is there a Platform where we can share ideas like how far we have gone with what we've learnt asides the comment section? Thank you once again, tutorials on how to create custom whiteboard animation will be greatly appreciated. Please note that Instructor is readily available to attend to you and answer your numerous questions. Great work altogether!

Buka28 July 2017

wow, I can't believe that this course was only for 50$. It deserves 200$. Very amazing delivery, pace and tone. Covering all the required information and more. I like your commentary a lot. This Course deserves 5/5 review.

Wari18 July 2017

Although I have some good skills with the software. I have learned a lot from this course. you were very thorough. This course is very organized, and talking about every thing. I liked having other software discussed here so I can use them with Videoscribe. I liked your small notes about the color selections, I was choked when I discovered that I was selecting them very bad. Really, during the two hours of this course you respected our time, every second is important in it. THANK YOU

Aly14 July 2017

This course is very interesting, I adivse any one who wants to know more about whiteboard animation to attend this course. Clear explanation, very interesting, explaining every thing in details, Despite this is my third Whiteboard animation course I still find it the best one of them as it contains a lot of information and the instructor has a special method of giving examples. Thank you for this amazing course.


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