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Creating SVG for Whiteboard Videos

Learn how to create svg files for whiteboard videos the right way.

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May 2015

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What you will learn

Create professional svg files for whiteboard videos

Start using the pen tool with confidence

Master a new skill

Learn something new to offer as a service


If you have been struggling to create your svg image files without those double lines then you have come to the right place to learn a better way of creating them. You have probably been taught how to convert a .png file to .svg to use with your whiteboard videos, but those crazy double lines keeping showing up. Converting those .png file to .svg's just don't seem to work that well but I am going to help you change that. Here is what you will learn to do in this course.

  • Create svg files with the real line by line drawing effect.
  • Never have the double lines in your svg files.
  • Learn how to set your brush mode to make it happen.
  • Learn the best tools for clean line drawing effects.
  • I'll show you examples of what not to do.
  • Show you everything to do the right way.
  • How to use the pen tool

All you will need is access to Adobe Illustrator or any other software such as Inkscape, or any other that is like Illustrator. Some of these alternatives are free to download.

The videos in this course has been structured in order of importance to help you get the most out of it. This course is about an hour long and gets straight to the point with all of the fluff left out so you can focus on the topics at hand.

Video marketing is huge and isn't going anywhere so jump on board and learn how to create your very own svg images the right way for yourself, or to offer this new talent as a service to others. If you have any question along the way just send me a message and I will respond as quickly as possible to help you.

Get in now while the price is right because there are time I will add new content as new technology evolves and once you are in, you never pay another cent no matter how large this course gets.


Creating SVG for Whiteboard Videos
Creating SVG for Whiteboard Videos
Creating SVG for Whiteboard Videos
Creating SVG for Whiteboard Videos




Right Way and Wrong Way to Create SVG Files

Creating SVG Files The Wrong Way

Creating SVG Files the Right Way

How Much Do You Remember?

Tools That Make Bad SVG's

Brush Tool Examples, Why It Don't Work

The Type Tool

Best Tools to Create Your SVG Files

Best Tools for Line Drawing SVG Files

Pen Tool Tutorial

How to Use The Pen Tool for Beginners

Using The Bezier Tool in Inkscape

How to Use The Pen and Pencil Tools in Inkscape

Ideas for Drawing Your Own Images

Getting Ideas for Hand Drawn Images


Course Summary


Magdalena19 July 2019

Presenter explain only how to use pen tools in Adobe Illustrator. This course is nothing more as basic knowledge of drawing and saving files SVG in Illustrator. I was hoping for something more about whiteboard videos.

Laura13 April 2017

Helpful starting information. This saved me a lot of time looking everything up, especially with the tools. Thanks so much.

Cheryl4 December 2016

Hard to see all the actions in illustrator used to convert image. Would be helpful if instructor could zoom in on each action.

Judi1 April 2016

Bryant did an excellent job explaining the do's and do-not's when converting a graphic to a svg file. I am not an illustrator, but use graphics in my work frequently. I feel so much more confident now about customizing art for whiteboard videos. Thank you very much!

Lutung29 February 2016

For someone who's only blundered their way around 'SVG+Whiteboard Videos' it was nice to follow a simple, easy to follow course! I was specifically interested in how to 'Creating SVG for Whiteboard Videos' and this course has helped me. Thanks :-)

Randy26 September 2015

Bryant has created a very practical and helpful basic course showing how to improve on methods for drawing in Illustrator or Inkscape. This mainly applies to converting graphics from pngs to svgs in hand-drawn whiteboard art projects.

Nin18 August 2015

I've wanted to learn how to do white board animations but I do not like the templates or "boxed" animations that come with programs. Bryant has really opened my eyes as to how to make my own white board animations with my distinctive style. Svgs made in Inkscape. Thanks Bryant!

Usuff22 May 2015

Helped me on the path to SVG creation. For all whiteboard animators out there, this course is a must. Especially if quality of the drawing process matters. Bryant teaches something nobody else does.

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