Creating iPhone & iPad Apps Training - No Coding Required

Learn How To Create IOS Apps And Never Do A Hard Days Work Again.Zero Coding Needed in this ios app development tutorial

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Creating iPhone & iPad Apps Training - No Coding Required
12 hours
Jan 2017
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What you will learn

Everything you need to develop iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad

106 lectures divided into 27 chapters covering everything from designing to coding to publishing apps in the app store

Descriptions on how to use the iPhone and iPad features and limitations to your advantage

Walkthrough to creating your first two apps


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About This Tutorial
In this iOS app development tutorial, you will learn how to create apps for iPhone and iPad devices. Expert trainer and published author Tony Bove introduces you to using the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) and Xcode to build apps for the iPhone, iPad and Universal apps. Even if you have never programmed before or built apps before, by the end of this iOS app development tutorial you will be fully capable of building apps and submitting them to the App Store.

Before you even start building an app, Tony takes you through what makes a good app, and the limitations you will face on the iPhone and iPad platforms. You will learn how to design a good user interface, how to use the iOS simulator, how to program in Xcode, and how an app runs. From there, you will jump right into building apps: designing the interface, including iAds in your app, animating, timing, and much more. You will also learn how to build iPad specific apps to take advantage of a larger screen and additional features. Finally, you will learn how to package your apps, and prepare them for submission to the app store.

By the conclusion of this iOS app development tutorial you will be fully capable of designing, creating and submitting an app to the Apple App Store, using the iOS SDK and Xcode. The author has included working files, to allow you to work alongside him as he builds an app throughout this video based iOS app development tutorial.

Please Note:-

This is an older course on Creating iPhone & iPad Apps, if you want to view our more upto date iOS app development tutorial that covers all the latest techniques you should follow this link:


01. Introduction: What is Covered

Working Files - Download These First
0101 What You Will Learn
0102 An Overview Of The Development Cycle
0103 The SDK With Xcode
0104 Introducing The Sample Applications

02. Making Great iPhone Apps

0201 What Makes An iPhone App Great?
0202 Exploiting The iPhone's Features
0203 Embracing The iPhone's Limitations
0204 Why Develop iPhone Applications?

03. Making Great iPad Apps

0301 What Makes An iPad App Great?
0302 Exploiting The iPad's Features
0303 Embracing The iPad's Limitations
0304 Why Develop iPad Applications?
0305 Developing Apps For Both iPhone And iPad

04. Designing The User Experience

0401 Creating A Compelling User Experience
0402 Apple's Suggestions For Developing iOS Apps
0403 Avoiding Practices that Get Apps Rejected

05. Getting The Developer Tools

0501 Joining The Developer Program
0502 Using Resources In The Dev Center
0503 Downloading The SDK

06. Getting To Know Xcode

0601 Exploring An Xcode Project
0602 Using The Xcode Text Editor
0603 Accessing Documentation
0604 Customizing Xcode

07. Getting To Know The iOS Simulator

0701 Running Your App In The Simulator
0702 Interacting With Simulated Hardware
0703 Uninstalling Apps And Resetting The Simulator
0704 Simulator Limitations

08. Understanding How An App Runs

0801 Starting With The Utility Application Template
0802 The App Life Cycle
0803 Event And Interruption Processing
0804 Termination And Memory Management

09. Programming The App

0901 Introducing Objects And Classes
0902 Using Header And Implementation Files
0903 Allocating Objects
0904 Working With Declared Properties
0905 Using Frameworks And Design Patterns

10. Understanding iPhone Interface Controls

1001 Looking At Interface Builder
1002 Inspecting The Main View
1003 Inspecting The Flipside View
1004 Unraveling The Info And Done Buttons

11. Controlling The iPhone Main View

1101 Working With Windows And Views
1102 Adding Your Own Application's Behavior
1103 Where Does Your Code Go?

12. Including An iAd Banner

1201 Putting iAds In Your App
1202 Creating An Animated View With An iAd Banner
1203 Controlling The iAd Banner View

13. Animating The iPhone Main View

1301 Setting A Timer
1302 Connecting A Timer For The Animation
1303 The Block Object Design Pattern
1304 Finishing And Testing The Main View

14. Setting Up iPhone App User Preferences

1401 Setting Up User Preferences
1402 Using The Notification System
1403 Using Property Lists

15. Developing The Flipside Controls For The iPhone App

1501 Adding Property Declarations And Synthesize Statements
1502 Setting Up Preferences In The Flipside View
1503 Adding Methods For The Interface Objects
1504 Using The Settings In The Main View

16. Adding Interface Objects And Gestures To The iPhone App

1601 How Gestures Work
1602 Adding A Pinch Gesture
1603 Connecting The Interface Objects In Interface Builder
1604 Testing The MyWorld iPhone App

17. Adding A Second View To The iPhone App

1701 Creating A Second View
1702 How A Scrolling View Works
1703 Adding A View And A Nib
1704 Initializing View Controllers
1705 Managing Background And Memory

18. Implementing The Photo View On The iPhone App

1801 Using Objects From The Main View
1802 Animating The Photo View
1803 Accessing Media On The iPhone
1804 Modifying The Window Nib For Scrolling
1805 Testing The Complete iPhone App

19. Building An iPad App User Interface

1901 Starting An iPad App
1902 Inspecting The View
1903 Adding An Image To The View
1904 Adding An Info Button

20. Adding Behavior To The iPad View

2001 An iPad App Odyssey
2002 Setting Up The Animated View
2003 Marking Out Methods

21. Animating The iPad View

2101 Drawing The View
2102 Freeing Up memory
2103 Testing The View

22. Preparing iPad User Preferences

2201 Preparing For User Settings
2202 Setting Up User Preference Settings
2203 Setting Up A Modal View

23. Building A Modal View In The iPad App

2301 Adding Outlets To The View Controller
2302 Adding Methods For The Interface Objects
2303 Initializing And Setting The Modal View Style
2304 Saving The Preference Settings

24. Connecting Interface Objects In The iPad App

2401 Adding The Interface Objects
2402 Connecting The Interface Objects
2403 Connecting The Info Button
2404 Testing The New Modal View

25. Adding Gestures And Making A Universal App

2501 Understanding iPad Gestures
2502 Adding Tap And Swipe Recognizers
2503 Testing Gestures In The iPad app
2504 Making A Universal App
2505 Testing The iPhone/iPad Universal App

26. Debugging And Finishing Your App

2601 Fixing Bugs And Issues
2602 Using The Static Analyzer
2603 Adding Application Icons And Launch Images
2604 Building Your App For Distribution
2605 Managing Your Apps In The App Store


March 19, 2020
This was an informative introduction to what I will be taught and what will be executed by the end of the lesson.
February 15, 2017
excellent...lots of info that might seem overwhelming presented in a orderly way. The pace is very good. Im looking forward to getting into coding
February 1, 2017
The author has started the course with a good introduction. Being a developer myself, I found the presentation style very impressing.
January 28, 2017
I have just finished watching the introductory videos to this course and was impressed on how well it has been put together thus far. The information being conveyed seems to be well prepared and is being clearly spoken. These things are some important in a successful course.
August 27, 2016
Clear, concise, gives examples well, gives options for further study and informs of the broader scope of things.
June 21, 2016
So far the lesson only told me expectations, i havent actually learned anything, the presentation was good, but no actual conent yet.
June 14, 2016
Course designed for learner. If the course developed for beginners ie not having any computer science background it will be help ful.
June 4, 2016
Because it was the beginning lecture which only covered the objectives. He did it very well, but I am more interested in the meat of the lecture.
August 28, 2015
In stark contrast to other, this course gets you thinking about the device itself as well as the app. I think that's where great UX comes from.
March 30, 2014
At navigation is too hard to find where you would apps to make. Should be a lot easier to make overall the app is good.
August 20, 2013
It took me long time searching app like this but, never find until now, so thank you. Words can't xpress how I feel
June 7, 2013
The first 3 or so sections should just be skipped. Also he doesn't know how to pronounce accelerometer but attempts to over and over and over. However it was well worth the price (free).
June 1, 2013
Very says no coding, and yet your learning about xcode and the SDK. while, that's fine it should not say no coding. Wasn't impressed!
April 21, 2013
Very clear. Even if it's for an older iOS version, the basics are still the same. Thanks for proving it for free.
April 7, 2013
So..this is the best course for a beginner. I have read a lot of tutorials, and materials about developing IOS Applications, but this course is by far the best. Beginning from scratch, step by step. Thank you Infinite Skills.



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