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Creating Easy Website Landing Pages as Part of Sales Funnels

From click to conversion

Creating Easy Website Landing Pages as Part of Sales Funnels


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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Creating landing pages that funnel leads to targeted sales


Landing pages are one of the most important assets in a successful sales funnel. They not only give you a link to share and market, but they act as the primary salesperson in converting the leads coming from your various platforms. In order for a funnel to be successful, the landing page must be well-written, well-designed, and have a clear 3-click max formula to convert the sale. And we will walk through each step.

The Problem:

FACT: You've been told you need to do digital marketing in order to succeed.
FACT: You were told right.


  1. You have no idea where to start.

  2. You've had consultations but it's like the 'experts' were speaking another language and you couldn't follow along.

  3. Social Media Managers charge too much for you to hire them.

The Solution:

I crafted (over many months) my formula. The one that people spend tens of thousands of dollars on per year for me to do for them - all laid out for you at a fraction (like SUUUPER fraction) of that cost.

It really is everything I know, everything I researched, everything I've implemented for clients and watched their sales double and triple. It is my job detailed meticulously and broken up into multiple step-by-step mini-lessons, laid out like a yellow brick road.


Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

Why Every business Needs A Landing Page

Designing a Seamless Landing Page

Designing a Seamless Landing Page - Mail Chimp

Designing a Seamless Landing Page - Thrive Architect

Ideal Format for Best Conversion

The Importance of Headlines

Writing Sales Copy That Doesn't Sound Like Sales Copy

Set Up/Monitor Trackable Conversions


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