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Creating A Positive Mindset - Accelerating Personal Success

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Creating A Positive Mindset - Accelerating Personal Success


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Nov 2015

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What you will learn

Understand the Paradigms that run their life, while able to use our tools to change them


Positive thinking is a mental and emotional perception that looks on the bright side of life and expects positive outcomes. A positive person sees happiness, health and success, and thinks he or she can overcome any blocks and challenges.

A positive mindset is an attitude someone has who “expects” good and desired results. The power of positivity is immense, and it can help you convert that energy into reality. By expectation, we don't mean it to be a sense of entitlement.

Much has been made of having a positive mental attitude. Dale Carnegie started it with his classic book: "How to Win Friends and Influence People". It is still as true today as it was when he wrote it.

In this course, we discuss the main components of creating a positive mindset and how you can use it in your life to achieve your goals.

We cover important topics like:

  • Why 99.9% of people never achieve their goals

  • Have-Do-Be Paradigm v. Be-Do-Have Paradigm

  • The Importance of Repetition

  • Random Acts of Kindness

  • And much more...

We must be in a 'happy place' before we even start setting out to make new intentions for our lives and here I will help you to get into a positive vibrational energy level.

A positive mindset is an attitude someone has who “expects” good and desired results. The power of positivity is immense, and it can help you convert that energy into reality. By expectation, I don't mean it to be a sense of entitlement.

Join us on a journey to success and happiness! It is much closer than you think...

Individuals who have a positive attitude will pay attention to the good, rather than bad in people, situations, events. A simple example of a positive attitude; when you are having a very bad run of luck but you still say “Good Morning” rather than “What's so good about this morning”.

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Introduce Yourself


Why 99.9% of people never achieve their goals

The number one thing you must do before you set intentions and goals

Daily Success Rituals

Your Success Blueprint



Introduction to Paradigms

Have-Do-Be Paradigm v. Be-Do-Have Paradigm

The Importance of Starting from a Happy Place

The Importance of Repetition

[Activity] Paradigms


Daily Success Rituals

Gratitude Diary

Random Acts of Kindness

Complimenting Others

[Activity] Compliments

Exercising Your Body and Your Mind

Daily Success Rituals


Next Steps

Helping Four Fellow Students


ADIL28 June 2020

This courses was simple and had a good gradient. I didn't feel confused or lost at any time during the course. I really enjoyed it , good job !.

Micha25 June 2020

Great course with much information about actual steps you can take to create a positive mindset and become successful at life. I enjoyed the lectures.

Thomas28 March 2020

I think this course is not interactive enough, it is lacking control of a exercises. On the other hand - it is very informative and for me even watching those videos was uplifting and helped me to get a positive mindset.

Paul14 August 2019

First, I appreciated the course was being offered for FREE. As somebody who suffers from ADD/Attention Deficit Disorder...I also appreciated that it didn't take too long to cover the whole course. I liked that overall the energy put into both creating/presenting the course was 'positive'; and, that the course contained good ideas: be positive/do good things to both yourself(be grateful for what you have/take exercise)/and, others(forgiveness, leads to blessing towards yourself/giving compliments helps others feel good...and, you in turn, too/be charitable). On the other hand, I'm really not sure that the course has taught me even a single thing that is entirely 'new'...which I haven't already heard of before. Still good thoughts are always far better than are bad thoughts; and, I am one who tends to over indulge in a lot of 'negativity'; so, I appreciate taking at least a few moments break to escape from being locked into all that 'negativity'...to spend precious time -time is all we've got, after all- being a lot more 'positive', instead. -Thanks! Too, I wish you both well. ;-)

Michelle26 June 2019

I came here to understand how to change my mindset, What I got was a whole new perception that allows me to combine all different fields in my life. I would certainly recommend this to all my friends and family members!

Guanting31 March 2019

Good course! I felt that the action items were slightly generic though, and it would be beneficial to have a worksheet and/or a schedule for this kind of thing. Other than that, thanks for the course, it's been pretty great

Richard29 August 2018

Excellent course with some great insights and a great basis of learning, allowing me to explore other courses

Zebbie16 July 2018

thank you for the course. I learn a lot and I am starting to note my daily gratitude journal. I love the idea and yes it is works. Thank you so much

Emil13 March 2018

Very comprimized course, even for this small amount of time I've gained awesome informations and practical advices to do so that I be able to become more the person I want to be in the world.

Alex10 February 2017

video quality is poor, male presenter is good, with good video quality. The female presenter, not only has bad video quality, but comes off as hugely disingenuous, not sure why, just can't seem to shake that vibe when she comes on.

Fiona30 January 2016

The course suited my needs perfectly. With small sections I could complete at my own speed and no time pressure, not to mention the excellent content, it was a pleasure to take part.I will remember especially random acts of kindness. What a great idea.I recccomend this course to anyone. Thank you very much

Elly8 December 2015

I've finished the course two days ago and what really struck me was the Be-Do-Have paradigm. I just realized that since having my anxiety six years ago, I've never imagined myself as someone without anxiety. But now I'm starting to apply the concept that I have learned. The lessons are simple and easy to follow so you won't find it hard to apply it to your daily life. :)

Meci30 November 2015

This course have been so useful for me to understand the importance of positivity, daily routines and gratitude to achieve my dreams. Louise is a great coach who has been so guiding And helpful during the tough times I had. I will highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to adapt a positive mindset and achieve their goals thru self love

Caroline30 November 2015

A very helpful and friendly way to introduce positive change for wellbeing... I'm enthusiastic about bringing those changes into my life...thank you Louise

Sharon29 November 2015

Amazing course great information that I can use in my everyday day life . Great talks & very interesting & engaging instructors xxx


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