Creating a meaningful life & having true happiness

Grow and become all you can be! You are more powerful than you believe!

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Personal Transformation
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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

FUN Personal Development

Following a Tested Recipe for Happiness

Breaking Self Limiting Beliefs

In depth Self Analysis

Finding Meaning in Your Life


This is a Fun and Powerful Personal Development Course.

In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Gaile Wilson (world renowned motivational trainer) reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change.

It is based on a tested recipe for Happiness. We look at identifying and elimination self-limiting beliefs and setting you free from previous negative experiences.

You will do a practical in-depth self-analysis and learn about yourself.

We examine beliefs and reframing of beliefs. We look at how to disempower negative core-beliefs looking at some of the following questions:

1. What's standing in your way?

2. What will happen if you don't take new steps?

4. What does success look like to you?

5. What do you want?

7. What are you doing to not achieve your goal?

9. What will things look like after you've been successful?

You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate specific wellness activities into your everyday life resulting in new meaning for your life through this course and also to learn practical steps to change your life for the positive and to permanently make these improvements.


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Welcome & Introduction

Happiness Rules & Values

Rules & Values

Life Wheel

Measure your Life

Defining your goals

Practical Goal Setting

Self limiting beliefs

Fishtank & Elephant beliefs

Reframing Beliefs

Learning Reframing

Remove Barriers to your Goals

Barriers Questions

Present Mindedness

Be here Now

Daily Rituals & Conclusion

Action & Conclusion


July 12, 2022
This course is what i need right now as i am in the process of acquiring a life coaching qualification
July 10, 2022
This is such a simple but brilliant course. I also did Gailes certified emotional intelligence course and it's on my CV
July 9, 2022
It was very interesting and inspiring! I look forward to putting tips into practise and further learning. Sticking my neck out of the tortoise.
June 22, 2022
Lovely course. Thank you Gaile. Loved seeing your face on the screen. Very positive course and to the point.
June 20, 2022
This was a good inspirational course for people wanting to find direction / happiness / achievement in their lives. I am a Psychology student with my Honours in Psychological Counselling and I enjoyed the course! The presenter is personable, well spoken, likable.
June 20, 2022
This course is going to help me to live a positive life. I've been through the most i've been in a dark space where things didn't go the way i planned. I've been in a situation where my own biological father neglected us as family but we try to accept him and live our life but last year he disappointed us again where he chose our sister and spread evil rumors about me and wanted me to fall down in life so that him and his friends can celebrate my downfall and lough at me. I've been so strong for the longest period of time but i can feel the pain. Now , my extended family members are busy cursing and wishing bad for me and spreading false rumors about myself. I'm deeply hurt because no one protects me and i think if my mother was still alive i wasn't going to feel these kinds of pain. Now, i am looking forward to live a positive life and help those who are suffering to see life differently.
June 16, 2022
Yes it is a good match for me I am trying to remain Optimistic in all situations and soar above the negativity and Gratitude is keeping me focused to the life I am creating for myself.
June 16, 2022
Yes it is a very good match for me. It is really helping me in gaining valuable insight and growth in myself.
June 16, 2022
I love the interactive content. The breaks in between to push the download and go over the material. Definitely a good match for me.



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