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Create your own UBER App with Flutter & Firebase Course 2021

Learn Dart, Flutter & Firebase by Google and Build your own iOS & Android Taxi Ride Sharing Application like UBER Clone

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18 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter Backend Mobile App Development

Flutter Frontend Mobile App Development

How to use Firebase as Backend for Mobile Apps (Android+iOS)

How to make fully functional Uber like App

and much more.


In this course you will learn and make your own fully functional ride sharing applications just like UBER app with flutter and firebase as backend.

This course has two apps:

1) UBER Clone Users App

2) UBER Clone Drivers App

UBER Clone Users App is for the users to use while UBER Clone Drivers App is for the drivers to use. We will develop this complete project with firebase as backend with flutter dart.

In this course you will also learn how to send real time push notifications using firebase cloud messaging. Also you will learn how to add google maps to android and iOS app, how to use google maps apis, how to use google places api and you will learn how to get and update user and driver current location at real time using geofire for android and iOS apps. Moreover you will learn about how draw polylines on map in android and iOS applications using flutter with firebase real time database as backend.

We will complete this course step by step, so that you can learn and understand every function and how it works. We will separately authenticate the user (rider) from the driver. So that both can be differentiated and we do like this because to avoid any misuse from the rider side.

At the end of this course you will have your own fully functionally, fully backend + frontend ride sharing app like uber and careem app.


Create your own UBER App with Flutter & Firebase Course 2021
Create your own UBER App with Flutter & Firebase Course 2021
Create your own UBER App with Flutter & Firebase Course 2021
Create your own UBER App with Flutter & Firebase Course 2021



Course Introduction

Download and Install Flutter SDK

For Windows users: Flutter SDK (Complete Setup)

For MAC users: Flutter SDK (Complete Setup)

Users App (Rider App)

create user app

connect project and app to firebase

add icon and font to our project

create login page

create signup page

navigation and set route

signup user with firebase authentication and firebase database

signin user using firebase

progress dialog

add google maps to app

add home and work location panel

navigation drawer

get user current location - flutter google map

enable GeoCoding Api and Reverse GeoCoding

reverse geocoding and display address

setting Data Provider Class and save Current Location Address

search and create destination page

enable google places api - auto complete search

deserialize place predictions result & display it on listview

get place details lat lng of selected place

get direction from pickup to dropoff location using google direction api

draw polyline on map & fit polyline on map - LatLng Bounds & add Markers Circles

design ride fare estimates panel

switch between containers display

calculate ride fares amount using distance and duration

request ride and find driver design panel

create ride request and cancel ride request

check if already user loggedin and signout user

Drivers App

create driver app new flutter project

connect driver app to firebase (Android+iOS)

register and save Driver and Driver's Car Info

bottom Navigation for Driver App Home Screen

set google map || geo Locater services for Driver app

driver online and offline panel

get live Location updates and save to Database at Real Time using GeoFire

implement Go Online and Go Offline feature

difference between users's login & drives's login with Firebase Auth & Database

Rider App - Display Nearby Drivers

set geofire and handle geofire callbacks to find nearby drivers for rider

display nearby drivers to rider (on rider map) with custom car makers

Push Notifications Service

Android Phone - send (new ride request) push notification to drivers


Ersin6 April 2021

Eğitmen Flutter öğretmemiş.Yazdığı kodları okuyor sadece.Neyi , neden yaptığından hiç bahsetmiyor..Sadece bi uygulama yapmış hepsi bu kadar.

Oscar25 March 2021

Es buen curso para comenzar a programar en Flutter y Firebase. Tambien es bueno para tener una aplicación base similar a uber. Aunque el curso es bueno, el titulo es engañoso por que muchas de las librerias que se utilizan de pub.dev estan desactualizadas. Yo personalmente batalle con las peticiones post para los mensajes debido a que aqui se hacer referencia a una versión legacy de mensajería. Creo que podría mejorar si actualizaran las referencias a los paquetes.

Pholarin22 March 2021

Very good course but some things don't work just fine, like the Authentication. Every time the app is restarted it requires sign in. So many deprecated codes

Daniel12 March 2021

The code is not created following separation of concern. All logic, data and UI are mixed in one file.

Enrique17 February 2021

Lots of knowledge packed in a single course , I didn't give full score because in some cases the instructor does not follow best practices per the documentation

Greg2 February 2021

The instructor explained each detail with as much information as to how to do the steps. Meticulous and clean.

Cesar20 January 2021

The app that is shown in the preview is not the same one that is built in the course, the app of the course is ugly and simple, I do not understand what the instructor wins by deceiving users. I will report the course as a scam!

William9 January 2021

This course is amazing. It took me from zero to hero in Flutter. The way the instructor teaches is so amazing and things were on point. Great course. Highly recommended to everyone. And i have taken a few different courses on Flutter now, but I have to say that Coding Cafe [Muhammad Ali] has gone above and beyond. His recent updates have made it an excellent resource and the best course overall for learning Flutter real Applications development (Backend+Frontend Flutter Apps). Be prepared to be challenged, but if you work through the course you will be quite knowledgeable by the time you are done.

Kenneth8 January 2021

I find that this course is very well presented. I had very little experience with Flutter before taking this course but the presenter makes it very easy for the learner to follow along and understand the concepts and inner workings of the application. I especially appreciate how the functionality and implementation of each feature are presented to the learner, down to individual lines of code. This couse is well worth the time and money!

Pete29 December 2020

I like it because it is complete. But it is a very hard course. Still it fits my learning style: from the big picture to to the details, step by step. A fifth star i would give for more in-depth explanations. But i am very happy with this course and I would again chose this teacher. addendum: anyway I give still 5 stars...there are some very unfair ratings. the teacher is very knowledgeful. We cannot expect that he feeds us all the knowledge at once for 10 dollars. come on dudes we also have to study it on our own.

Kiran26 December 2020

Lot of ground is covered in the course, but can be taught better. Description of the logic on how individual functionality is implemented needs to be covered. Without this you are left guessing. Source code is not available! Other courses start with a base code and build on it and make that available as milestones as course progresses. Overall good course but I may need to take other intro courses as well to make better sense of this course.

Robert24 December 2020

very useful, unique and really interesting course. Excellent course. Probably not a beginner course. If you are an experience developer Or have some knowledge e.g with new to flutter, you should be able to manage everything without a issue. This is course is amazing for all people who wants to become a professional developer by making learning & making their own professional app like in this course. Thanks

Adiel22 December 2020

This course is really a joke. First of all the preview when the instructor shows the apps we are going to build got nothing to do with the actual course material. no source code and in the videos there is some files that is hidden to the user (gods knows why) The instructor is really bad and after every episode he finishes with "ohhh this is so amazing" like a child. Really Really bad course - stay away !

Stephen18 December 2020

So far the lectures save their purpose.A git hub repository is needed to avoid mistakes when following through the lessions.

Steve12 December 2020

i am so happy, finally i have created my own app like UBER. Wow. Thank you very very much. This course is really great and excellent. Instructor is also very good and humble, throughout the course he helped me. i personally contact him on his instagram and he is always ready to help anytime. Great Course, Highly recommended to everyone.


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