Beginner to Expert: Learn how to create Discord Bots in Java

Learn about the practical creation of Discord Bots using Java Programming, by following high quality lectures in 2022.

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May 2022
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What you will learn

Learn about the essentaisl & fundamentels of the Java Programming Language.

Create a practical & fun Discord Bot using Java for your Discord Servers.

Become familiar with the usage of databases & files on your Discord Bot.

Handle with various events, features, commands, functions & much more.

Understand how to correctly host & manage your Discord Bot, local or global.

Learn how to create your very first own custom made Music Bot in Java.

Learn how to create ticketing, moderation, playable & economic systems.

Create your custom configutation file to start customizing your whole bot.


Hi! My name is Pascal Krause and I am Programmer & Office Manager from Germany and in this course I want to fully introduce you to the creation of Discord Bots using the popular programming language Java. So let me quickly introduce you to some course information.

As you already should know this course fully covers the creation of Discord Bots using the programming language Java, which means that in this course we will fully focus on the creation of Discord Bots & learning about the Java programming language. So we will go step-by-step to your goals, which means you will start learning some basics of Java, then we will continue with the first Discord Bot, after this we will start with more advanced features available in the Discord Bot API (JDA) until we reached the point where we will talk about databases, files, advanced systems & much more. So in general as you can see this course really covers & features everything you need & search for.

Okay, but all in all what does the course offer?

See the listed topics thaught in this online course:

  • Learn about the basics & fundamentals of Java

  • Create & design your custom discord bots

  • Understand & handle with IntelliJ IDEA

  • Make sure to understand the main basics of Discord Bot Development

  • Apply advanced & basic features to your discord bot

  • Learn about events, commands, actions, listeners & more

  • Fully understand the Discord Bot API (JDA)

  • Work with databases & files

  • Host & publish your discord bot

  • Create advanced discord bot systems

  • Handle & work with slashcommands

  • & much more

So, but overall what does the course provide me?

Listed things provided & given in the online course:

  • Experienced instructor

  • Up to date content

  • 10+ hours of video content

  • 80+ lectures & 12+ sections

  • Examples & practice tests

  • High quality tutorials & materials

  • Clear explanations

  • Active support for all questions

  • & much more

So overall you should now know what the course offers & provides you in general. Also as explained your instructor in this course is highly experienced in the topic he is teaching in. So you are really going to learn from a real person, who has worked for a lot of time with discord bots now.

Also as always, if you are not 100% satisfied with the course it self or any course content you don't like or you got other unspecific problems with the course, you can get your money back, by using Udemy's 30 day money back guarentee. This basically means you can get your full money you paid for the course back withing 30 days after the purchase of the course happened. But all in all I am really confidant that I am the best person to take you through this entire course & this very interesting topic.

So why are you still waiting, start learning with our amazing course offers here on Udemy!


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Bot Development - Introducing

Course Introducing
Installing IntelliJ
Understand IntelliJ

Bot Development - Java Basics

Java Basics #1 (Optional)
Java Basics #2 (Optional)
Java Basics #3 (Optional)
Java Basics #4 (Optional)
Java Basics #5 (Optional)
Java Basics #6 (Optional)

Bot Development - The Basics

Your first discord bot
Command Handling
Command Arguments
Event Handling
Message Embeds
Exporting a .jar File

Bot Development - Advanced Features

Ready Event
Private Channels
Welcome new Users
Animated Description / Activity
Command Manager
Clear Command
Kick Command
Ban & Unban Command
Command Cooldowns
Edit Messages

Bot Development - Config File

Creating the Config File
Getting value from the Config File
Adding custom value to Config File
Restart Command

Bot Development - Database (SQLite)

Create a database file
Understand SQLite
Using SQLite Databases #1
Using SQLite Databases #2

Bot Development - Music Bot

Music Bot #1
Music Bot #2
Music Bot #3

Bot Development - Hosting the Bot

Hosting the bot local
Hosting the bot on a server


June 10, 2022
Upon purchasing this course from previous reviews, I was proudly able to learn to create a discord bot utilizing JDA but I have a few points that I would like to raise. 1) This course does not take you step by step from beginner to expert as most of the learning process relies on yourself to research things outside the course. The instructors' discord support is also inactive and barely attempts to help you at all. 2) This course has not been updated for a while even though there are many things that are not included in this course ranging from Modals to understanding a Listener Manager system and so on. 3) A lot of the video explanation seems a bit rushed leaving holes and not explained things that should be addressed for a "beginner java coder" Fortunately, I would say if you put your effort to learning it along with researching other examples and how other users utilises JDA you will eventually figure out how to design a working bot to fulfill your desires but even then, the lack of support that u cannot get tends to sway this course off its attraction in my opinion. I would say a lot of improvements could take place to make this course more attractive, engaging and professional for all users.
May 26, 2022
Great course overall, it really helped me with making my own discord bot. I think the course could've been longer and go a little deeper in some aspects like the Music Bot. But just for the enourmous amount of content about JDA it's worth it. Great course! I will comeback in the future if updated because it's amazing. PD: The link to the server is not working atm.
May 14, 2022
Great course. I knew some Java beforehand but new nothing about Discord Bots and the discord api. Cut to a few weeks later and I have a custom bot remotely hosted that meets the functionality I needed and that I couldn't find in the freely available bots. This isn't just a case of copy and pasting code either, the lessons give great examples but also provide starting points and structures for when you need to go off and do your own thing, with the confidence to experiment gained from a solid foundation. My only complaint would be that in some places a zoom-in on the screen would have really helped.
April 10, 2022
Pascal, a very interesting course on the bot, but there is not enough information, I started upgrading the bot to the musical side and there is not enough explanation of how to make skip command, stop command and so on with the server command interface. I understand that I have to track the Music controller, but how do I write it correctly? Won't you supplement your course on this? It would be interesting to see about Pause command, Volume command and so on. Thanks again for the course!
March 20, 2022
So far so good, just getting started. I hope I can find the code somewhere so I don't have to type it all in.
February 7, 2022
It is a good course which comes to the point, but so far I find it very rushed and seems like the whole course is just made in a rush. On many parts it's badly explained and things just happens really fast, and without proper explaining of what different things do, and other things.
February 1, 2022
What an amazing course, nearly finished with the course and learned everything what I needed. Thanks a lot
January 12, 2022
Great course so far, but I think that the teacher could talk about more details, but still a very good course so far
August 30, 2021
so far so good, i give it 5stars cause it helped tolearn java even know tho i didnt know anything at all.. and now i can create my awesome projects thanksalotand keep it up...and also this course is alwyas on update which is cool!
June 14, 2021
Presentation style is very rushed and I find this quite distracting. Pascal speaks very rapidly, which can be adjusted for my playing the videos at reduced speed, but there is a lot of clicking the mouse through menus rapidly which I find somewhat difficult to follow. Interested to see how the course progresses as the topic is interesting but might brush up on Java and InttelliJ skills elsewhere before returning for Discord Bot specific sections.
May 24, 2021
Very helpful for me leading to quick results. I was realy able to create my own discord bots in a fast and efficient way. Also I can confirm that the trainer is very knowledged. This was exactly what I was looking for.



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