Create Stunning Black & White Images with Nik Silver Efex

Learn to convert color images to black and white with ease.

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Jun 2016

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What you will learn

Create Stunning Black & White Images with Silver Efex Pro 2

Create and use black and white presets.

To be able to use any of the Nik plugins because of what you will learn in this course.


This course will teach you how to convert your color images to black and white and make them look fantastic.  In this course you will learn Google's Nik Silver Efex Pro 2, which is now free, and is considered to be one of the best black and white image conversion software.

The course is 100% video tutorials plus the software you need for the course is free.  The course should only take a day or two to complete and there is a project for you to complete to show off your new skills.

This course has a getting started section that will explain how all Nik plugins work and then a detailed section about Silver Efex.

You should take this course if you want to learn any of the items listed below and if you want to improve your black and white photography.

You will learn to:

  • Make exposure adjustments
  • Contrast adjustments
  • Use presets
  • Save presets
  • Import/Export presets
  • How to create your own B&W recipe from scratch
  • How to emulate the look of different types of film
  • How to add film grain
  • How to add borders
  • Basically to create a stunning B&W image.


Create Stunning Black & White Images with Nik Silver Efex
Create Stunning Black & White Images with Nik Silver Efex
Create Stunning Black & White Images with Nik Silver Efex
Create Stunning Black & White Images with Nik Silver Efex


Getting Started

Welcome to the Course

How to Install the Nik Collection for Free

Three Ways to Launch the Nik Collection

Accessing the Selective Tool in Photoshop

User Interface for the Nik Collection


How To Undo Settings

Using Nik Silver Efexs

How to Use Nik Silver Effects Pro 2

Complete Manual B&W Conversion

How Selectively Apply Effects with the Brush

Importing Presets for Silver Effects Pro 2

How to Create and Use Presets

How to Export and Share Your Presets

Combining Plugins with Silver Effects

Final Project for Silver EfexsPro 2


John14 March 2019

Parts of the course gave me new information but a lot of the lessons give the appearance of not being run through before being put into a lesson.

Sue13 January 2018

At the beginning there is a lot which is not really relevant to black and white conversion. Was informative but quite basic.

Avishay3 April 2017

Not a professional lecture set. Concentrate on the trivial challenges like window resizing and ignores the important stuff like balancing the pictures. Many items being repeated twice or even three times. There was little that I could learn here.

Ignacio25 December 2016

Buena en general. Algo deslavazada la información. Escaso esquema del tutorial. Sin resumen final en cada tutorial.

Massimo26 August 2016

The course focuses more (really too much imo) on software quirks than on how to use it to create "stunning" b&w images.

David14 June 2016

Gary Detonnancourt’s course packs a lot of information that is practical and easy to follow. Nik Software is very power and versatile and there is every reason to get a copy now that Google offers it for free. There is also every reason to take the Create Stunning Black & White Images with Nik Silver Efex course to get full use from the program. With the excellent software, course instruction and free price… elect to take this course today!


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