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HTML5 Mobile Apps: Create an App for iPhone, iPad & Android

Learn how to create an App, upload it to the App stores & make money with mobile ads. No coding experience needed!

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Setup and install the app development environment in Intel's XDK App Development Tool

Create a new project in Intel XDK

Using the Virtual Device Emulator within Intel XDK

Design an App User Interface with Custom Colors and Logos with HTML & CSS

Design a professional custom App icon for iPhone, iPad and Android

Design a professional custom App start-up splashscreen for iPhone, iPad and Android

Create a navigational menu with menu items

Create a a social media sharing feature to enable people share the app with their friends on social media

Create a Javascript Google Map with markers and popup Info Windows using the Google Map API

Create a contact page with one-touch email and call triggering

Create a dynamic news feed from a JSON file stored within Dropbox

Dynamically add new news items to update the app's news feed in real-time

Create multiple required screenshots for App Store listings

Setup up a Google Admob account and generate Ad Unit IDs

Integrate Interstitial and Banner Advertising using Javascript

Utilize Cordova and Third-Party Plugins in Intel's XDK

Configure Build Settings such as bundle ID and app version in Intel's XDK

Create a Provisioning Profile for iOS

Create the finished App bundle for Android and iOS using Intel's XDK

Understand the requirements for publishing an App successfully on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Upload an App to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store


LATEST: Updated for Feb 2018

Join over 1400 students!

In this course, you will learn how to create a dynamic App for iPhone, iPad and Android with HTML5 from scratch, publish it to the App Stores and integrate Google's Admob mobile advertising into your app so that you can start making money from your App 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will learn how to:

  • Design a Professional App Icon for iPhone, iPad & Android
  • Design a Professional Splashscreen for iPhone, iPad & Android
  • Code a Sliding Navigation Menu with Menu Items
  • Integrate Facebook & Twitter App Sharing
  • Design a Custom App User Interface
  • Code a Full Map with Markers & Popup Text Windows using Google Maps API
  • Code a Contact Pages with One-Touch Email & Call Triggering
  • Create a Dynamic News Feed with Dropbox
  • Create Required App Store Screenshots in Different Dimensions
  • Integrate Interstitial & Banner Advertising using Google's Admob
  • Utilize Cordova & Third-Party Plugins
  • Submit your App to the Android & Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad & Android
  • Create a Promotional Website & Poster For Your App

FREE Additional Materials:

  • App Icon & Splashscreen Bundle (over 100 variations to choose from!)
  • App Promotional Poster (Fully Customisable)
  • Complete App Promotional Website
  • Step-by-Step PDF Guides
  • Fast & friendly Support

This course includes complete working source code that I use to develop mobile apps that I charge clients more than €5000 for!


HTML5 Mobile Apps: Create an App for iPhone, iPad & Android
HTML5 Mobile Apps: Create an App for iPhone, iPad & Android
HTML5 Mobile Apps: Create an App for iPhone, iPad & Android
HTML5 Mobile Apps: Create an App for iPhone, iPad & Android


Getting Setup


Setting up the Tools

Downloading the Source Code

Downloading the Mobile App Framework

Creating a Project in Intel XDK


Adding Sliding Navigation Menus

Adding Navigational Menu Items

Customising the App Header & Logo

Designing a Custom App Icon

Designing a Custom Start-up Splashscreen


Social Media Sharing Menu

Creating a Google Maps with Markers

Adding a Contact Page

One-Touch Call & Email Triggering Buttons

Dynamic News Feed with Dropbox

Alternative to Dropbox Public URL

App Store Screenshots & Graphics


Admob Account Setup and Ad Unit ID Generation

Integrating Interstitial & Banner Ads using Javascript


Utilizing Cordova Plugins

Configuring & Building an App Intel XDK

Creating an iOS Provisioning Profile

Publishing your App to the Google Play Store for Android

Publishing your App to the Apple App Store for iOS

App Promotional Website


Nick11 February 2021

The software that is required for this course has been discontinued. Why are you selling this course?

Eric28 May 2016

a few criticisms: 1. when instructor moves files from one folder to another, I have to pause and rerun the video many times to see which folders he's referring to 2. his instructions typically assume that everyone is using a pc. I'm using a mac 3. when he's writing code that references code from .js files, he doesn't say what .js he's referencing.

Justin5 January 2016

All course material is out of date, videos are not updated, code doesn't run, instructor does not respond to discussion posts/questions. This has been an all around waste of money. Keep looking.

JP2 November 2015

Sample files need updating so that they work with the current version of the intel XDK. Trying to run sample files in emulator results in no output. Would not recommend this course unless it is updated.

John12 June 2015

Very good introduction to XDK and HTML5 coding/building app. The XDK is very useful and handling I think. Wish more for more sample of coding using XDK.

Andrew13 May 2015

All throughout the course I could not get my Intel XDK to match what was being presented. I did learn a few image re-sizing tricks but wanted more out of this course.

Marcos18 January 2015

The author gives you the sourcecode of his base App and explains what to modify to minimally customizes it to your needs, not really explaining how to build Apps.

Kumar13 January 2015

The course is well organised and is easy to follow. Got some nice tips on how to save time with app icons, splash screen. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends.

Ashiq9 December 2014

Nice course for people who want to create app and publish it in a simple easy to follow way. Great for newbie who want to create simple app and get their hands dirty in app business.

Brandi5 December 2014

This course walks the student step-by-step on how to create an app using HTML. Very specific, very detailed!

Jefry3 December 2014

I really enjoy the course, because each lesson delivered in compact and easy to understand short video. It really makes the learning experience easy and fun.

Jane2 December 2014

Kieran has put a ton of work into producing clear, concise and well thought-out tutorial videos to ensure that students from any technical level can create apps for iPhone, iPad and Android and upload to them to the App Stores in no time. I have taken a number of app development courses prior to this but have found this course to be the best explained and easiest to understand. What I also love about this course is it also contains tons of free marketing materials, from posters to websites, which help take the pain out of promoting your app after it's live. To add to this, Kieran takes things to the next level by showing you how to include mobile advertising banners into your app to help you generate income through adverts. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in mobile app development and making money online. Sarah


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